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At the jungle

( they arrived to small hut, in a jungle)

Carl ÷ I think this is a old hut right

Jane ÷ my grandmother reside their twenty years ago, when a man is hurting her,wanted my father to reveal a secret to him,he kill my father and also want my grandmother to reveal the secret to him,the man works with Garry also, but Garry killed him about his bad report, I think Garry forget about his issue, may be he focus on having the invincible power that time.

Carl÷ it can be, where was now your mother and your grandmother

( cleaning the hut )

Jane ÷ they leave happpily in china now

Carl÷ when are you going to meet them

Jane ÷ you ask question a lot , actually I won’t , until we accomplished this mission completely.

Carl÷ you don’t have to do so, because your life might be in danger they will begin to hunt you by my side

Jane ÷ don’t say that, I mark your world, true friend help his friend in time of need, and also reals heroes are born in the face of real danger, we both have the same issue now, and we have to work together in bringing Garry and his crew down.

Carl ÷ OK if so

( actually his phone ring)

Jane ÷ who is that

Carl ÷ the real enemy friend of mine

Jane ÷ you mean Garry

Carl ÷ yes, hello

( silence for a while )


Garry ÷ long time no see, hi boy the son of a great contetestant on the earth surface

Carl ÷ why have you called me, go straight to the point

Garry ÷ I just want to tell you that, you are already in the danger of mine, now that you have been tracked

Carl ÷ go to hell

Garry ÷ bye it is Garry your real enemy

( Carl forcefully strike the phone down )


Jane ÷ what did he said

Carl ÷ we have been tracked, he make the use of the phone now, that is how he could get us now

Jane ÷ we have to run out of this place

Carl ÷ have you forget your word, reals heroes are born in the face of real danger, warrior must not fear his enemies, he have to fight to the end

Jane ÷ anywhere

Carl ÷ come on let pass through the jungle

( they all come outside )

( their was a sound )

Jane ÷ can you here that

Carl ÷ helicopter sounds right

Jane ÷ yes, what will we do now

Carl ÷ I have bring them together like a bunch of key

( they continue their journey, unfortunately they were surrounded by a multitude of gangs )

Max ÷ going somewhere

Carl ÷ now go on your way

Max÷ are you commanding or demanding

Carl ÷ now go, I will will give you five seconds to go on your way, after that you are going to see what will happen

( he cant one to five, he forcefully drag a gang, then kicked him, and then forcefully twist a guy neck,then skillfully break a gang hand then throw it forcefully at a gang, he then give a gang an heavy fatal punch in his chest, he then hit a gang cranium with a stick, then break another gang femur bone and his humerus, then strike another gang with a stick at his stomach, and another gang at his sternum,then forcefully kick another gang on his face, the remaining gang see what had happen then they stay back )

I give you several warning, to get out of my way, you donot, now another warning, get out of my way

Kenny÷ hey stop all those noncence, you might have not see me before, but now you have seen me, actually I am not popular person, and also not just an ordinary person, I am Kenny Garry messenger

Carl ÷ would you please repeat your self again

Kenny ÷ I said I am Kenny , Garry messenger

Carl ÷ one more time

Kenny ÷ listen attentively noooow

( he move to Carl )

I said I am Ke ( before he say it finish, Carl forcefully slap him, then break his fingers )


( he begin to grunt in pain, then Carl look back he could see Jane already faint in max hand already at the helicopter then start the engine )

Max ÷ if you can save her, you have to come

Carl ÷ noo ( he quickly hold on Kenny then tied him up then drag him to one helicopter and then pilot it )


The two helicopter landed on the temple, immediately some gangs showed up they all invade Carl, then Max was able to drag Jane , why Carl drag out Kenny,

Carl ÷ long time

( he look at the temple wall, then seeing some slave, and he begin to remember of his past, when the peoples in the temple lives happily, and also the seven god spirit, unfortunately Garry was escourt with some mighty men at his back why the gangs all stepped back )

Garry ÷ oh long time friend no see, how are you doing, so you have come for my sake right in order to let me have the seven god spirit and to be the through successor of this temple right and the great contestant in the world ( he smiled )

Carl ÷ I have no time to stay here for long , all I want now is Jane , the girl, before I beheaded this gang

( holding hand, wanted to cut his throat with a dagger )

Garry ÷ funny , It is not so much difficult for me to do so, you ask I will give you, Max release the girl

( he then ask Max to release the girl )

Max ÷ yes my lord, your wish is my command

( he bow, then release her, Kenny run then was released, still grunting, then bow before Garry )

Kenny ÷ my lord, this monster is too dangerous, and too powerful than I taught

Garry ÷ you work hard, very very well, extraordinary welcome

( Garry then furiously bring out a saber sword then beheaded him )

Carl ÷ funny and I will tell you that it doesn’t have any meaning to me of killing one of your best and loyal gang

Jane ÷ let go Carl

Garry ÷you can have your way now, now go on your way

Carl ÷ before you said,I do

( they all go inside the helicopter then Garry turn back going to the upper building )

Garry ÷ I won’t let Kenny the most loyal servant of mine death go in vain, I will take revenge right from this moment

( he then smiled )

( Carl see all those peoples then a drop of tear come out, he then quickly clean it up )

Jane ÷ why are you crying

Carl ÷ my people

Jane ÷ listen attentively Carl , you have to believe in yourself that you can still bring light to your temple, you can still erased all those gangs in your temple

Carl ÷ thanks Jane for your support

( actually Carl look back then see a time bomb already reach five seconds for it to explode at the helicopter seat in his back )

Come on Jane , it is a bomb

( the two all run forcefully, then the bomb explode, and the blast drive them letting them to hit their head in a wall, why Jane faint, the explosion kill about fifty slave, working near by, and also twenty gangs, why Garry clap , then smiled, actually see Carl, wondering how he survive the crash, they both look at themselves, why Carl rise up,unexpectedly stab by Max, and also some mighty men drag him, and a gang inject him with a poisonous injection, causing him to weak

Carl ÷ I won’t let the death of this peoples go in vain, I will revenge

( he then faint, the gangs then drag him inside )

Garry÷ at last, I have victory over my enemy

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