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Tang Wulin’s Thousand Accusing Fingers had just ended, while the Bluesilver Golden Array had sprung into action underneath his feet.

Within a split second, the Elemental Stripping effect made the surrounding icy cold temperature drop drastically. At the same time, the wings on Tang Wulin’s back flapped. He did not wait for the Bluesilver Golden Array to take effect but launched an attack immediately.

He had never thought of relying on the Bluesilver Golden Array to exercise full control over Wu Zhangkong completely. It was not pragmatic. He was using the Bluesilver Golden Array’s effect to disrupt Wu Zhangkong from unleashing his ability. It was already enough.

Undoubtedly, Tang Wulin’s execution was precise. Wu Zhangkong was affected by the Thousand Accusing Finger’s impact and the influence of the Bluesilver Golden Array so much so that he had to pause for a moment from his initial attacking streak.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin rose into the sky. The wings on his back flapped as he launched the Golden Dragon Flies. He transformed into a dazzling golden silhouette in an instant. He dashed straight at Wu Zhangkong with the pointed end of the Golden Dragon Spear.

At the same time, the vines of the Bluesilver Emperor surged out from his body akin to a den of snakes and entwined the Golden Dragon Spear. He had launched his blood soul fusion skill!

Wu Zhangkong responded in a split second despite being affected by the attack. He chose not to retaliate by force but changed his direction. He did a twist and spun to a spot dozens of meters away.

However, his retreat made Tang Wulin even more imposing. The Golden Dragon Flies turned around in the sky and caught up with Wu Zhangkong at once.

Wu Zhangkong was visibly threatened for the very first time from the imposing Golden Dragon Spear. The sixth soul ring on his body glowed silently. He held the sword in his hands and made a lifting movement.

Tang Wulin had a profound impression of Wu Zhangkong’s sixth soul skill. It was a storing force soul skill, but Tang Wulin could not recall its name. He only remembered that Wu Zhangkong’s sword skill was very powerful.

The thought flashed past his mind. The Skyfrost Sword and the Golden Dragon Spear collided once again.

“Clang!” The golden radiance emitting from Tang Wulin’s body dimmed instantaneously. He was covered in a layer of frost and even the surrounding space burst out with a layer of thick white airflow. However, Wu Zhangkong was blasted backward akin to a cannonball as he was thrown a few hundred meters away.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was frozen by the Skyfrost Sword. However, the audience did not expect that the Sky Ice Douluo Wu Zhangkong who was similarly an assault-type soul master would be blasted away by Tang Wulin’s spear in a frontal collision.

‘He is but a Soul Sage! Teacher Wu is a Title Douluo!’

‘How is that possible? How could there possibly be that much difference? How did it happen when both parties had not used their battle armors?’

Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran were stunned by the scene before their very eyes.

Was he human at all? Their initial confidence eroded at this very moment. Even Wu Siduo, suppressed by Tang Wulin earlier, was under the assumption that she was not that weak as compared to Tang Wulin despite only relying on her martial soul fusion skill, the Hell White Tiger.

Yet, at this moment, she had to accept the truth that she was not just a little weaker as compared to Tang Wulin. There was simply an unbridgeable gap between their skills!

How did he become so powerful? If they were in Wu Zhangkong’s place, could they possibly withstand a strike from his spear?

The golden radiance on Tang Wulin’s body was glowing brightly. It felt as though he had transformed into a golden sun in the sky at the moment. He pointed the Golden Dragon Spear at Wu Zhangkong. A golden radiance shot out instantly leaving behind a dazzling golden flash in the sky.

It was his original soul skill, the seventh move of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves known as the King’s Path!

The highest respect he could give Teacher Wu when they were engaged in a battle was to devote all his efforts in the fight. Even before the sparring session, Tang Wulin understood this point well. Thus, he did not hold back in the slightest but unleashed his most powerful attack.

When Wu Zhangkong was blasted away, he underwent a transformation. He was experiencing an incomparably intense battle. Just as he was blasted away, despite being a Title Douluo, he realized he was far weaker than Tang Wulin when it came to their strengths. Furthermore, he was deeply shocked by Tang Wulin’s blood soul fusion skill.

Nonetheless, he remained clear-minded. The seventh soul ring on his body glowed at the exact moment he was blasted away.

He unleashed his martial soul avatar, Skyfrost!

His entire body was suddenly elongated. He had become four meters tall when he was blasted a hundred meters away, while his Skyfrost Sword was a terrifying six meters in length.

Wu Zhangkong appeared like a white ice sculpture at present. One could hardly make out his facial features, but the Skyfrost Sword in his hand had turned pure white completely.

It was the most powerful form of the Skyfrost Sword and his martial soul avatar.

Simultaneously, the eighth soul ring on Wu Zhangkong’s body was glowing too. His eighth soul ring shimmered as he raised the Skyfrost Sword high into the air. It burst forth with countless frost flowers in the air instantaneously. The moment these frost flowers burst, the surrounding temperature dropped drastically.

The absolute zero of Skyfrost!

Wu Zhangkong made a move. He remained as elegant as before in the air. Despite his appearance as an ice sculpture, he exuded a peculiar feeling to those who were watching.

The ultra-low temperature of absolute zero was confined to a small area by Wu Zhangkong. An ice ball condensed abruptly which was then tossed toward Tang Wulin’s King’s Path.

The Skyfrost Sword at absolute zero was invincible!

“Boom…” Both of them collided into one another. It all happened within a short time. If another Title Douluo were in his place, there was utterly no way the person could have launched a martial soul avatar and an eighth soul skill consecutively.

However, Wu Zhangkong did it. He had used his most powerful form to defend against Tang Wulin’s awesome strike.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” During the collision, Wu Zhangkong heard countless valiant dragon roars. He sensed a gush of terrifying, overbearing force akin to the forces of heaven and earth. His Skyfrost Sword remained determinedly firm despite being confronted by this overbearing force.

For Shrek’s revival, no one was capable of shaking his faith and belief.

The collision was produced under such ominous circumstances. During that moment, everyone seemed to be caught in a daze.

The white ice ball created by Wu Zhangkong was completely tainted by the golden radiance and began to melt instantaneously. The group of people who bore witness to the scene was shocked.

The ice ball exploded in the next moment. The sword’s radiance shot out and dispersed throughout the sky. The piercing, clashing sounds and terrifying energy fluctuations wreaked havoc over the entire gymnasium.

Fortunately, the gymnasium’s protective shield was meant for the Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses. At the moment, the audience could barely see what was happening. When the explosive energy collided into the protective shield, the brightness was so glaring that no one could see anything.

The radiance lingered for a long while.

Finally, the protective shield returned to normal revealing the two figures inside.

Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong had swapped places. They stood with their backs facing each other. The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand was pointed diagonally at the ground, while Wu Zhangkong had removed his martial soul avatar.

The people noticed an additional layer of ice blue battle armor on Wu Zhangkong. The layer of battle armor glowed white as if mist was circulating inside. Was this not his three-word battle armor, Sky Dragon Ice?

‘Is Teacher Wu compelled into using his battle armor?’

“Clang!” In the next moment, everyone heard a loud crisp sound. Under everyone’s shocked gaze, the Skyfrost Sword in Wu Zhangkong’s hand broke…

A section of the sword’s blade snapped and fell to the ground.

Wu Zhangkong’s body swayed once soon after.

Did it break?

Did the Skyfrost Sword break?

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