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Carl ÷ Short time ago seems like yesterday , a temple exist in the northern part of the world were warriors and brave trained and make their contest their, no one knew the secret in the temple, especially a gate locked for no reason, the warriors would try to brake the gate but it was invisible.

A warrior of nowhere with his gangs arrived making everything worse, he came for contest after winning them all then became very excited then makes his plan that if anyone could survive that he was going to ruled bringing on his gangs mighty than him , and then become the successor of the temple , making everything worse for the people , making a ruled that every one must not try to run out of the temple premises , then bring on army from far away, the gang still hopping to know the secret behind it , but it doesn’t revealed to anyone.

Now Garry still finding a way to kill me, for his sacrifice

Jane ÷ why is he hunting you

Carl ÷ because he had not gain the immortality power which was the seven temple spirit god power, my father was one of powerful and strong contestants and also the key to the gate , then try many possible ways to kill my grandfather, kill my mother and also kill all my brothers , this makes my dad to weak , then kill him too , just try to get the seven spirit god power now I am the last , and also I am the key to the secret door , if he can takes me down and also kill me with a weapon called the blood reaper, because it was the only secret weapon that kill my immortality for , but not an ordinary blood reaper , but the sacrificed one use by the first mighty temple contestant.

Jane ÷ had he know about the weapon

Carl ÷ he had convince the elders of the temple wanted to kill their family, and also the weapon will be use as the key to unlock the secret gate , burning me as the sacrifice

Jane ÷ what is in the secret gate

Carl ÷ the seven temple spirit god power will comes to him after seven days , it will closed for another successor to open it

Jane ÷ so you have pass all those areas

Carl ÷ no

Jane ÷ why , then you can’t have the power

Carl ÷ I still have my father life so my father spirit is in me

( unexpectedly mike and James come in , then Carl quickly comes to them, not knowing that Jane was inside )

Mike ÷ hi guy

Carl ÷ watxup men

James ÷ some gangs was attacked by a suspected person, I think the police officers are searching everywhere, in order to get the man red handed

Carl ÷ funny , then what is my concern in that , and why did you all focus on me

Mike ÷ a survive General , called General meng knew him very well , and also the police officers have went for the research all over the country

Carl ÷ what did I have to do about that

James ÷ as a good citizen of the country

Carl ÷ did you have the image of the person

Mike ÷ yes of course, and they also said that , if anyone could bring the person , that their will be a lot of gifts, like moneys, treasures and jewelry, golds and also my kind of gift that cannot be mention

Carl ÷ did you have the image of the person

James ÷ yes yes yes

( then he bring out his phone , chewing gum )

Carl ÷ so it has been sends to all social media

Mike ÷ it was the fastest means to track peoples , especially when money is included , and also tracking people like you

( then show him the image )

James ÷ it is resemble to you right

Carl ÷ come on , Jane

( Jane then come out )

Mike ÷ going some where , oh even he got a new partner, first time

Carl ÷ I am going now , please take your leave

( mike and James then laugh )

Mike ÷ you are not going anywhere , we will takes you both to the station

Jane ÷ who are they

Carl ÷ they are my best friends

Jane ÷ I don’t think so , they are traitor

Mike ÷ now on your kneel

( then mike bring out his phone calling the police officers to come, describing the place )

Jane ÷ let go , Carl

( then mike and James drag his cloth )

James ÷ I said you are not going anywhere

( Carl forcefully kick them, they all fall painting heavily )

Carl ÷ I should have kill you , traitors , but I won’t you are my friends, best friends sometimes paths , even best friends helps his friends in times of need but not as you

( then walk out with Jane covering their face , immediately they get out , then the police officers arrived , including FBI officers, they all in seeing James and mike on the ground )

Officer ÷ where is he

Mike ÷ he just left, kicking hell out of us

Officer ÷ terrible

( they all leave the building, and then went back to their station )


At the tunnel

Jane ÷ so those guy mean you

Carl ÷ I have just started with them

Jane ÷ we have to leave new York, right now

Carl÷ have you forget that image has been post to many social media, so I won’t be able to run out of the country

Jane ÷ what will we do,don’t you know that your life is in danger, two forces want you dead

Carl ÷ funny two forces,actually I can’t cant them all, how many they are

Jane ÷ I know somewhere

Carl ÷ have you forget,Garry is everywhere

Jane ÷ trust me, we have to go now

Carl ÷ where

Jane ÷ my grandmother residence

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