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On the 7th day of my fasting program with George, I woke up very early in the morning and tapped George beside me.

Sweetie, I said tapping George to let us have our daily devotion.

My love! I’m not feeling too well and I don’t think I will be able to join you in the fasting today, he said very weakly.

What’s wrong with? You slept healthy yesterday so what happened over the night, I said after observing the look on his face.

My love! I don’t even know how I’m feeling right now, George said feeling his temperature at his neck.

I’m feeling very weak and tired, he concluded.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, what will I do now? Lord, please have my mercy on George ooo, I said soliloquizing.

Why will George be feeling very weak when we are about to complete the program today and finally sing a song of victory and finally rejoice over our foes and reproach, I muttered under my breath.

My love, please I don’t want to die! That was the voice I heard that jilted me out of my thought.

Jesus!!! Die kwa, I rebuke evil over your life George, I said snapping my finger over my head.

George you ain’t dieing now and you ain’t even dieing in the next 50 or 70years to come I said with all confidence.

My love! Hmmmmmmmmm, George said closing his eyes from time to time.

George, Please relax you will be fine, I said even though I was very scared at his reaction.

I picked up my phone and placed a call across to the Pastor. But unfortunately he wasn’t picking the call.

Oh my goodness! What’s this now, I said trying to compose myself before George.

George please be strong, I’m coming let me go and call the Pastor, I said.

I took my cloth, put it on and left for the Pastor’s place.

I got to the Pastor’s place and told him about George’s health and condition.

Don’t worry sister Ruth, brother George is going to be fine, he said.

Okay sir! I believe.

The Pastor followed me down to our house and when he entered the room, he began to speak in tongues, I caught the fire immeadiately and joined him.

The Pastor kept quiet for a while and said brother George how are you feeling? What’s wrong?

Hmmmmmmm, sir, I’m not feeling alright sir. I’m feeling very weak, George said breathing heavily.

Okay the Pastor said and continued praying.

The Pastor was praying very fast and fervently.

I joined the Pastor in praying, but my minds wasn’t at peace, so I thought of checking on George’s temperature.

Though all my thought was that George was sleeping, but when I got to where he laid helplessly on the bed.

I tried to lift George’s hand and guess what?

His hand dropped back on the bed helplessly.

I tried calling him in a silent way, but no!

The love of my life wasn’t answering me!

How do you feel when you think you are victorious and something unexpected came up?

Will you still be steadfast in the faith or you will break down and renounce God?

Jesus!!! I’m finished I called out to the Pastor.

Pastor, please come and help me to look at George, he is not talking or opening his eyes ooo, I said and burst into tears.

Lord this can’t happen to George! No, this can’t happen to the apple of your eyes.

The scriptures said the number of our days shall be fulfilled Lord.

George is yet to fulfill his days here on earth, I said amidst tears.

All will be fine sister Ruth, the Pastor said feeling sorry for me.

Yes! All will be fine sir, I responded.

This is not my agreement with the Lord, so how will he die? I said facing George on bed.

I will never accept defeat from the devil, I said wiping off my tears.

Today is the final day, we were able to break chains yesterday, so George can’t just give up just like that.

I didn’t know what to do, my inner witness wasn’t saying anything at that moment.

I switched to praises.

I was singing and dancing unto the Lord in a very dramatic way.

The Pastor stood still and began to look at me.

I was singing and prophecing into George’s life.

Someone is wondering why I decided to praise God instead of praying, chanting or rather burst into tongues right?

Praises is one of the elements that pleasures God the most.

Praises is one of the key into the presence of God.

Why was David a man after God’s heart?

It’s because he knows vividly the secret of God, he knows vividly what pleasures him the most.

Have you seen anywhere it is recorded in the Scriptures that David prayed for 3hrs?

David was a man of praises!!!

1 hour gone, I was still praising the Lord but now in the spirit.

All of a sudden I saw a very thick smoke covering our bed where George laid down helplessly.

The Pastor also behold what was happening to George.

Sister Ruth, the Pastor called out.

Can you deduce what is happening to brother George right now?

Hmmmmmmmmm, no sir, I said.

But I know he can’t be dead! I said.

George wasn’t dead in the first place, the Pastor said frantically!

The Lord intentionally made him fell into a deep sleep and he made it looks as if he’s dead to you.

He actually wanted to proof your love for Him.

He wanted to see the way you will react to Him, if he takes away the only person you love the most after Him.

He wanted to know maybe you will renounce Him for once, that was why your inner man wasn’t saying anything at that moment.

Sister Ruth, your faith has made George whole of his pridicament and now George is a real a man, he said smiling.

Oh Jesus!!! I said silently in my heart.

Ruth!!! I thought by taking George’s breath for some minutes; which will lead to his divine healing and perfection of your fasting and prayer for the past few days.

You will renounce me and call me a liar, but no!

You proofed your faith worthy before me as a faithful and loyal servant.

Hmmmmmm, I sighed heavily and said, Lord have never for once doubted your Majesty.

When you asked George and I to embark on a spiritual journey, you didn’t mention to me that he will be dead.

We didn’t have such agreement, I said silently in my heart.

You can imagine! (Smiles).

The thick smoke was still covering George when the Pastor was speaking to me.

Thank God you didn’t settle for less and also thank God you never accepted what is not yours by believing it’s the will of God for brother George to be dead, he said.

Suddenly the thick smoke covering George stopped and he coughed out loud. I left the Pastor and went to attend to my sweetie.

How are you feeling? I said looking at him and smiling.

My love, what just happened to me? George said weakly.

It’s not easy to undergo Spiritual surgery ooo.

My love, I will gist you about what happened later, I said.

Do I even need to gist him about what happened?, I thought within myself.

Thank you Jesus, the pastor said and headed towards George on the bed.

The battle has been conquered, now we are victorious!!!


The pastor prayed for both George and I to have a blissful and blessed beginning.

Yes!!! It’s a new and beautiful beginning indeed.

Please continue to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might the pastor said and left.

My love I’m feeling sleepy, George said.

Okay sweetie, I replied beaming with a smile.

I couldn’t give my eyes the beautiful sleep it deserves, not because of anything but because I was just too excited.

I stood up and began to dance unto the Lord.

My love ain’t you sleeping, George asked in his sleeping mood.

I guessed my song woke him up.

I’m praising God, I said still whining my waist around.

George smiled and said can I join you my love?

If you can sweetie, I replied softly.

George and I both danced unto the Lord for giving us total victory.

After the whole of dancing and praising stuffs, George and I ended on the bed and in no time we slept off.

Very early the following morning George woke me up to have our daily devotional prayer.

Hmmmmmm, sweetie, I still want to sleep more I said in my sleeping mood.

My love you will sleep later, George said, and I woke up immediately.

We both had our morning prayer.

And guessed what?

It was very glorious and powerful!

George the fire branded man is back (smiles).

We ended the prayer and I headed to the kitchen to prepare my sweetie’s favourite dish.

And also, I made a hot coffee for him to drink before having his meal.

George, your meal is ready, I called out to him.

I was still steering the coffee when I felt someone cuddle around my waist from the back.


Thank you Ruth! Was what I heard from George.

Thank you for thanking me George.

All thanks to God, I said blushing.

Please come an break your fast, I said trying to make him sit down.

George sat quietly and broke his fast, I also broke mine too.

After some minutes we both devour the inviting coconut rice I made for the both of us.

Let me gist you small (smiles)

As we were eating, George couldn’t take his eyes off me.

What is it George? I asked looking straight into his eyes.

Nothing ooo, George said and faced his food.

Then why the look? I said munching the rice in my mouth.

Nothing my love, just finish up your meal first, he said smiling.

In no time we were done with the meal.

George moved closer to me, planted a soft kiss on my lips for the very first time.

Oh my Gosh!!!

I reciprocated immeadiately without wasting time!

He carried me up and headed straight to the bedroom.

Hope you know what happened next?

To be continued!!!

Stay tuned for the final episode

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