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Tang Sect’s Sect Master

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“Qiangu Dongfeng picked the right time to announce the successful development of artificial black spirit souls. He then reduced the prices of the purple and yellow spirit souls by a great margin. Through this action, he won the hearts of the people. He even sent a large batch of black spirit souls to the Battle God Hall and the Federation to show his support of the Federation. He also vowed to fight against the Holy Spirit Cult with all his might. In addition, the Spirit Pagoda gave the military an astronomical sum of money and declared its support for the army to wage war against the other two continents.”

“A large section of the re-elected parliament became his allies within a short time. On the surface, it appeared as if the Spirit Pagoda had greatly diminished in strength because of these large sums of altruistic donations. However, is it really the case? What they gave can be quickly recouped from the sales of the black spirit souls. Moreover, nobody knows how much wealth the Spirit Pagoda has accumulated. Qiangu Dongfeng truly strengthened the Spirit Pagoda’s influence on the entire Federation. If every soul master’s spirit soul came from the Spirit Pagoda, its control over the soul masters’ realm will surpass even the Martial Soul Hall.”

Tang Wulin frowned slightly. “In other words, our main opponent in the future, the Holy Spirit Cult aside, is the Spirit Pagoda?”

Zang Xin said, “You can say that. Also, I’m worried about the relationship between the Spirit Pagoda and the Holy Spirit Cult. Qiangu Dongfeng comes from a great clan. No matter how he exploits the Holy Spirit Cult now, he would still have to face them in the end. The existence of the Holy Spirit Cult is solely for destruction. Their salvation comes from destroying and absorbing the negative energies from the killings. They’re beings which have completely lost their humanity. We don’t even regard them as humans anymore. However, Qiangu Dongfeng’s aim is to let the Spirit Pagoda rule the Federation. These two objectives are contradictory in themselves. However, they’ve matching interests when they fight against us, the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. That’s why they may collaborate with each other.”

“Qiangu Dongfeng is unscrupulous in achieving his goals. The one thing that worries me right now is that his self-interest has allowed the Holy Spirit Cult to thrive. Shrek City and Heaven Dou City were hit hard by the Holy Spirit Cult before this. In the midst of it all, a huge number of living organisms died. The resulting negative energy produced is what the Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters need the most. I doubt Qiangu Dongfeng knows just how powerful the Holy Spirit Cult has become.”

“Once the war against the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Continents commences, there’ll inevitably be more casualties in the future. It’s clear who’ll benefit the most from this situation. Qiangu Dongfeng wants to fight for the resources on the Spirit Pagoda’s behalf and sell more spirit souls at the same time. The Holy Spirit Cult, on the other hand, wishes to see more casualties. Hence, invading the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Continents will benefit them both at the same time. If they join forces, disaster will befall the two continents. The bigger problem is the Holy Spirit Cult will become even stronger should there be a disaster.”

Tang Wulin definitely loathed the Holy Spirit Cult. With the Holy Spirit Cult’s intention of unleashing the abyssal plane, it was evident they were inhumane.

“We need more allies,” Tang Wulin said to Zang Xin without any hesitation.

Zang Xin nodded approvingly. “That’s right, we do. I’ve got an idea. I hope you can go to the Star Luo Empire, and then to the Dou Spirit Empire.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “To represent the academy? But, the academy’s already…”

If Shrek Academy were still around, he would have said that. However, Shrek Academy had been completely destroyed. Would the Star Luo Empire or the Dou Spirit Empire take them seriously? Would they believe them? These were difficult questions to answer.

However, Zang Xin shook his head. “No, you won’t be representing the academy, you’ll be representing the Tang Sect and the Federation’s Dove Faction at the same time.”

“What?” When Zang Xin told him that he would be representing the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin could still comprehend. However, to represent the Dove Faction, that boggled his mind.

Zang Xin smiled. “The Dove Faction is able to stand strong and withstand the Hawk Faction under such adverse circumstances because of the large supporting force behind it. There are at least seven reclusive sects that support the Dove Faction. There are also at least two other factions from the military. Furthermore, we are the greatest sponsors of the Dove Faction.”

“Qiangu Dongfeng thought it would be enough to just repudiate our parliament members. What he didn’t know was that the sects behind the Dove Faction, the two military factions, and the Dove Faction itself all have us as their sponsors. Even a military faction in the Hawk Faction is supported by us, the Tang Sect.”

Tang Wulin stared at Zang Xin with his mouth agape. These were all top-secret information! This information was so sensitive it might not be taken as true even if it was leaked.

There was a hint of pride in the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin’s eyes. “Long before the Spirit Pagoda was established, the Tang Sect was already developing soul technology and had earned a lot of money from it. We even have our own army since ten thousand years ago. The Spirit Pagoda made quick progress in later years. Nonetheless, I’d like you to consider this. On the continent and in the Federation, which do you think is higher? The demand for soul devices or spirit souls?”

Tang Wulin was stunned. There was no need to even think about the answer to that question!

Only soul masters needed spirit souls whereas the entire human race needed soul devices. Apart from weapons, the general public used soul devices too.

Zang Xin said drily, “Currently, the largest producers of soul devices and the largest distributors have connections with the Tang Sect. More than a third of their stocks are controlled by us. Of the remaining two-thirds, sixty percent are owned by us. To be honest, I don’t even know how much wealth the Tang Sect has if they were combined. If we want to stop this war, we can fund the army indefinitely. If Qiangu Dongfeng has his backup plans and hidden secrets, it’s only natural that we have ours as well.”

Wealth! The Tang Sect’s hidden secret was not its strength but its wealth! Tang Wulin understood that quickly enough.

“So, what do you want me to say to them when I approach the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire? If I’m a messenger from the Tang Sect, what kind of assistance would we be giving them? What are our requirements for them?” Tang Wulin kept his emotions in check.

Zang Xin said, “Simple. We’ll convince them to form an alliance and sell them weapons that will act as a deterrent so that they’ll have the means to confront the Federation. What we want to do is make sure that this war doesn’t happen. There will only be conflict when the strengths of both sides are equal.”

Tang Wulin looked at Zang Xin with shock, “Your Excellency, you want me to facilitate this entire thing?”

Zang Xin said with a smile, “That’s right. Naturally, I want you to do it. As a leader, you must not only be strong, you need charisma too. On top of that, you’ll also need to have allies. These allies have to be won over by your strength. They’re not something that we can provide you.”

“But, I’m just a junior. Can I do it?” Tang Wulin was only in his twenties. He did not think that he would be taken seriously by the two great empires! Although he had the support of the Tang Sect’s forces, he was still young. How could he make the two great empires trust him? He had no idea of the obstacles he would have to go through if he went along with this plan. He was not afraid, but he was worried that his strength was not enough to see him through.”

“Of course you can! After all that I’ve told you, no one will look down on you anymore. Do you think that you can learn all the Tang Sect’s core secrets if you don’t have the matching status? On this matter, my thoughts are the same as that heartless fellow. From this moment on, you’re the Tang Sect’s sect master.”

When Zang Xin uttered his last sentence, Tang Wulin instantly felt as if he was struck by lightning.

The Heartless Douluo was of the same mind too!

The Tang Sect’s sect master. Just the four words described one of the greatest forces in the world! He was now the sect master of the Tang Sect which had been around for twenty thousand years and was as old as Shrek Academy.

Even the title of Shrek Seven Monster’s leader was incomparable to the title of the Tang Sect’s sect master. The Tang Sect’s sect master’s status was on par with the Sea God Pavilion’s Pavilion Master.

Tang Wulin never expected Zang Xin to give him such a great “surprise”.

“I’m not dreaming, am I? Your Excellency? Perhaps you’re mistaken?” Tang Wulin ventured.

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