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Carl going , sweating , Jane actually run to him

Jane ÷ hey guy

Carl ÷ please who are you

Jane ÷ don’t you recognize me anymore

Carl ÷ IH sorry

( actually Carl see twenty men coming seeing their logo having daggers and gun in their hands including machete , coming majestically towards them )

Jane ÷ who are they

Carl ÷ come on

Jane ÷ what is that

Carl ÷ I say come on

( They all begin to run , while the gangs are chasing them with bike and some of them running , Carl holds jane hand tight )

Jane ÷ who are they

( in frightening )

Carl ÷ come on, let find any possible ways to get out of here , they all run , the gangs then begin to shoot )

Jane ÷ oh no oo

Carl ÷ what is that

Jane ÷ can’t you here the sounds of gun shoot

Carl ÷ are you afraid , although this was not the first time for me , but I don’t know about yours , just let get out of here first

( they all run under a tunnel , the gangs then cross them , and they were surrounded )

Jane ÷ please who are they

( frightening )

Carl ÷ don’t be afraid anymore

Gang ÷ on your kneel, I said on your kneel , if not I am going to blast your head

( Jane then want to kneel down , but Carl stopped her )

Jane ÷ why are you stopping me , even you supposed to have kneel

Carl ÷ are you afraid of them, don’t you know that they even are afraid of cockroach, they are coward gangs

Gang ÷ you are not serious

Gang ÷ kill hell out of them

Gang ÷ I enjoy killing

Carl ÷ then shoot me , and leave her

Gang ÷ no both of you

Carl ÷ then shoot,I said shoot

( Carl forcefully , drag a gun from a gang )

Not even , sharp

( Carl forcefully shoot them all , except the gang that said he enjoyed killing )

Gang ÷ oh no

Carl ÷ now you enjoyed killing , right

Gang ÷ I didn’t says that

Carl ÷ then what did you say

Gang ÷ I said that , you enjoyed killing

Carl ÷ actually , I am not interested in killing , but if you dare , I will kill , is that clear

Gang ÷ yes, yes

( in frightening )

Carl ÷ come on Jane let go

( Carl then throw the gun to him )

You can have it , it is a gift for you

( they turn , going then the gang shoot the gun , not knowing that it was a toy gun, then a water come out of the gun , then wet Carl cloth )

Gang ÷ oh no toy gun

Carl ÷ after saving your soul , you still plan to kill me , all is well, actually when I drag the gun from your friend, I kill them all , I then change the gun, with out anyone knowing , then gave it to you , hopping that you have repent , but now still trying to kill me , funny

Then bring out the real gun )

Now remember me your hobby , I mean what you enjoy doing

Gang ÷ please , I said please

Carl ÷ you enjoyed killing ,then how many life have you reap , I mean take

Gang ÷ seventy nine souls

Carl ÷ you want to make me the eighty right , if that impossible

( Carl then shoot him, to death )

Jane ÷ oh

( amazing )

Carl ÷ are you still afraid

Jane ÷ yes , but let get out of here


Carl ÷ welcome to my residence

Jane ÷ please I want to ask you a question

who are they, can’t you call police officers for secure, is it money because police officers this time can’t do without money

Carl÷ the police officers hunts my life too

Jane ÷ what have you done

Carl ÷ I didn’t do anything wrong , but they hunt me like a game with Garry by their side

Jane ÷ I think they work for Garry’s , but police men’s was the one to stop crimes , but supporting crime

Carl ÷ they fear Garry , that he might takes attack on them .

Jane ÷ then you have to run out of the country .

Carl ÷ only a coward peoples do that, and also Garry is everywher

Jane ÷ you are funny , so you don’t care for your life , leaving your enemies to penetrate over you , then you might be someone else, then who are you

Carl ÷ who am I, who am I, who am I

( then closed his eyes , and then open it )

Jane ÷ what wrong

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