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Tang Sect’s True Hidden Secrets

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Those were mechas alright! They were produced in an assembly line. There were more than a thousand workers inside.

Good heavens! It was unbelievable that the Tang Sect had such a huge factory under the noses of the various great forces in the world.

Zang Xin led Tang Wulin as they walked to the side of the factory. As they walked, he said with a smile, “The Tang Sect’s actual headquarters was never at Shrek Academy. The building was just a symbol to show that we’ve close ties with Shrek Academy. This is where the Tang Sect’s true headquarters lie. What you see is only a small part of the Tang Sect’s headquarters. We have sixteen similar factories, all of them five hundred meters underground. After three thousand years, they were built gradually by the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. Simply put, the underground, five hundred meters below Heaven Dou City, belongs entirely to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. The outer defense here is designed to fend off any godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

Tang Wulin was shocked. Although he had always known that the Tang Sect had great hidden secrets and would not be so easily defeated, he never expected the hidden secrets to be as grand as this.

The entire underground below Heaven Dou City belonged to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect? Wait, why was Shrek Academy involved?

“Your Excellency, you’re saying that our academy is involved in all this?” Tang Wulin asked in shock.

Zang Xin nodded with a smile, “Ten thousand years ago, the Tang Sect was faced with its most serious problem. It was nearly annihilated back then. Only a handful was left of that generation’s Tang Sect. However, it was then that the Tang Sect began to recover. When the Tang Sect was making a comeback, Shrek Academy had single-handedly supported it. That’s how the recovery was possible.”

“The Shrek Seven Monsters of that generation were mostly members of the Tang Sect. There’s one name in particular that I think you’re familiar with. He became the founder of the Spirit Pagoda later on, the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao.”

“Back then, the Spirit Ice Douluo had developed a combination of the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons and soul devices in his search for a breakthrough in the Tang Sect’s development. That’s how the Zhuge Ballista Cannon came to be. It was the precursor to the modern rapid-firing soul cannons. From that moment on, the Tang Sect began rallying their forces by producing the soul devices. With such forces together with the great support from Shrek Academy in terms of resources and teachings, it became possible for the Tang Sect to be revived.”

“After a discussion among the Tang Sect’s higher-ups, they decided to give a portion of the stocks from all their businesses to Shrek Academy. Even though the academy did not need such things, these stocks had been around till today, ten thousand years later. Half of everything you see now is owned by Shrek Academy. This includes all that the Tang Sect owns on the Star Luo Continent and the Douluo Continent.”

“I didn’t tell you this the last time because we were unsure if you could revive Shrek Academy. However, you’ve made us believe with your hard work that, just as the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao was the leader of the Tang Sect’s revival, you’ll also be the leader of Shrek Academy’s revival. That’s why I can show you these things now.”

“Shrek Academy had been of great help in restoring the Tang Sect’s glory in the past. Today, the Tang Sect will similarly support Shrek Academy’s rebuilding without sparing any effort. The relationship between Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect will be closer than you imagine.”

When he said this, Zang Xin raised his arm and patted Tang Wulin on the shoulder. “So, you won’t be fighting alone.”

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath and tried his best to calm down.

Zang Xin said with a deep voice, “However, I must remind you that although the Tang Sect has amassed sufficient forces, our opponents may be much stronger than expected. Once you begin to rebuild Shrek, you’ll inevitably be fighting against all the great forces on the continent. Under the situation where you aren’t confident enough, we’ll not support you so easily. That’s because you only have one chance. If the entire operation is unsuccessful, the Tang Sect will surely go under following Shrek’s footsteps once its hidden secrets are revealed.”

“The Tang Sect has always been accumulating its forces, but who’s to say that the Spirit Pagoda isn’t doing the same? I must say that the most precious thing that the Spirit Ice Douluo gave the Spirit Pagoda are the spirit souls. The endangered soul beasts are contributing factors to the Spirit Pagoda’s strength. The financial riches that they’ve gathered is truly vast. I won’t be exaggerating to say that their finances are enough to topple a country. Just as nobody knows how great the Tang Sect’s hidden secrets are, nobody knows how terrifying the Spirit Pagoda’s accumulation of ten thousand years can be. I suspect the reason why the continent is running low on resources is because the Spirit Pagoda is hoarding them.”

Their finances could topple a country! When Tang Wulin heard this, he could not help but be shocked.

“Your Excellency, the Spirit Pagoda has been scheming all along. They may even be involved in the great tragedy back then. What exactly do they want?”

A cold sneer appeared at the edge of Zang Xin’s lips. “I know that fellow Qiangu Dongfeng too well. He’s a fiercely ambitious person. He has only one aim in life, and that is to make the Spirit Pagoda as great as it was twenty thousand years ago before the Martial Soul Hall was destroyed by the Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San. He wants to lord over the soul masters in the world and control everything under the heavens.”

Tang Wulin’s gaze grew cold. Qiangu Dongfeng! The Spirit Pagoda’s master, the current chief of the Qiangu clan, a Limit Douluo, and a four-word battle armor master.

He was a terrifying and powerful being, the true pillar of the Spirit Pagoda.

Undoubtedly, he would certainly be the most formidable opponent in Tang Wulin’s future quest to restore Shrek Academy.

“Although the Spirit Pagoda is ambitious, the Federation is still democratic. Didn’t the other forces notice this? I thought the Federation had the Battle God Hall? There are also many experts in the Battle God Hall and reclusive sects as well. Are they turning a blind eye and allowing the Spirit Pagoda to continue like this?”

Tang Wulin had voiced out his question. However, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin sighed. “Initially, the various forces kept a check on each other. Although the Spirit Pagoda is powerful, with Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, they dare not act conspicuously. They could only amass their forces in secret. However, everything changed after the recent disaster.”

“Nobody expected something like this to happen. The Holy Spirit Cult’s sudden, large-scale attack and the firing of two godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions against us came as a surprise. The ambush they laid this time was too sudden. For that, we paid a heavy price. Qiangu Dongfeng is known for his forbearance, but no one knew that this fellow is a jackal who dares to cooperate with the Holy Spirit Cult, in defiance of the world’s opinion.”

When he said this, Zang Xin’s gaze grew cold as well.

Tang Wulin was stunned. Although he had his guesses all along, he was still puzzled when he heard it from Zang Xin.

“Your Excellency, you’re saying that the explosion which hit Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s headquarters is related to the Spirit Pagoda and Qiangu Dongfeng?”

Zang Xin nodded. “It’s not entirely related to the Spirit Pagoda, only some people within it. We’ve been investigating these past few days. In our investigations, we discovered that a few of the important checkpoints outside Shrek City experienced some problems at that time. Most of the evidence, including the video recordings of the vehicles which passed through during that time were destroyed. Even the personnel in charge disappeared. There’s something fishy about this. Other than the Federation, only the Spirit Pagoda has the influence to control these roads. After following some leads, we’re almost sure that all of it is somewhat related to the Qiangu Clan. Regardless of how well they try to cover up, they can’t possibly wipe out all the evidence. Although the evidence can’t prove that they’re responsible, at least, we can make these inferences from it.”

“If that’s not the case, how easy do you think it is to transport two godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions to Shrek City? Such weapons with great destructive power would surely be noticed by the experts in Shrek Academy when they’re within a certain range of Shrek City. The evil soul masters themselves couldn’t cover up their auras. Their auras were too obvious and they were easily exposed. I’m sure there were a few high-ranked experts helping them cover their tracks. That was how the great disaster happened in the end.”

Tang Wulin knitted his brows. “Was that the case for the two godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions as well? Were they also transported by the people from the Spirit Pagoda?”

Zang Xin shook his head. “I’m not sure about that. I’m going to answer your previous question. It’s true that the Spirit Pagoda’s power will be kept in check by the various forces. However, when they’re so powerful that there’s no way to restrain them, it’ll be difficult to contend with them.”

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