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The Refugee

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Whether it was Tang Wulin or Wu Siduo, they were both feeling as if they were caught up in a dream. A multitude of feelings surged up in their hearts.

“It’s me.” Tang Wulin’s lips trembled slightly as he talked. His eyes were shimmering with tears while his heart was filled with indescribable joy.

The Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition had completely destroyed the entire Shrek Academy back then. He had assumed that everyone else except the few of them was already dead. He had never expected to meet Wu Siduo at this moment. What else could be more exciting than this for him?

Wu Siduo was alive. She was still alive! Moreover, she had succeeded in becoming a seven-ringed Soul Sage.

Wu Siduo suddenly yelled. Her figure flashed as she abruptly pounced into Tang Wulin’s arms. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she repeatedly shrieked. Her pair of long legs were even tightly wrapped around his waist. She had even abruptly bitten his shoulder while tears poured out of her eyes.

Tang Wulin was afraid that his powerful defense would injure her teeth so he controlled his muscles making them softer. He hugged Wu Siduo’s soft figure. How could he not be moved by her mixed feelings? Nothing could move him more than meeting his old friend again after the catastrophe.

On the other hand, Long Yuxue’s emotions were similarly fluctuating as she watched the scene from inside the soul car. Her mood was instantly ruined as she watched the long-legged young woman hug Tang Wulin in such a posture.

She was obviously not Tang Wulin’s girlfriend! Even though Long Yuxue had only taken a glance at Gu Yuena’s appearance in the abyssal passage, her appearance had been deeply buried in her mind since then. Also, Tang Wulin had drawn a picture of Gu Yue before. Even though she had never asked, she was aware that Tang Wulin’s girlfriend was definitely one of these two women.

However, she had never expected to meet another woman here today. Moreover, judging by the passionate scene the relationship between the two of them seemed to be very close!

Long Yuxue was feeling slightly gloomy and resentful. There seemed to be more love rivals than she had imagined. Moreover, every one of them was more outstanding than the other. That young woman earlier seemed to have twin martial souls. Judging by how excited they were upon meeting each other, she should be a student of Shrek Academy too. Could it be that she was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters as well?

Tang Wulin gently patted on Wu Siduo’s back to comfort her emotions. However, Wu Siduo could not calm down for a long period of time. She bit the muscles on Tang Wulin’s shoulder furiously until blood started seeping out on his clothes and she still refused to let go of him.

Tang Wulin’s heart was completely filled with joy at present so the small amount of pain was utterly nothing to him.

Long Yuxue finally could not refrain herself from getting out of the car. She stood by Tang Wulin’s side and glared at him unpleasantly.

Tang Wulin was feeling awkward from her stare so he pulled away Wu Siduo from his hug. “Alright, don’t cry. Come down first, okay?”

Wu Siduo unwillingly relaxed her legs and ferociously bit Tang Wulin’s shoulder once before she stood up.

She had already grown into a maiden. Her height was over a hundred and eight centimeters and she was only a head shorter than Tang Wulin. Her pair of surprisingly long legs matched her slim and appropriate figure. She appeared to be slightly skinny but she had a slim waist and her hips were round. She had a very attractive bodice.

Her long hair loosely hung on her shoulders. Perhaps because she had just bitten Tang Wulin, her entire person was exuding a wild look.

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a smile and he was filled with rich emotions upon seeing her swollen eyes. “I’m so glad to see that you’re alive.”

Upon hearing his words, Wu Siduo could not refrain herself from bawling aloud again. She was originally a strong and willful woman, but she had been close to having an emotional breakdown since the catastrophe. At this moment, she had completely vented her emotions. She could not refrain herself from hugging Tang Wulin once again. However, she was much gentler this time. She had only hugged him.

Tang Wulin allowed her to hug himself to heart’s content, he allowed her to cry as much as she wished. He only softly patted her back to comfort her.

After a long while, Wu Siduo unwillingly pulled herself away from Tang Wulin’s arms under Long Yuxue’s gaze that was almost bursting with fire. “Wulin, where were you for all these days? Do you know how hard it has been for us to look for you? If not because of teacher being so certain that all of you had survived, I’m afraid we would have given up by now.”

“We?” Tang Wulin almost jumped up from the ground upon hearing her words. He suddenly grabbed Wu Siduo’s shoulders and involuntarily cried out. “You said ‘we’! Who else is still alive? Is teacher… is teacher still alive?”

Wu Siduo strenuously nodded upon seeing Tang Wulin’s eyes redden with excitement and smiled with tears in her eyes. “Yes, they are still alive. Teacher Wu is still alive. Yang Nianxia, Xu Yucheng, Luo Guixing, and Zheng Yiran are still alive. How about all of you?”

Tears involuntarily poured out of Tang Wulin’s eyes when he heard of their names.

Wu Zhangkong in white robes with a blue sword, sky ice, and snow cold. He was the teacher Tang Wulin had the closest relationship with and had even been his idol once when he was young! ‘He was still alive… teacher was still alive.’

Gold Bear Yang Nianxia, Jade Snake Zheng Yiran, Shackler Luo Guixing, and Immortal Xu Yucheng were also safe. They were alive, they had all survived along with Wu Siduo who stood before him. The few most outstanding people from his class back then were still alive!

He still had more companions and classmates who were alive. After the catastrophe, how could Tang Wulin not feel emotional after receiving such great news?

“They’re alive… they are all still alive. The Pavilion Master protected us and protected the Shrek Seven Monsters. This is too good, this is truly awesome.” Tang Wulin was crying and laughing like a child at present.

Long Yuxue’s eyes had already lost the initial jealousness. She had never seen Tang Wulin unleash his emotions like this. In her eyes, he was always calm, but he was completely unrelated to that calmness at the moment.

She was even feeling slightly envious of them. She envied the fact that they used to learn together in Shrek Academy. They had so many outstanding companions and they shared so many experiences together. How great it would be if she could become a part of them?

“Quickly! tell me what actually happened? How did you all survive?” Tang Wulin impatiently asked.

However, Wu Siduo’s charming face dimmed upon hearing his question. A bitter smile emerged on her lips.

“It was the academy that saved us. It was the academy’s great array. We followed Teacher Wu at the time to help our outer court junior disciples to cultivate at the main campus. You are well aware that the five of us had never left the academy. Even though we were already good enough for graduation, we still chose to stay. We had already adapted to the academy’s lifestyle and we enjoyed everything in it. Since we didn’t wish to leave, we chose to become Teacher Wu’s assistants.”

“On the day… the day of the sudden catastrophe. The teachers in the academy reacted at once and they launched the academy’s great defense array. When the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions were dropped, they burned themselves to seize one minute of time for us. We had only found out then that there was a refuge shelter located in the depths of the academy’s ground.”

“Do you know that we only had one minute… we only had one minute of time! Almost all the teachers gave the opportunity to the students. The refugee shelter could only contain a limited number of people. In addition to that, the protective shield required an adequate amount of energy to sustain it. We watched helplessly as the teachers ignited themselves into balls of fire. They urged us to enter the refuge shelter with smiling faces from the balls of flame.”

“We wanted to dash outside but Teacher Wu grabbed us and tossed us into the refuge shelter. Just as he was about to go over and help out the other teachers in igniting themselves, he was kicked into the refuge shelter by Teacher Li.”

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