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Carl was said to lead forces, to the temple he furiously dress up, takes both defensive weapons, the forces they all pilots an helicopters.

Carl go alone into the temple,some gangs stop him but he could killed them easily without any stress, now a gang bring on a message to him by Garry, telling him that they should meet in the temple gate he agreed.

The forces of police including s.w.a.t.s and infantry soldiers with many division attack the gangs saving and open the prisons fighting and killing some gangs, many Man like monsters were unleashed by the gangs, but the plane fighters kill them all with many robots controlled by navy force they begin to killed and capturing the gangs.


Carl arrived to the realm gate not seeing anyone already know that it was a tricked, actually begin to here a voice where he cannot identified were the voice is coming from but know that it was Garry voice.

Garry÷ hello,hello the son of brave contestor.

Carl÷ show me yourself, come out wherever you are.

Jane÷ Carl please help, please help Carl

( crying )

Carl÷ Jane, Jane, are you OK

( actually Garry show himself then stab him again with the poison dagger, having five stab in his body, he fall )

Oh no oo

( the poison affect him a lot then close his eye,immediately Jane run to him )

Jane ÷ oh no no Carl

( crying )

Garry ÷ now that I have take him down

( a priest show up )

Priest÷ Master Garry, in order to let you have the temple power, you have to use his blood to open it

( Garry furiously, cut the man throat )

Garry÷ I know, before you know

( Garry kick Jane from Carl, then drag him reaping his blood in his hand, he poured it into the lock, immediately every places become dark in the area then the lightning begin to discharged in the sky this cause many people to be aware of what is going on, he then open a hole he had set having a fiery furnace fire in it, he cast Carl in it leaving Jane to be crying )

Now that I have it, open you gate.

( the gates then open )

Ha ha ha, yes I did it, thanks to my foe

( the place was very white and beautiful like a paradise city, as he wanted to step into it,it shocked him, he did it again still seem the same)

Oh no no no no

( he cried, unfortunately Carl rise up inside the furnace, then land on the ground, he step into the Realm,why Garry was in surprised to see him awakening, as he return Carl was given a supernatural powers holden on the ancient weapon called the Bloodreaper and the Ancient Dagger, with a sword of the Ancient, he come out then the temple was sealed again, why he could use his power in it, immediately he come out, the sky changes back)

Carl÷ now I am the chosen one, the power only flow on my body, letting me to have an access to the Ancient powers, now you have failed, you killed me that time, you only kill my father spirit in me, and I am going to avenge of what you have done to me.

Garry ÷ it can’t be, how can it be, you can’t dethroned me, no one has

Carl÷ if I can’t, The Sovereign can,and Also Awesome do that too.

( Jane rise his head up,then could see Carl standing )

Jane÷ Carl , are you OK

( as she running to meet him, Garry drag her back, wanted to kill her )

Carl ÷ Are you OK Jane

Garry÷ Are you insane, don’t you see her, I will kill her.

Carl÷ that is most simplest thing for me.

Garry÷ now save her if you can.

( as he wanted to stab Jane at her neck,Carl throw his dagger and it attack Garry at his forehead, then give up ghost.)

Carl÷ are you OK

Jane ÷ yes I am

( they hug each other )

Carl÷ thanks for your support, if it is not you I should have not accomplished this mission.

Jane÷ still funny

Carl÷ we have to visit your families,before returning to Make our resident here with uncle.


The peoples all gathered together, also the government forces,Carl and Jane then come Outside the temple why the multitudes claps for them,All contestors spirit that have existed appear in the sky,with Carl father in the middle,expect Garry, the peoples all rejoice as their tormentors are captured by Carl and the Government forces, they all rebuild the temple back,Mara later see his father remembering Carl words that he should believe in herself.

The government thanks Carl of letting them overcoming their fear rewarding him with a great prize, then Carl fight crimes bringing criminals into justice before the judge.

Carl and Jane later visit Jane mother and sisters, why they move their resident in outside the temple.

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