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Not quite long, I stood up from the bed and headed straight to the sitting room to tidy up the place.

And within a twinkle of an eye, I was done and I prepared for church.

Did I even mention to you that George has left for his dear work?

Yes, he has left for work!

I left home for church at exactly 7:45am, and when I got there, I sat at one corner of the church and began to pour my heart unto the Lord.

I was praying so seriously, but in a low voice. So as not to disturb the workers in their meeting.

As I was praying, the Spirit of the Lord ministered unto me to change my prayer points, for I was praying amiss.

Hmmmm!!! Are you surprised I said that?

I was actually praying unto the Lord to save my marriage and my home. The Holy Spirit therefore asked me to change my prayer points and centre it on Dr George alone.

I prayed earnestly for him, before the commencement of the program.

When the praise and worship session was going on I wasn’t in the mood to dance. I was just there standing as if someone had collected my bread.

Then all of a sudden, my companion whispered into my ear and said, is this the dance you are going to give unto the Lord? I smiled and said within me okay! I will try to give Him the best now.

It was just as if something formated my memory and had made me forget all my travails and sorrow.

I danced joyfully unto the Lord.

After the praise and worship session, the necessary things were done and we moved directly to the sermon.

Hmmmm!!! to my greatest surprise, it was just as if the preacher was talking to me. All the instances he was making were directly soothing my spirit, and I was like, God!!! You are just too wonderful!

Are you relieved now? Was what I heard next.

Yes, I’m Lord.

Hmmmmmmmmm, there is this one thing about the Lord, He always know how to comfort His very own.

Hmmmm!!! Are you also one of His delight?

The service ended successfully and I headed home. Although, I had the thought of sharing what is going on under my roof to the pastor, so as to join me in prayer, I later changed my mind and went home in peace.

When I got home, I was expecting to meet my beloved George at home, but no!

He was nowhere to be found. I guessed the patient’s case was very critical!

After observing a short prayer, I dropped my bag and went straight to the kitchen to prepare food for us!

Yes! George and I.

I served myself to my satisfaction and just as I was about putting a spoonful in my mouth, Dr. George came in.

I dropped the spoon and said: welcome George! How was work?, Hope the patient is better?

My love! How are you? How was the service? Trust you prayed for me? George said beaming with smiles.

Please what’s funny to him?

Yes sweetie! I did pray for you to be delivered from the hand of satan that’s about to turn your heart away from your maker, when your victory is just right behind the door, I said frantically!

My love! Are you still angry with me?

Hmmmmmmmmm, is George sent to come and spoil my mood and make me loose appetite for this food?

No sweetie! I said and as I was about taking another spoon of food to my mouth, George said, my love is my life in the hands of the devil right now?

I dropped the spoon and said sweetie, don’t you have a feeling of that in your spirit?

You woke up this morning and headed straight to the hospital instead of going to church?

My love! Please I’m deeply sorry. Even I myself don’t know what took me to the hospital in the first place. I didn’t have any appointment with anyone, George said feeling remorseful.

Chaiii, devil you a liar!

George, so you mean you just went to the hospital sat down and when you were tired of sitting down, you decided to come back home? I asked hitting the spoon on the plate.

No, my love! Then what?

George was quiet. And finally said, my love please don’t let me go astray, please don’t let the devil get hold of me.

Please don’t let me die like this, please have mercy on me!

Okay George! No problem, I said, but instead of you telling me all this, why don’t you tell it unto God in prayer?

Hmmmmmmmm, my love I’m trying but I don’t just know. The more I tried, the more I’m unable to approach Him in prayer.

Okay sweetie, no problem, the Lord is in control. If only you are willing to submit your will unto Him.

My love, Please I’m ready! He said with all seriousness.

Okay sweetie! Please go and change your cloth now, I’m so hungry, I coolval stories want to eat.

George stood up and said my love Please wait for me. I want us to have the lunch together.

Oh! Sweetie, I’m so hungry right now. Please, let me eat mine, I will serve yours when you are done.

Hope you still remember I have not eaten anything since yesterday morning?

Ruth love! I will be out in a jiffy he said from inside.

Okay! Be fast oooo, or else……

As I was waiting for George to come out, the still small voice said, can you now see what I told you about the other time in the book of Ephesians 6:12?

Hmmmmmmm, I sighed heavly.

In no time George was out of the room.

He sat down quietly and we both enjoyed our meal.

I wanted to pack the plates, when I heard George say, don’t worry my love, I will do that.

Hmmmmmmm, don’t worry George, are you trying to bribe me or what? He smiled.

Hmmmm!!! How I wished George and I never had any issues in our marriage!

I left George in the dining room and headed straight to the bedroom to have some rest.

Just as I was about closing my eyes to sleep, George came in and said, my love, I think we should go and see the pastor. So that he can join you in prayer.

Please come again George, I said in a very low voice.

And lo and behold he repeated what he had said earlier.

George! You want us to go and meet the pastor to join me in prayer or join us in prayer? I asked looking straight into his eyes.

Oh! I’m sorry love, I wanted to say us, not you.


Okay George, no problem, if that is what you want.

I actually thought of that too, I said with a sigh of relieve.

Okay my love! Anytime you are ready, please let me know, he said and went back to the sitting room.

I had a beautiful sleep and when I woke up from bed, I couldn’t believe my eyes, for what I saw beside me was somehow funny!

What’s this now?, I said smiling to myself.

Hmmmmmmmmm, you won’t believe that my sweetie had already prepared dinner. He packed it well in the food flask and placed it right beside the bed on the table.

Which one is dinner in bed now? I said walking down to meet him at the sitting room.

Dr. George, I called out in a romantic way, which one is dinner in bed oo?

My love! He said smiling, I’m trying to make it up to you for not going to church in the morning.

Hmmmmmmmmm, see this man oooo? you had better go and make it up to God. That’s where everything can be fast for you, I said trying to stretch myself.

My love, When are we going to see the Pastor? he asked with all sincerity

Okay George, what about tommorow? I said.

My love! But tomorrow isssss.

I didn’t allow George to complete his statement when I said, George what is the problem? can’t you just sacrifice not going to work to attend to your life for once? I said with all seriousness.

Okay my love! No problem, he said.

Hmmmmm mmmm! I pray it won’t take too long for you to know you are under bondage, I said.

Hmmmmm!!! I just hope George won’t change his mind of following me to the pastor’s place tomorrow morning.

Stayed tuned for the next episode.

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