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Every trap the enemy has set for us, father destroy it by fire! Prayer in Jesus name!

We were praying and sweating all over, it was really a powerful session.

Lord, we pray you will make this marriage work out for your glory, in Jesus name we prayed, George said.

And I echoed a well and resounding Amen!!!

Hmmmmmmmm, sister Ruth hope you are praying and commiting our journey unto the Lord? George asked.

Yes! Brother George.

George was a vibrant christian brother, the best I had ever met.

When he prays, you will think as if the heaven wants to fall down right inside his prayer room.

Always with his Bible.

Always praying for fresh fire. George’s fresh fire prayer points always goes thus: fresh fire my life needs you right now, fresh fire my ministry needs you right now, fresh fire my marriage needs you right now! (Smiles).

And indeed George always vomit fire while praying!

In short let me say George was a man of prayer!

And for that I love him so much and that made my love for him to be at its peak.

George, can call for hours preaching to me over the phone and sharing some deep deep revelations of God unto me.

Even though he knew me as a fire branded sister too!

Infact, I always foresee George becoming a great man of God!

But all of a sudden things changed and turned out to be this way.

George that was full of fire while we were still in courtship has become spiritually deaf and dead.

Can you now see that the book of 1 Corinthians 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall is right about believers that are not watchful of their ways.

Hmmmmmmmm, God knows best, I muttered silently under my breath.

Yes I know best! I heard the voice spoke to me.

George is assigned to be a great man of God, but the devil foresaw that and made his life miserable from birth.

George might seem to be the happiest person on earth physically, but in the Spiritual realm he’s weak and out of strength!

He might seem to the world as fire branded, but he’s ever cold like a water kept inside the fridge in the Spiritual realm.

Don’t you know the devil can make a life miserable, even without the owner of the life being aware of it?


That’s exactly the problem George is passing through right now.

If you ain’t in his life, he might never knew he’s having a problem, or in bondage of the enemy.

Unless if the grace of God found him.


Don’t you know George still believes in his heart that, he’s still on the right track with me?

Whereas he has fallen a long time ago! Even though that wasn’t his wish and desire.

I was far lost in my thought and conversation with the divine, before I remembered it’s time for George and I to have our morning prayer.

And also, continue our fasting and prayer program for the 6th day.

I yawned helplessly and woke George up.

George! I said tapping him gently and carefully.

He answered very weakly, sorry sweetie I said caressing his head.

Thank you my love, he said.

But to be sincere is not easy oo! George said still in his sleeping mood.

I know George today is the 6th day and we just have a day left for us to be totally freed and sing the song of victory unto the Lord.

Hmmmmm, but that one day seems to me like another 7days, George murmured silently.

The Lord is our strength! Please stand up, I said.

Let’s have our morning prayer quicky George, I said trying to get hold of his hands.

We both held our hands and prayed in a very silent way unto the Lord.

Yes! When husband and wife pray in unison there is always a quick answer to the prayers.

The morning devotion lasted for not more than an hour and guessed what?

George was the one that anchored the morning devotion prayer.

I should have anchored it, but I just felt a need to let George do it.

You need to see the way he was praying.

Chaiiii, my sweetie was so exhausted!

When it was 9:00am, we started our prayer program for the 6th day.

George was leaning his back on the wall and I was walking around singing and praising the Lord in worship.

I praised the Lord with the whole of the strength left in me.

After the praises, we read a portion of the Bible and switched straight to prayer session.

George couldn’t pray very well for he was so tired and out of strength.

Even though we were both holding hands.

I held George’s hand so tightly and called down the fire of the Lord into his bones.

Fire of the Lord envelope George’s body from head to toes, I said praying.

I could feel the presence of the Lord filling everywhere already!

I guessed George could also feel the presence too, for he kept saying Jesus!!!

And within a twinkle of an eye, my beloved George burst into tongues, it was like a rushing mighty wind.

For he kept saying it without stopping for a second to catch his breath.

I also joined George in praying in the Holy Ghost.

I could hear George asking himself inwardly that, what is happening to me?

I fastened my fist on his hands tightly and continued praying.

George was unable to control himself anymore, for he was carried away in the Spirit realm.

Suddenly I heard George proclaiming healing and deliverance to himself.

I’m delivered, I’m healed. I break loose from your coven, you demons and satanic bondage holding my life in captivity from birth.

I break loose from you, every power of the enemy that put me into darkness and stopped me from fulfilling purpose and mandate.

I’m free from every sickness, I’m free from every power that might want me to be the source of sorrow and problem to my marriage!

As he was prophecying to himself, I never stopped praying.

In no time again he switched to tongues and this time, I could perceive the fresh fire of God oozing out from George’s mouth.

Oh my God! I caught the fire immediately and guessed what? George and I both travel in the spirit.

I don’t know what to liken the place George and I found ourselves to.

The place was so dark and full of darkness.

My dear Ruth why are you looking so confused, have you forgotten what the Scriptures told you in John 1:5

I was silent at first and just immediately I quoted the scripture out loud and clear.

John 1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not, I said.

And indeed the light of the Lord shone so bright and clear in the place.

George was just looking in a surprised manner.

I guess he was wondering where he was at that moment.

All of a sudden something caught the attention of George and he shouted, my love look at me over there.

Over where? I said looking around.

Over there, he pointed his hands towards the direction.

And lo and behold, George was there tied down completely, but his hands were free!

I was praying silently in the Spirit and I said, Lord why is George tied down this time again.

I loosed his hands the other day while you were both praying, have you forgotten?

Yes! But why is he not freed completely?

My dear Ruth, I wanted George to come and behold his real self in the cage where he’s been tied down, I heard the inner voice spoke softly unto me.

I was lost in my thought, when I heard George said, but what I’m I doing here Ruth?

Hmmmmmmm! George, this is where you are being controlled to go against your will. This is where you have been tied down from birth, I said, even though I don’t know where such answers were coming from.

George burst into tears and said Ruth please help me.

I’m not the one to help you George. God is the one to help you and set you free from this captivity, I said.

And I know that’s the main reason He brought you here!

So let’s call unto Him now, I said.

George stretched his hands towards me and I reciprocated immediately!

George held my hands so tight and we began to pray, we prayed fervently unto the Lord, for neither George nor I was praying in our understanding.

I burst into Tongues and George caught the fire almost immeadiately.

We were both vomiting fire.

Yes! Fire!!!

And all of a sudden the chains that held George in captivity was broken into pieces.


Prayer key: 1. Father wherever my original is been tied down, Lord by your power untie me now, in Jesus name, Amen.

2. Oh Lord my Father, go to any length to set me free from every captivity of the enemy, in Jesus name, Amen.

A song dropped in my heart and I sang the song out for George to also joined me.

He did joined me in the song, we both sang it passionately unto the Lord.

Day 6 has been powerful! I have no doubt that we have won this battle.

God has given us the victory! So I thought, but ……..

Stay tuned for the next episode.

To be continued!!!

© Joshua Olawumi Rhoda.

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