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Let me tell you what George had whispered into my ear while hugging me.

My love, please forgive me, I’m so hungry right now and I don’t know what might happen to me during the course of the night if I go to bed with this empty stomach of mine.

I know someone is saying, George doesn’t have conscience!

Exactly, He doesn’t !!!

Something inside of me wanted to tell George that, please when your stomach was full, what were you able to offer me, but thank God, I didn’t blot out that sinful statement.

Please my love, can you make me something to eat?

Okay Sweetie, I said and I left for the kitchen.

Even though I had no strength left in me to cook for George, I still managed myself.

In no time I was done in the kitchen and brought out the noodles I had made for George in a tray.

You can’t believe George was devouring the noodles as if his life depends on it!

Imagine! Instead of George to be looking for a way to solve the major problem that is about to break his home and marriage, here he’s sitting down and eating noodles as if he hasn’t eaten for days.

I was far lost in thought when I heard George saying something like how do we intend to solve this problem on ground my love?

Oh! So you knew there was a problem on ground? I asked with all seriousness.

My love! In everything you are passing through always remember to eat! George said jokingly trying to make me smile.

Hmmmmmmmm! I said with a smile, even though the smile wasn’t coming from within.

Don’t worry George, the Lord is in control. Please let’s go to bed now, I said and left his presence.

I was unable to sleep during the night, not that I had wanted to pray for George or think about what has happened during the day, but the sleep wasn’t just coming.

Everything that had happened during the course of the day came flashing back to my memories and before I knew what was happening, I was already crying.

As I was crying silently something dropped into mind and I was like, how is it possible for George not to have a manhood?

Please how does he pee?

I think I will have to ask him about this tomorrow morning, I said to myself.

Is George playing pranks on me or what? Is he testing my love for him or what?

I’m seriously confused at this junction!!!

If George was trying to proof my love for him, would God be telling me, I’m the only one that can help him out?

Lord, I’m so confused right now!!!

Lord, and you asked me not to leave George! Please Lord, don’t put me in darkness!

Hmmmm mmmmm!!! I sighed heavly and I finally slept off.

Ruth my daughter, I can see you are seriously worried right now. All what is happening to George is not clear to you yet right?

Yes Lord! I’m so confused, I said with all sincerity.

The question you are planning to ask George tomorrow is a misery, that even George himself can’t explain to you, if you ask him.

I’m the all knowing God, I do things according to my will and purpose.

I’m unsearchable in my ways. I’m the very begining. I’m the Lord of hosts.

I didn’t know when I began to shiver at the voice that was echoing in my ears.

I couldn’t look up, I turned my face downwards completely!

Ruth, my beloved daughter, I can see your effort to be strong for George and yourself.

Yes Lord, I’m trying, but I still need more strength. I said still facing down.

Didn’t you read in my word, that I give strength unto the weary?

I kept mute, for a while and I finally repeated what I was thinking before I slept off the other time. Lord I’m confused about George’s predicament.

Even though the Lord had answered me that it’s a misery that even George himself can’t explain.

Doesn’t George pee or what? I said in a very low voice.

Also, he’s a doctor, he has money but why has he not for once thought of going for an operation to solve his problem? I said quietly replying to the voice speaking to me.

Hmmmmm, my daughter! George can be a doctor and also have money, but he can never think of that!

George can never remember nor be prompted to go for an operation, because he has been bound in the realm of darkness.

Even though he goes to church regularly, he’s not strong enough to discern that something is wrong with him.

The enemy would have finished him, but the reason why they have been failing is because your presence in his life.

They knew he has vision and mission to accomplish, that is why they are after his destiny.

Hmmmmmmmm, I knew about everything from the start. I knew if George was left alone without someone like you he would have been finished a long time ago.

But now I the Lord, I’m ready to prove to the world that I can make something out of nothing.

Just be patient and never give up on Him. He might tend to be annoying to you at this time, never give attention to that, because the devil might want to use him, against himself to hinder his deliverance.

Do you remember the portion of the Bible that says: the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much? He said.

Yes Lord! I replied.

So be ready to pray!!! And be ready to face challenges!

Challenges? I asked bewildered.

Yes my daughter challenges!

But Lord! Haven’t I gone through enough for George?

Ruth My daughter, you have gone through enough for him.

But challenges are still ahead, my beloved daughter!

So, be ready to encourage yourself the more in the Lord.

Hmmmmmmmm, after all the challenges that I’m going through. I wonder where another challenge could be coming from, I said murmuring to myself not God.

Will the challenges be coming from George’s family?

Will the challenges be coming from my family? I said soliloquizing.

Hmmmmm mmmmm! Do you desire to have a good relationship like this with the divine?

If yes! Then dedicate your life unto him and be ready to live by His instructions.

I was still lost in my thought, when I heard George say, my love ain’t you sleeping?

I just woke up, not quite long, I said.

Okay my love! He said and went back to sleep.

Very early in the morning, my sweetie did as he normally does, he took his bath and laid down quietly on the bed.

After some minutes George woke me up and said, my love! Please let’s have our morning prayer before I leave for work.

Please which work is that? I asked quietly.

Ever since I have married George he has never for once gone to work on Sundays. So I wonder why he’s starting now!

George, today is Sunday, have you forgotten? I said trying to get up completely on the bed.

I know love! But I need to go attend to some patients at the hospital.

George, is your own case not worth attending to?

And also when did you start going to work on Sunday? I asked.

And he said, please my love just for today!

You go to church and pray for me!

I know by your prayer, the Lord will establish His word in my life.

Hmmmmmmmm, what’s all this now? When did George become a cold christian, did he became that over night or what?

That was what I was still thinking, when that still small voice in me said, the devil has seen that George will be delivered soon. That is why he wants to turn his heart away from the Lord.

Oh!!!! Is this the challenges I’m going to face now? I said silently in my mind.

And that still small voice in me said yes!!!

Have you forgotten what Ephesians 6:12 says?

And just immeadiately I quoted it out loud and said Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Hmmmmmmmm, alright no problem. I know what to do.

What do you think I can do to George’s case of becoming a cold christian?

When his victory is just around the corner.

I know someone is already feeling for me right now.


Hmmmmm, it takes brokenness to serve and walk with the Lord.


Stay tuned for the next episode.

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