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Tang Wulin VS Wu Zhangkong

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So strong!

Tang Wulin felt the surrounding temperature drop due to the influence of Teacher Wu’s Skyfrost Sword on it. It was at least twice as lower compared to his past encounter with it!

Wu Zhangkong impressively flashed his blue Skyfrost Sword. There was no ornamentation in his actions. The blue-colored glow reached Tang Wulin in an instant.

The attack was not only cleaner and simpler than before, but It was also more effective.

The Skyfrost Sword had not even reached him but Tang Wulin already felt as if his heart had frozen.

When Wu Siduo and the others saw that Wu Zhangkong wanted to spar with Tang Wulin, they could not help stopping in their tracks and be surprised. They stared at this competition with concentrated gazes. They were all interested to see how much Tang Wulin had grown.

The five of them were Tang Wulin’s former rivals! Although there was a time were they conceded to the fact of Tang Wulin being stronger than them, it would be difficult to say who was stronger or weaker after such a long time had passed. They were confident in their own improvements as well. Ever since the Shrek Academy was destroyed, they had focused their efforts on their own cultivation. They had practically worked hard with every passing minute. They did not believe that they could not surpass Tang Wulin even after all these efforts.

They could naturally see just how far Tang Wulin had grown through this sparring session between Teacher Wu and him. Under Teacher Wu’s pressure, he would definitely be forced to utilize his full strength.

Tang Wulin moved. He dared not be the least bit careless against Wu Zhangkong’s attack. Circles of halos rose from beneath his feet, but they did not come from his soul rings. Five golden soul rings rose up from beneath his feet and his body glowed in golden color.

Tang Wulin instantly grew more than two meters in height. Diamond-shaped golden scales covered the surface of his skin and the layer of golden glow that was unleashed from his body appeared as if it had substance.

After Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword pierced the golden glow, its transparency suddenly increased. It resembled a translucent golden crystal as layers of ripples undulated on its surface. The Skyfrost Sword went deeper and deeper, but he felt as if he was stabbing it into a cowhide. Not only did the Skyfrost Sword slow down, but its actual body was also revealed. The ripples from the golden glow spread out and had surprisingly managed to block the Skyfrost Sword’s attack.

At this very moment, Tang Wulin raised his right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw as he scratched at the Skyfrost Sword with lightning speed and a pair of golden dragon wings unfurled behind him.

“What’s that golden light?” Zheng Yiran could not help but ask as she stared at the scene with her mouth agape. The proud look on her face had instantly vanished.

They knew very well just how sharp Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword was. They were surprised that Tang Wulin was able to block it under such circumstances. Moreover, he seemed to have blocked it using some kind of protective barrier. They could not tell if he was using any soul skills at all.

However, Yang Nianxia noticed something else. He mumbled, “if I remember correctly, he only had three of those golden-colored soul rings related to his bloodline the last time we met. I don’t think it’s been very long since then, but he already has five rings now? Then his cultivation base must-have…”

They all had their guesses and questions in their hearts. The clash between Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong had now truly begun.

In the instant where Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw collided with the Skyfrost Sword, the Skyfrost Sword suddenly “exploded” into thousands of lines that covered toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was also startled with a jump. The golden glow on the surface of his body also intensified suddenly. He stomped the ground strongly with his right foot and eight golden dragons rose into the skies with a loud dragon’s roar.

These golden dragons did not seem to have formed from energy, it was as if they actually had substance. The instant they appeared, they immediately circled around Tang Wulin and blocked the slashes that came at him. The intense vibrations created by Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth had also directly spread toward Wu Zhangkong’s feet.

Although Wu Zhangkong was already an expert at the Title Douluo rank, it was not as if Tang Wulin had never fought with an expert of the same rank before.

Blood Nine from the Blood God Army was also of the Title Douluo rank. He had even lost to Tang Wuling due to him underestimating his opponent. The current Tang Wulin could not be compared with the Tang Wulin back then.

That was also the reason to why he was not scared in the least despite Wu Zhangkong’s current cultivation base.

The layer of light which burst forth on Tang Wulin’s body was Dragon Air.

Dragon Air and Dragon Might were not abilities that he had obtained after breaking through the eleventh seal. They had only appeared after he accomplished his martial soul avatar and his body merged more perfectly with the Golden Dragon King bloodline.

Facing Wu Zhangkong, Tang Wulin had immediately unleashed his Dragon Air. He had no intentions of concealing his abilities. Tang Wulin’s aura changed with the activation of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth as well.

For Wu Zhangkong’s senses, it seemed as if a surge of golden airflow had suddenly erupted from his body the instant Tang Wulin stomped the ground with his right foot. This surge of golden air flow momentarily stunned him. He felt as if his spirits went numb as well and Tang Wulin seemed to have become bigger and taller as well.

The vibration had reached his feet in the brief instant where his state of mind had swayed.

Wu Zhangkong definitely had a great cultivation base. He reacted to the change at the very first moment. Blue light flashed under his feet and he suddenly leaped up in the air. An ice cone stood where he stood just a moment before without anyone realizing it and had pushed his body up into the air.

However, the eight golden dragons did not let him go. They chased after him up in the air.

The Dragon Air on Tang Wulin’s body shook. The sword slashes were all resolved amidst explosions sounds when they connected with it. This was the ingenious combination of Dragon Air and Golden Dragon Blast.

Dragon Might and Dragon Air were the most terrifying in the sense that they were the Golden Dragon King’s natural abilities. They could perfectly merge with any of the Golden Dragon King’s powers. After many actual combats and the great improvement in his spiritual power, the current Tang Wulin already had a cultivation base that reflected his original nature. He was already able to utilize the golden Dragon King’s abilities as naturally as if he was born with them. He had no need to separately use the skills anymore.

While Wu Zhangkong was still in midair, his Skyfrost Sword suddenly enlarged and split into eight. The eight gleaming swords descended from the skies and simultaneously whacked the eight golden dragons away. Then with the same momentum, they formed a wheel of swords and flew right towards Tang Wulin.

‘As expected of Teacher Wu.’ Tang Wulin could not help praise.

At the same time, he made his move as well. A golden halo swiftly burst forth under his feet and the five golden soul rings on his body were instantly replaced by seven soul rings. His third soul ring flickered. It was precisely the Bluesilver Golden Array.

Other than being able to control his opponent’s movement, the greatest ability of the Bluesilver Golden Array was Elemental Stripping. On the other hand, the Skyfrost Sword’s most powerful feature was its command over the ice element. Tang Wulin wanted to strip Wu Zhangkong of his elemental attribute.

Luo Guixing, who was watching the battle from afar, could not help knitting his brows together. “What’s Tang Wulin doing? Does he actually have time to do all that when he’s facing Teacher Wu?” In his eyes, Tang Wulin was doing something suicidal. Just how powerful was Teacher Wu? Would the Elemental Stripping make it in time? How would he defend against the descending wheel of swords formed by the Skyfrost Sword?

Tang Wulin displayed a scene that shocked even his schoolmates.

His eyes suddenly shone as he looked up to the sky and golden light shot out of his eyes. There even seemed to be golden light leaking out from the edges of his eyes.

His Golden Dragon Spear brazenly appeared in his hands and he stabbed out with Thousand Accusing Fingers!

Countless light beams burst forth and converged as they net Wu Zhangkong’s wheel of swords. He did not dodge or run rather he faced the attack head-on!

The sound of the explosion sounded far away like the toll of a bell. Tang Wulin’s body shook slightly. His body was instantly covered in a layer of frost. However, it was quickly dispersed under the effects of the Bluesilver Golden Array and his Dragon Air’s protection.

The descending Skyfrost Sword Ice Wheel instantly shattered and turned into ice particles that scattered all around. Wu Zhangkong’s figure was also revealed.

Even Wu Zhangkong’s face had registered shock in that instant.

Although he knew that Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was already at seven rings and his strength was definitely stronger than an ordinary seven-ringed Soul Saint with his Golden Dragon King bloodline’s rank, he never thought that Tang Wulin would be able to receive his wheel of swords in a direct face-off when both of them were Assault System Battle soul masters. It must be known that Wu Zhangkong did not hold back. That was the attack of a Title Douluo.

The terrifying penetrative force in Tang Wulin’s stab and the attacking and penetrative power of the spear itself left him no choice but to avoid its sharpness. What a powerful display of strength!

There was a large gap in their cultivation bases, but Tang Wulin was not disadvantaged in the slightest after the collision just now.

Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing and the others who were observing the match were all amazed. Had he already grown to such a level? He did not appear special in any way, but he was able to block Teacher Wu’s all-out attack? None of them could have done that!

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