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As I approached the table, I reached into my pocket

and pulled out a small packet of hot sauce. Jonah

furrowed his eyebrows. “Did you just pull hot sauce

out of your pocket?”

I nodded. “Yes, I can’t go without it,” I replied calmly,

devouring the taco in about 3 seconds. Okay, maybe

it took about 4 minutes.

Once I finished, Sabrina’s head darted up. “Let’s get

shopping!” she smiled widely and Sierra frowned,

pointing to her unfinished fries while Jonah scarfed

down the rest of his burger.


“No, no, and no,” Jonah glared at Sabrina who just

stepped out of the changing room with a low cut

top, high wedges and extremely short shorts. Sure

she had leggings under them but the outfit shouldn’t

be worn by a twenty year old, never mind a

fourteen year old.

“Why not? I have leggings on,” she whined, leaning

her weight on her left foot. Her hand was placed on

her hip and she was chewing her gum obnoxiously


“I don’t care if you have leggings on. If you bend

over, everything will be on view,” he snapped.

“So?” my jaw went slack at this comment and I

obviously wasn’t the only one. When Sierra saw my

expression, she glanced at me with an equally

surprised look, mouthing the words ‘I swear I’m not

like that.’ I almost laughed. Jonah was just as

shocked. He also had a hint of anger on his face.

“Go change,” he groaned in frustration. She went to

argue but he glared at her and she stomped back

into the fitting room. “Goodness, that girl is


“Just like you,” I smiled at him. He smiled and rolled

his eyes at me before glaring at the changing room

his sister was in. I don’t know why, maybe it was

the perfume in the air, but seeing him angry made

me a bit sad. He was usually a happy person but

now that he was angry, the aura of the room

changed. He was leaning against the wall and tapping

his foot with an annoyed look on his face.

He actually looked quite hot while doing so and that

was another thing I didn’t like. It caught me off guard

that he could look hot. Even though he’s already

good looking, it’s weird to just openly admit it.

Especially since the boy is as annoying as he is.

“It’s different, I don’t go around wearing short shorts

and low cut tops with wedges,” he replied, a small

smile hinting at his lips. I winced at the mental image.

“Jonah, I can imagine you leaning on your

motorcycle like the girls on the magazines. Oh my

God, the mental images. Ew, why Jonah?” Sierra was

holding her head between her hands. My ears perked


“Motorcycle?” I asked, turning to face Jonah who was

laughing at his sister’s expense.

“I have a motorcycle. And a car; I have a car and a

motorcycle.” How come I never heard of this?

“He had this whole bad boy thing going on in

California. That’s half of the reason why we moved;

he kept getting into trouble,” Sierra groaned, shaking

her head.

He just stayed silent for a moment. I thought he was

offended or maybe even annoyed at his sister’s lack

of filter. “I was a hot bad boy.” I don’t doubt it.

I let out a loud laugh, buckling over. I placed my

hands on my knees as I guffawed. Sierra was

laughing, too. “You? A bad boy? And a hot one at

that? Yeah, right.”

When I finally stopped laughing, Sabrina exited the

stall. “Is this okay?” she was wearing red super

skinny jeans, I was afraid they’d cut off her

circulation. She had a black crop top on without a

shirt underneath it and she had red flats on.

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