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Let me tell you who was at the door!

The Pastor George and I were planning to go meet was standing right at the door.

Good morning sister Ruth. The Pastor said gently.

Good morning sir, I replied surprisingly.

Sister Ruth, are you surprised to see me in your house?

Yes sir, oh sorry sir! No sir, I replied.

Okay sister Ruth. Can I come in? The Pastor asked.

Oh my bad! I’m sorry sir, you can come in.

The Pastor came in and sat on the three sitter that was right infront of him.

Sister Ruth, what is going on in your home and marriage? He asked looking straight into my eyes.

Hmmmmmmmmm, I sighed heavly.

When I was praying this morning, the Holy Spirit kept mentioning your name to my mind and I did pray for you, he said.

But after praying for you, my mind wasn’t at rest since then for your thought kept coming, even though I don’t know what exactly the problem is.

I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal unto me, what exactly he had wanted me to know about you and He said, I should come down here.

So sister Ruth! I didn’t just come here by own self will but by the leading of the Holy Spirit, he said.

Hmmmmmmmmm, thank you sir, I said.

As I was about to open my mouth to explain exactly what has been going on under my roof to the Pastor, I burst into tears.

What is it sister Ruth? The Pastor asked in a surprised way.

Paaaastor, a lot has been going on right under my roof sir, I said amidst tears.

Sister Ruth, it’s okay, please stop crying and tell me what the problem is.

I know the Lord will provide a solution to it, he said.

I narrated everything to the Pastor, without hiding a single word away from him.

Even though as I was talking to him, I was sobbing, but I know vividly that he got my message.

Hmmmmmmmm, sister Ruth, so all this have been going on in your marriage with George and you didn’t bother to tell me about it, he said.

It wasn’t like that sir! Then it’s like how the pastor asked?

Sir, George and I were planning to come meet you this morning sir, but one thing led to another, we couldn’t make it, I said.

So, it was just this morning that you thought I should know about this?

Sir!, I’m so sorry the Lord didn’t instruct me to come meet you. I said sniffing my nose.

Okay sister Ruth, He said.

But I must say you are indeed a strong woman and a God’s sent for brother George, he said.

Hmmmmm! Thank you sir, I said.

Where is brother George? The Pastor asked trying to look around for him.

I kept mute for a while and finally said, sir I guess he has gone to work!

Work!!! The Pastor said in a surprised way.

Yes sir!!!

Okay, I will wait for him, to come back.

What if George doesn’t come back on time? I said in my mind.

What if he is not even ready to come back home today?

Since he has not been picking my calls since morning.

Tell the Pastor to call George’s line, the inner voice whispered.

Okay! I replied in my mind.

Sir, I think you should just place a call across to George, for I don’t know when he will be coming back to this house , I said.

Oh! That’s a good idea sister Ruth, the Pastor said bringing out his phone from his pocket.

The Pastor placed a call across to George and guess what? George didn’t pick his call!

Oh my God! Hope it’s not that something bad has happened to George, I said soliloquizing.

If he is trying to avoid my call, would he also avoid the Pastor’s call?

Lord, please save my husband, I said silently.

Sister Ruth, brother George is not picking up oo. Let me try his line again, he said.

The phone rang for some seconds and to the glory of God, my sweetie picked up the phone!

Pastor: hello brother George, where are you?

Pastor: brother George, why are you crying?, And where are you?, Was what I heard the pastor say next.

Jesus!! Is George in a problem or what? Why is he crying over the phone? I said in a confused state.

The Pastor answered me by demonstrating with his hand that I should calm down.

Pastor: brother George, where are you precisely? Please tell me.

George: Paaaastor, I don’t understand what exactly is wrong with me right now, but I’m on my way home sir.

Hmmmmm, I sighed with a sign of relieved.

Brother George is coming home now, sister Ruth, please calm down. I know he is fine, the Pastor said trying to console me.

Okay sir! I said trying not to allow the tears on my face to drop down.

10mins later, we heard a knock on the door.

I stood up immediately to open the door for George.

I got to the door and opened it for him, but instead of George to come in, he knelt down and said My love please I’m so sorry!

I don’t know what exactly took me out of this house in the morning, he said crying.

Ooookay George, please stand up, I said amidst tears.

My love please I’m sorry!

I couldn’t look straight into George’s eyes. The more I looked into my poor George’s eyes the more I weep and felt sorry for him.

Come in Goerge the Pastor is inside waiting for you, I said wiping off my tears with the back of my hands.

What!!! Inside where my love? He said and I replied inside our house.

But the Pastor just called me few minutes ago, he said.

Yes George, he called you right infront of me. I responded trying to make him stand up from his kneels.

George finally stood up and came inside, he greeted the Pastor respectfully and began to weep.

Brother George! It’s okay, you don’t need to cry anymore because the Lord has shown you mercy through sister Ruth.

But you will have to embark on a Spiritual journey together with your wife.

Jesus!!! How did the Pastor know about this?

I told him, so as for you to confirm my word, was what I heard in a very low voice.

Pastor, I’m ready to travel to anywhere to be finally delivered, George said with all seriousness.

Brother George, you ain’t travelling to anywhere o, the Spiritual journey will be done right inside your house here, the pastor said pointing down to the floor.

In my house? George said in a confused state.

Yes Brother George, in your house and it’s going to take you good 7days to complete the journey.

You will not be leaving this house untill the 8th day, after you might have received your healing and deliverance, the Pastor concluded.

Hmmmmmmmmm, the Spirit of the Lord is one, I said silently in my mind.

And also, until the 8th day of the Spiritual journey that you will be allow to eat or drink anything in this house, the Pastor said.

Jesus!!! George shouted.

Pastor you mean I won’t be allowed to even taste ordinary water for the next 7days? George said in a confused state.

Yes Brother George!

George looked at me with a surprised eye and said, my love 7days?

Yes Sweetie! 7days, I replied.

Hmmmmm mmmm, I felt so sorry for George, for I don’t think he has ever fasted for three days at a stretch before, not to talk of 7 whole days.

The Pastor prayed for us and said brother George, please be prepared!

Okay sir, thank you sir, George replied.

Sister Ruth, please continue to be strong in the Lord, the Pastor finally said and left.

I’m so sorry Ruth, George said.

No problem sweetie, I said in a low voice.

My love, when are we starting the program George asked.

Please when did George expect us to start the program if not tomorrow?

Tommorow! I said and left George in the sitting room.

George followed me immediately and said my love, I promise to be commited to this program with the whole of my life.

Alright sweetie, no problem, I’m sure we are more than a conqueror through Christ that love us and gave Himself for us.

Yes My love!

Watchout out for the Spiritual journey of Dr George and sister Ruth!

To be continued…

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