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George! please will you leave my legs now? I said with all seriousness, don’t forget I said I was angry at him.

My love! Please don’t leave me. Please Ruth, let that plan of leaving me be the last option that will ever come to your mind. Please I beg of you, he said crying out loud.

Okay! I Have heard you. Leave me before I do the unexpected to you right now! I said trying to free my weak legs from him.

George finally left my legs alone and said, please my love, I have never seen you in such mood since we met.

Yes! For the past two years of my marriage with George, I have never for once raised my voice at him.

I never for once found fault in anything he does.

Hmmmm, you know when you are in love sometimes, you are tend to be blind!

Please forgive me I beg you in the name of the Lord.

I didn’t even bother to give George a reply before leaving his presence. Yes! I left his words hanging in the air.

I walked helplessly to the sitting room. I sat down quietly and continued crying.

Yes! I couldn’t stop the tears, so I have to cry it out and free my soul.

So many thoughts were running through mind.

How possible is it for George to be without a manhood?

Oh! My life!

Jesus! Was that the reason he normally refused us bathing together? Was that the reason he normally preferred to bath early in the morning?

God, why? You knew all this and you still chose him for me, I lamented.

I don’t even know when I slept off on the couch.

Ruth my dear daughter, the main purpose of choosing George for you is right now before you.

I have weighed your faith in me. You are the only person that can endure for long, to help him out of his problem.

Ruth my beloved daughter, you are strong and courageous!

Encourage yourself the more in the Lord and fulfill the main purpose of marrying George.

I know you won’t fail my trust now, my beloved daughter.

Oh my God! Was that a dream or what?

I bind you satan! You can’t fool me! I said snapping my fingers over my head.

Then just immeadiately the still small voice in me said, Ruth!!! You can’t fool God.

Hmmmmm mmmm, it’s very good to have a deep relationship with the divine oooo!

If you really want me to do this Lord, and not leave George , then I need strength! I said talking to Him in my spirit.

The strength is already in you my daughter. Its left for you to exercise it! Or do you really think you could have come this far with George without my strength?

No Lord! I replied, then do the needful right now!

Hmmmmm mmmm, the main needful I needed to do is exactly what I don’t know, I mumbled.

I stood up from the couch and went straight to the room to meet my beloved George.

It was as if something was just pushing me, because it wasn’t ordinary.

I found it difficult to believe my eyes, when I got to the room.

Guess what I saw?

You won’t believe George was still at the same position I had left him few hours ago.

He laid down helpless on the floor and was still crying seriously.

I felt pity for George!

Please don’t blame me! I still love George very much!

I went straight to him and said please George! would you get up and stop crying?

My love, please forgive me, I’m so sorry! he said weakly for he had lost his voice.

It’s okay George, please stand up and go freshen up, I said trying to lift him up.

George was still sobbing when I said, sweetie, if you don’t want me to join you in crying, then wiped off your tears right now and go freshen up.

George finally kept quiet and said, my love, hope you ain’t leaving?

Hmmmm mmmmm, what sort of question is he asking me now?

I left his words hanging in the air, because I didn’t bother to answer him.

In no time George was out of the bathroom.

I was sitting down helplessly on the edge of the bed, when George came and said, my love please I’m so sorry about the other time.

There was a minute of silence between George and I.

Finally I broke the silence and said, sweetie! Please tell me something.

Were you born this way or you had an accident, and the only thing you could loose in that accident isssss, and I kept quiet.

I know someone is surprised that I can still refer to George as my sweetie, please don’t be.

I love George so very much, that I can lay down my life for him.

And also, I have made a vow unto the Lord, to always love George in time of sorrow and in time of joy.

So, I wont back out now!

My love! George called out and said, I was born without it!

Holy Ghost fire! how is that possible? I said with looking confused.

I have Penile agenesis.

Meaning? I asked with more confusion.

My love! it’s an abnormality that occurs in one out of 5-6 millions male births, he said.

But George, is their no remedy to it or what? I said expecting a postive answer.

I don’t think so my love and even if there will be, it will center on operation.

George! What are you saying? are you not a doctor?

I’m my love. Let me tell you the truth, the only solution to it, is operation.

Hmmmmm mmmmm, how will they do that? will they go and take another person’s own and fix it for George?

will they put artificial one there? all this was what I was thinking when George said: my love please you are the only one that can help me.

What is George saying now?, Am I a doctor or what?

Okay! We will sort it out tomorrow morning sweetie. Please let us have our beautiful sleep now, I said with smiles and hugged him.

While hugging George, he whispered something into my ear and I was like, sweeetie! after all this biafra war that is going on in this house, you still have the efforntry to tell me that!

Hmmmmm mmmm, I know you are all eager to know what the love of my life whispered into my ear right?

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