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Life Can Be Cruel But Sentimental

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“May I know who you are looking for and what brings you here?” asked a youth with a deep voice.

Nobody had any interest in the Tang Sect anymore these days. Even though the Federation had not targeted the Tang Sect, all the great forces knew the reason behind the Tang Sect’s abjection. Naturally, it turned into a deserted place.

Tang Wulin had disguised himself as a man over forty years of age with typical facial features and a normal figure.

“I’m here to propose a business plan. Life can be cruel but sentimental. Amorous love loathes itself for wrongly devoting love to the cruel,” said Tang Wulin with a smile.

The two youths were astonished upon hearing Tang Wulin’s utterance. The youth who spoke to Tang Wulin made an invitational hand gesture at him. “Please follow me.”

He led Tang Wulin inside.

Meanwhile, in an inconspicuous citizen’s house located not far from the Tang Sect’s headquarters.

The house’s interior and exterior were completely at odds. It appeared simple and unsophisticated on the outside just like a common folk’s house in Heaven Dou City. In the interior, however, the house was like a place in science fiction with all kinds of complex, precision equipment in the room.

“What is this man doing here?” There were three people in the room watching the screen with a fixed gaze.

If Tang Wulin could view the screen, he would have seen the inside of the Tang Sect’s courtyard. It was a bird’s eye view, and the image was crystal clear.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen this man before, I don’t think he’s from the Tang Sect. He looks normal. It’s precisely because he appears ordinary that I sense something is not right. Should I report this to the superior?”

“There’s no need to rush. You’re too easily frightened! Let’s observe first before we decide further.”

“It’s quite difficult for us to monitor once he’s in the house. The Tang Sect has a shield system installed in its rooms. We’ve attempted to install surveillance equipment on many occasions but failed.”

“Turn on the thermal imaging analyzer. We shall monitor his vital signs and energy fluctuation before he enters a room,” instructed the middle-aged man seated behind.


The two people seated in front immediately began to operate the device. Tang Wulin’s body began to turn red on the screen. It was thermal imaging.

“His blood essence is exuberant and much more powerful than ordinary people. His heartbeat is strong at forty-five beats per minute. He’s basically a very healthy person.”

“No sign of soul power fluctuation and also a normal spirit power fluctuation within the range of an ordinary person. He seems like someone who exercises frequently.”

“Alright then, we shall continue to monitor.” The middle-aged man behind closed his eyes once again to rest his mind.

Their mission was to monitor the Tang Sect’s headquarters and report to their superiors immediately should there be any unusual movement.

Although the Tang Sect was seemingly ‘deserted’ at present, a lean camel was still bigger than a horse. Thus, there will always be visitors to this place.

The given instruction was that they should monitor all the soul masters who had accomplished cultivation bases as best as they could. They were to keep track of all soul masters above a six-ringed cultivation base and find out where they were from.

The surveillance had been ongoing for six months. However, the reality was that the Tang Sect was currently keeping a really low profile. There was not much action and even fewer powerhouses who warranted their attention. The people inside the Tang Sect were living in seclusion as if they were withdrawing from society. Moreover, it seemed all the trading activities within the Tang Sect had halted.

Even though the Tang Sect’s headquarters was large, it appeared like a small family home that kept an abnormally low profile.

The more they acted as such, the more the superiors of these surveillance people assumed that the Tang Sect had something to hide. Although the Tang Sect’s headquarters incurred heavy losses from the explosion, they should not be responding in such a manner due to its inner secrets! They should be able to strike back.

Tang Wulin entered the room at the back under the youth’s guidance. He was brought into an empty room. Once in the room, Tang Wulin felt relieved. He could detect the presence of the surveillance equipment as a result of his Spirit Domain cultivation base.

Simply put, any surveillance equipment would emit a certain amount of energy fluctuation. Even the finest fluctuation pattern could not escape the perception of Tang Wulin’s Spirit Domain’s spiritual power!

He could easily uncover all the surveillance monitoring him using his perception. The other party failed to detect any energy fluctuation from his body earlier because he was concealing it intentionally by using the simulation ability learned from those old demons. It was not difficult for him at all since he had such potent spiritual power.

A faint smile emerged on Tang Wulin’s face soon after. He sat there and waited quietly.

It did not take long before a bookshelf by his side suddenly shifted horizontally. A man walked out from the inside.

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a smile at once upon seeing this person.

The middle-aged man had exceedingly handsome facial features, especially his pair of eyes. He had long lashes, a crystal clear gaze, and was no less handsome than Tang Wulin. Was that not the Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall’s deputy hall master, the indomitable known as the Amorous Douluo?

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin nodded gently at Tang Wulin. He then waved his hand once and walked back through the secret door behind the bookshelf.

Tang Wulin followed behind hastily.

Tang Wulin was not surprised that Zang Xin recognized him. It was not because of Zang Xin’s Limit Douluo cultivation base. Tang Wulin had earlier requested Zhen Hua to inform Zang Xin on his behalf before he came.

Tang Wulin walked past the secret door and found an elevator behind the door. They traveled down in the elevator.

It was only then that Zang Xin spoke to Tang Wulin with a smile, “Your disguise was perfect! I can’t even recognize you anymore. I only confirmed it when I detected your aura.”

The elevator traveled at an extremely high speed. Tang Wulin could feel that he was traveling downward at full speed. However, he did not feel weightless, much to his surprise. He would not have noticed that he was descending at such a speed if not for his spiritual power’s acute sense.

It was the fastest elevator Tang Wulin had ever traveled in. Even the ones at the Spirit Pagoda or the Blacksmith’s Association did not measure up. It took about ten seconds for the elevator to descend at least two hundred meters. It was still continuing its descent.

Zang Xin smiled and said upon seeing Tang Wulin’s astonished expression, “Impressive! Not many people are capable of discovering this secret.”

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “Your Excellency, are you skilled in mind reading? How do you know what I’m thinking?”

Zang Xin chuckled. “Apart from that, I can’t think of anything else worthy of your astonishment. Wulin, you’re very impressive. You’ve already grown so much within a year.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Was it His Excellency, the Heartless Douluo who told you that?”

Zang Xin’s countenance changed ever so slightly at Tang Wulin’s mention of Cao Dezhi. However, he was back to normal real soon. He scoffed coldly and spoke, “The man won’t speak to me, but he has a way of telling me though.”

The elevator stopped. Tang Wulin estimated that the elevator had descended at least five hundred meters below ground. The depth even exceeded Shrek Academy’s refuge shelter located under the Sea God Lake.

It made Tang Wulin a little suspicious. Was the Tang Sect completely annihilated when it was struck by the godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition back in the beginning?

If such a deep location existed in the Heaven Dou City’s division, how could it be there was none at the headquarters?

The elevator door opened. The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin led the way and walked outside. Compared to Shrek’s refuge shelter, the Tang Sect was completely different.

Tang Wulin sensed the aura of high technology as soon as he walked out of the elevator.

The vast metallic space was filled with all sorts of soul devices. Tang Wulin could recognize a few but not all. There were also some soul devices in weird shapes whose purpose Tang Wulin could not tell.

Tang Wulin was even more startled upon passing through a gate. At a glance, the place was a boundless stretch of a factory floor. To his surprise, it was producing mechas.

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