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My Idol During My Youth

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Xu Yucheng was completely unaware that the emotions he displayed today had made Tang Wulin worry about him. He had no clue about the “cultivation” he would have to face in a spar with Tang Wulin…

“Wulin, let’s spar for a bit.” Wu Zhangkong suddenly made a suggestion.

“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at him with surprise.

“Follow me.” Wu Zhangkong did not even give him a chance to talk. He brought him out of his room.

They quickly arrived at a wide hall under Wu Zhangkong’s lead. There were already a dozen students sparring with each other inside, simulating actual combat.

Among what Tang Wulin had seen, this was the largest area of the refugee shelter. It had a diameter of about two hundred meters and the ceiling was around thirty meters above their heads. The ceiling was curved in a perfect dome and it was clear that it was manmade. To be able to build such a space hundreds of meters under the ground, the price and time they had to pour into this were imaginable.

Yet, Shrek Academy did it. Tang Wulin was secretly awed. At the same time, he thought about the saying where the wily hare had three holes to his burrow. Even if they rebuilt Shrek in the future, they would have to make preparations in many aspects. They could not gather everything in Shrek City just as they had done before this.

Tang Sect also had their headquarters destroyed. They had experienced a great disaster and suffered a heavy blow. However, the destruction they faced was not as utter as Shrek Academy. They still had their branches in the Star Luo Empire. At the very least, it was enough to ensure the normal operations of Tang Sect. Even Tang Wulin was unsure how great a force Tang Sect possessed, let alone the outside forces.

With twenty thousand years of accumulation, Tang Sect’s inner secrets were deep and profound. Although those forces had wanted to uproot Tang Sect at the same time, nobody dared to make the first move. This was an intimidating effect that could only have been the result of sufficient strength.

Shrek Academy was in much worse shape. In the end, it all came down to the academy being too simplistic. Everything was gathered in Shrek City. Once Shrek City was destroyed, they had no back-up or emergency plan. That was the reason why the perpetrators behind the scenes could act without care.

Wu Zhangkong clapped his hands as he drew the attention of all simulating students to himself.

When they saw Wu Zhangkong, the students all wore respectful expressions. However, many of them appeared puzzled when they saw Tang Wulin beside Wu Zhangkong.

The youngsters before them were younger than Tang Wulin and most of them had never met him before. He was a stranger to them! This was their first time meeting a stranger in the past year.

“All of you can watch us spar from afar.” Wu Zhangkong had no intention of introducing Tang Wulin to them. Since everyone would be training outside after this, the less they knew about Tang Wulin’s situation, the better.

Wu Zhangkong walked to one side while Tang Wulin walked to the other. He understood that this was Teacher Wu’s way of assessing the extent to which his strength had grown.

Ever since Tang Wulin entered the inner court, this teacher and student had not fought each other.

Tang Wulin could sense the abyss-like aura coming from Wu Zhangkong. Teacher Wu’s cultivation base must have improved by leaps and bounds. He should at least be an eight-ringed Soul Douluo by now. Moreover, Wu Zhangkong had graduated from Shrek Academy and was not the same as ordinary Soul Douluo-ranked soul masters.

“I won’t hold back,” said Wu Zhangkong coldly. His white robes flapped even though there was no wind.

Tang Wulin focused his gaze on Wu Zhangkong opposite him. He seemed to have seen the teacher whom he had faced for the first time back then.

White robes and blue sword, sky ice, and snow cold.

Even though Tang Wulin had grown to the stage where he could fight with Wu Zhangkong, he could never forget the heroic appearance of Wu Zhangkong from back then.

It could be said that throughout Tang Wulin’s teenage, Sky Dragon Ice Wu Zhangkong had been his idol and role model.

After he progressed to a three-word battle armor, Wu Zhangkong added the word “dragon” to his battle armor making it Long Bing’s dragon. The name of his battle armor was now Sky Dragon Ice.

In Tang Wulin’s heart, Teacher Wu would surely become a four-word battle armor in the future.

The atmosphere instantly changed as both of them stood still. The students who had been sparring up until now had already moved to the sides. They looked with shock and anticipation as the sparring session was about to start.

Most of them had their eyes fixed on Tang Wulin. They were already very familiar with the strength of Wu Zhangkong. However, they were filled with curiosity when they saw this young man who did not look much older than themselves. Who was he? Could he really fight Teacher Wu?

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes suddenly changed to an icy blue color. A sword of the same color appeared in his grasp. He had unleashed his martial soul right at the start while he faced Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin saw circles of soul rings rise from under Wu Zhangkong’s feet. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.


Nine rings? When Tang Wulin saw the final black-colored soul ring that rose from Wu Zhangkong’s body, his eyes immediately went dull…

Although it had been a long time since he fought with Wu Zhangkong, he was sure that only a couple of years had passed since then. From the time he went to Star Luo Empire, they had at most been apart for five years.

Five years ago, Teacher Wu should have been at seven rings and not eight. Had he progressed to the Title Douluo-ranked cultivation base in mere five years?

Although Tang Wulin was very confident in himself, he would still be pressured when he had to fight against an eight-ringed Soul Douluo-ranked Sky Dragon Ice Wu Zhangkong, let alone the current Teacher Wu who had a nine-ringed cultivation base.

Once a person had nine rings, the person would already be a Title Douluo. It was the symbol of the highest soul master rank. In other words, Teacher Wu could already be addressed as ‘Your Excellency’.

Other than shock, Tang Wulin’s heart was filled with joy. The existence of a Title Douluo was welcome news to any great force. It was the same for Tang Wulin. If Teacher Wu was now a Title Douluo, it meant that Shrek Academy would have another Title Douluo in its ranks. Moreover, with Teacher Wu’s individual combat strength, his existence was like a strengthening tower for Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin became excited when he thought about this. His fighting spirit was aroused as well.

Few more people walked into the gymnasium from the outside. The one who walked in front was impressively Wu Siduo and Tang Wulin was familiar with the faces behind her too.

Immortal Xu Yucheng, Shackler Luo Guixing, Dark Bear Yang Nianxia, and Jade Snake Zheng Yiran.

What surprised Tang Wulin was that Yang Nianxia and Zheng Yiran walked in together with joined hands. He did not know when these two nemeses had gotten together.

Zheng Yiran looked as proud as ever, it seemed that some things would never change. Tang Wulin was even suspicious of whether she was born with that expression.

Yang Nianxia looked even more good-natured than he used to. It seemed impossible for him to harm any life. There was a time when his scheming tactics had left a deep impression on Tang Wulin.

When he saw them, Tang Wulin had wanted to shout out at them. He wanted to say, “I’m so happy that everyone’s alive!”

However, Wu Zhangkong made his move at this very moment.

There was no way that he would miss Tang Wulin’s momentary state of distraction. He had no intention to let this opportunity slip out of his hands. On a true battlefield, the enemy would never show mercy because you had been distracted. That was just the way things were.

That was why Wu Zhangkong had attacked at the very first moment. He moved as quick as lightning. A surge of extreme coldness spread out instantly. In that instant, Tang Wulin only felt as if he was among a frozen tundra. Even with his body’s strength, he felt as if he was about to be frozen.

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