When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E26

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“I only wanted to see if you have good security,” he

swung his walker around.

“You need to leave or I’ll report you to the police,”I

told him.

I sat in the chair, spinning around. I took my DSi out

of my purse and started playing it, glancing up every

so often to see if anyone was here. I looked at the

clock and I realized that I had ten minutes until

closing time. I took off my glasses and rubbed them

on my shirt before placing them back on my face.

When the clock struck 12:55, I quickly got up and

took off my name tag, sticking it into my pocket and

grabbing my bag. I swung on my jacket and put my

bag over my shoulder. I locked up the shop and

quickly walked to my car, rain getting on my

glasses. I wiped them off before driving to the large

shopping center.


When I arrived, I entered through the food court,

where Jonah said he and his sisters would be

waiting. I took out my phone and shot him a quick

text as I leaned against the wall.

I suddenly saw a teenage boy and a girl stand up

and start waving their hands crazily. I looked around

to see if anyone noticed; they hadn’t. It took me a

minute to realize that it was Jonah and his sister.

“Hi,” I smiled politely when I reached the table. Jonah

furrowed his eyebrows.

“What? No insult?” he asked.

“The ‘hi’ was for your sisters, you stupid saltine,” I

snapped before smiling at the twins who were

watching us. One of them had a fry in her mouth

and the other was clacking away on her pink


“I’m Sierra,” Sierra introduced, extending her hand.

She was the one with the fry dangling from her

mouth. I shook it, her hand not the fry. I realized that

she had glasses similar to mine and her style was

much like mine, too. It was quite creepy if I’m being


“I’m Sabrina,” the other girl smiled, shaking my

extended hand. I noticed that she was more of a girly

girl; she had a pink streak in her brown hair and she

was wearing lighter colors while her sister was

wearing the exact opposite. From what I could tell,

they might be twins but they’re so different.

“I’m Savannah,” I smiled at the two girls and they


“We know,” Sabrina smiled before turning her gaze

to her phone which just vibrated on the table.

“How?” I asked.

“News travels fast about which girl helped our

brother tick off some big steroid induced guy,” Sierra

replied this time.

“Yeah, that’s me,” I replied with clenched teeth as I

looked at Noah.

“A stunt like that and you’re still friends with my

brother?” Sabrina snorted.

“Is that what he told you?” I asked, looking at Jonah

who had his face stuffed into a cheeseburger. “It’s

quite the opposite, girls. I actually don’t like your

brother. He follows me around like a lost puppy and

I have to restrain myself from punching him about

99.9% of the time that I’m with him.”

“Then why are you here?” Sierra raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged. “I have nothing better to do this fine

Saturday so I accepted the invite.”

“Are you hungry?” Jonah asked and I shrugged. I

could go for a taco right about now.

“I’ll be back; I’m going to go get a taco,” I excused

myself. I walked to the taco booth, staring at the

options. “Can I get a spicy soft taco?” I asked. The

guy nodded.

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