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I laid on bed quietly and had my beautiful sleep, even though I guess George will not be able to have his.

I guess you know why?

Yes! Exactly what you are thinking.

7days fasting and prayer! It’s not a joke oooo.

Early in the morning, I woke up from bed and as I was about tapping George to wake up, he was already up and sitting down on the bed. (Smiles)

George! I called out and asked didn’t you sleep during the night?

My love! I slept a little but the moment the thought of 7days came running through mind and head I woke up and never slept again throughout the night.

Oh!!!! Sorry sweetie, I said looking keenly at his eyes.

Don’t worry I will join you a little if I have the strength to….

George didn’t allow me to complete my statement when he chipped in and said, if you have the strength to do what my love?

I though the Pastor said me and my wife yesterday.

Oh! Did the Pastor made mentioned of that?

Yes! My love, he did mention that.

Okay! I said.

I guessed he doesn’t know I was pulling his legs.

Let’s have our morning prayer before we delve into the real business with the trinity I said trying to get hold of George’s hands.

Okay my love, he said stretching both hands towards me.

We both held hands for a short prayer o, and guessed what?

Before I knew what was happening, it was already past 3pm in the evening.

Even though we had the prayer in a very silent way.

Morning devotion nah!

In Jesus name we prayed was what I heard from George, that made me open my eyes and I responded Amen.

My love! But you said morning prayer nah.

Yes George, it’s just morning prayer, we are yet to delve into the real business of the day, I said with my hands akimbo.

My love! Do you even know what the time says now?

We should be around 7:00am or thereabout, I said.

Ruth my love, you are wrong o, this is after 3pm, George said pointing at the wall clock in our room.

Jesus!!! I never knew time has gone, I said covering my mouth with one of my hands.

Anyway for the next seven days, it’s either we are praying in this house or we are reading our Bible. I said trying not to be bothered about the time that has been far spent.

Yes my love! He said and his phone rang.

Who is calling, George? I asked.

Nurse Kike, he answered trying to stand up from the bed.

I kept mute, and I was looking straight in George’s direction.

For I wondered where he was standing up to.

The call ended without him picking up.

Nurse kike called again and my sweetie said, my love, please should I pick the call?

I guess this nurse Kike is after my life right?

She was the one that called at the first night of my wedding with George, and now she is calling him again, I muttered under my breath.

My love! You ain’t saying anything nah?

George, please don’t pick that call, no matter the case might be, you ain’t the only doctor working in that hospital.

There are many other doctors that can attend to anything nurse Kike or what do you call her name might be calling you for, I said with all seriousness.

Okay my love, George said and dropped the phone on the bed.

It was not up to a minute, another call came through again.

My love! The Pastor, he said trying to hand over the phone to me.

Pick it George, the Pastor called you not I.

Ooookay, he said stammering.

George: Hello sir, good morning Sir.

Pastor: Good morning brother George.

George: yes sir.

Pastor: Hope you are fully prepared for the program? The Pastor asked.

George: Yes!! I’m sir.

Pastor: Please don’t forget you ain’t leaving that house until the next 7days.

Don’t forget you are not allowed to taste anything untill the next seven days, the Pastor said over the phone.

George: Yes sir, George said looking at my face.

Pastor: okay brother George, my regards to sister Ruth, he said and finally hung up.

George, when it’s 6:00pm, we are having another session of prayer. I said trying to stretch myself.

Please do whatsoever you want to do and be prepared, I said and left Goerge in the bedroom to take his bath.

Okay my prayer warrior, George said and I left to tidy up the whole house.

In no time I was done with what I was doing.

I called out to George to let us continue our Prayer.

George came out almost immeadiately, and as we are about to start the prayer, nurse Kike’s call came through again.

Oh my goodness!! What is the matter with this sister, I said clapping my hands.

My love! Please should I pick it?

No George, you ain’t picking that call, I said frantically.

Why not tell George to switch off that phone, I heard the inner voice whisper.

Thank you Holy Spirit, I said silently.

Sweetie, why not switch off that phone? I said.

Okay my love! George said and switched off the phone.

We started with praise and worship, which lasted for not more than 30mins. I was singing in the Spirit while George was singing in his own understanding.

We rounded up the praise and worship session and delved straight into serious prayer session.

George and I were both sweating profusely under the air condition that was in our sitting room.

I was the one leading the prayer one after the other.

As I was about to lead the next prayer that came to mind, I fell into trance.

Then I saw my poor George been tied down completely and the only thing he could move was his head.

Jesus!!! I shouted and snapped out of the realm.

My love! Hope no problem? George asked still holding my hands.

No problem George, let’s continue praying, I said shaking my head.

We continued the prayers and the Holy Spirit dropped a powerful prayer point in my mind. The prayer goes thus: Lord wherever I’m being tied down like a goat and unable to fulfil destiny loose me now by fire.

I called the prayer out for George and he prayed seriously with the whole of his strength.

I closed my eyes tightly and snapped back into the realm.

Lo and behold, I saw the angel of the Lord untie George’s hands!

We ended the prayer around 4:00am in the morning, I felt a burden lifted off my heart.

How do you feel now? I asked George.

I’m relieved Ruth, he said.

The program went well for the first 4days and when it was the 5th day, George was already tired and worn out seriously.

I have to inquire from the Lord on what to do.

Lord please should I allow George to drink water so as for him to gain more strength? I said in my heart.

No Ruth, George is not going to taste anything till the completion of this program, I heard in my spirit.

Hmmmmmmmmm, okay Lord!

Instead of you deliberating on whether to give George water, why don’t you pray for the strength of the Lord to endow him from within?

Thank you Holy Spirit, I muttered under my breath and switched into tongues.

I kept praying for George to be endued with strength from above.

And lo and behold, George was strengthened!


God is indeed awesome.

Stay tuned for the next episode.

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