When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E28

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“No. Go change,” Jonah waved her off.

“This isn’t fair!” Sabrina stomped, leaving us to go

find more clothes.

“No, you know what isn’t fair? How I can’t get my

clothes because we’re too busy shopping for her. In

the last ten minutes here, we’ll stop at a store that

doesn’t have my size and you’ll say something like

‘oh well, maybe tomorrow,’” Sierra exclaimed.

“I could always bring you somewhere,” I shrugged.

“A dark alleyway? No thank you,” Jonah snorted and

I glared at him.

“We have the same fashion sense or so it seems; I

know a few stores that are actually tolerable,” I

shrugged and Sierra grinned, nodding her head.

“Really? You’d do that?” I nodded, shrugging again.

“That’s if Jo-bro lets us,” I turned my head to face


“Did you just call me Jo-bro?” I nodded and he

sighed. “Sure, fine, whatever. How about we make

this a competition?”

“Okay,” I nodded. I’m not one to turn down a


“The one who is the most successful in purchasing

clothes wins. We’ll each get the same amount of

money and we’ll have the same amount of time.

Whoever gets the most clothes and is most satisfied

with them wins,” he smirked and I shrugged. He

handed over the money and I nodded.

“Do they need to get shoes?” I asked and he nodded.

“Good luck,” I laughed over my shoulder. “Let’s beat

them,” I said to Sierra and she nodded.

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