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Hell Remains

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The black cat somersaulted in the air and soundlessly agilely landed on its four limbs. A pair of eyes with mixed colors of green and blue shimmering with a murderous gleam stared at the people before them.

Of course, this was more than just a real cat for there was almost no other cat-type soul beast capable of cultivating to such levels. If this was not a cat then it was a human that had transformed via one’s martial soul avatar.

The person had a seven-ringed cultivation base so naturally, the person could suppress Long Yuxue’s six-ringed cultivation base.

It was precisely Tang Wulin who was blocking before Long Yuxue right now. He was staring at the black cat with a fixed gaze. His eyes were slightly squinted while his arms were spread open by his sides as a faint golden radiance spiraled around his body.

“Yuxue, get into the car,” Tang Wulin said with a deep voice.

“Alright.” Long Yuxue had engaged in battle with this opponent earlier. She was constantly being suppressed. Moreover, the opponent’s ability was even more powerful than it appeared to be. Long Yuxue had already unleashed her two-word battle armor yet the opponent had yet to unleash its battle armor. There was nothing she could do despite being suppressed by the opponent’s martial soul avatar. What sort of ability was that? Her six-ringed cultivation base in addition to two-word battle armor made her fighting ability equal to that of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

The black cat had only paused for a short moment before it pounced again towards Tang Wulin at lightning speed. Its two claws on the front moved so swiftly that they created countless shadows in an instant. Tang Wulin could not clearly see through the opponent’s attack line but he could feel that his body was completely enshrouded by the opponent’s attacks.

The cat’s claws were exceedingly sharp. Their sharp edges shimmered with radiance.

Tang Wulin shouted in a deep voice as he took a step forward with his left foot and threw a right hook punch.

There was no other skill but only pure strength used to triumph over the enemy!

Tang Wulin had no intention to compete against the opponent’s speed when fighting against an agility-type soul master with incomparably swift speed. At the same time, he was very confident in his body that had already begun comprehending the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique. He would like to see which one of them could injure the other in a battle of speed against strength.

‘You have thousands of claws and I only have a punch.’

Tang Wulin swung his fist. No majestic aura was unleashed, but in the black cat’s perception on the opposite side, the punch was akin to a meteor that carried terrifying pressure that made even her soul tremble.

Its cat claws may not necessarily be able to defeat the enemy, but there was no doubt that it would certainly die a tragic death if it were to endure the opponent’s punch.

The black cat thus suddenly retracted its claws at the most crucial moment. Its body somersaulted in the air with exceedingly agile movements. A stream of deep and serene radiance appeared above Tang Wulin’s fist, but it did not collide into him. However, the stream of cutting radiance had still managed to slash off the pressure brought by Tang Wulin’s fist. The black cat’s silhouette turned illusionary at once as it vanished into nothingness along with the flash of the rift broken earlier.

It appeared behind Tang Wulin in the next moment and simultaneously grabbed towards his back with its outstretched claws.

Everything could be described as perfect in every way, whether it was reaction speed or usage of soul skills. It relied on the amplification of martial soul avatar. It was as if it was attempting to tear open the air with its strike and had yet to strike it target but Tang Wulin could already feel the piercing pain radiating from the muscles on his back.

Tang Wulin coldly scoffed. The muscles on his back bulged abruptly as pieces of diamond-shaped scales emerged. He did not even turn around but his body suddenly leaned backward. He used his body as the weapon to immediately slam onto the opponent.

This was not his usual method but something he had learned from A Ruheng. Body Sect had always used one’s body as a weapon, so any part of one’s body could be used as one.

It was apparent that the black cat had not expected Tang Wulin to behave as such. However, she did not dodge anymore this time because she wished to take a look at why this opponent had the audacity to forcefully resist her attacks with his back.

A piercing screech was heard bursting out from Tang Wulin’s back. His clothes were torn with the sound, revealing the golden scales on the inside. The cat’s claws swept across the scales which resulted in sparks flying everywhere and they had even managed to leave behind white streaks on the scales.

However, the black cat was shocked to see her sharp claws capable of tearing through iron and steel failing to break through Tang Wulin’s defense. She helplessly watched as his broad back was about to slam into herself. She was even more terrified when she saw the scales on his back stand erected like a wall of nails. She would certainly end up with severe injuries if she were to brace the attack.

What sort of monster was that? How could his defense be so powerful? Moreover, he had yet to unleash his martial soul even now!

Not only was he using his back to slam into the opponent, but Tang Wulin was also simultaneously swinging his right elbow backward as he was turned around. Just as his elbow was swung back, a dragon’s roar was indistinctly heard bursting out in the air.

The black cat’s reaction was exceedingly swift. She watched as her attack was rendered useless. She changed the moment of her two claws from scratching to slapping in an attempt to rely on Tang Wulin’s momentum to leap backward.

However, it was also at this moment that a layer of misty golden brilliance surged out from Tang Wulin’s back. The black cat could only feel as a gush of stickiness appeared instantly. She managed to slap onto Tang Wulin’s back but was stuck to the sticky force. She helplessly watched as she was about to brace the collision while Tang Wulin’s elbow had simultaneously reached her head.

Oh no!

Even in the face of a critical juncture, the black cat was not in a flurry. Peculiar transformations appeared on her body. The large black cat that was originally over two meters in length suddenly swelled up. Its black fur turned from black to white in a split second while its figure swelled up to seven meters in length resulting in a surge of strength. A layer of golden light misted over its fur. It lowered its tiger head and slammed into Tang Wulin’s elbow. At the same time, its pair of tiger claws ferociously clapped forward and collided into Tang Wulin’s approaching back.

“Bang! bang!” The post-transformation gigantic white tiger was blasted away by Tang Wulin’s impact. In a competition of strength, even A Ruheng refused to confront against Tang Wulin now. Tang Wulin’s strength had already achieved the extent of a fully grown Overlord Dragon and could even exceed that after the fusion of the eleventh layer of Golden Dragon King’s essence.

The white tiger rolled on the ground before it turned around and stood up once again. Murderous gleam burst forth from its eyes but it was also acting with caution. It glared at Tang Wulin as it revealed its intention to devour him.

Tang Wulin had already turned around at present. His eyes were filled with shock as he looked towards the giant white tiger.

On the other hand, Long Yuxue who had already reached the car was completely stunned upon witnessing the scene in front of her.

As the younger generation of elites in the Blood God Army, Long Yuxue had always been confident in her abilities. She was even feeling conceited for the status of a powerhouse in the Blood God Army’s younger generation from the continent.

Even with Tang Wulin’s presence, she had assumed that he was just a rare case at most. After all, he was the leader of Shrek Academy’s Seven Monsters! There was only one Tang Wulin in today’s world.

However, she could not help feeling dispirited as she watched Tang Wulin’s battle with this opponent. Tang Wulin had yet to see this soul master’s original form but Long Yuxue had already seen through her! She was obviously a female soul master that was even younger than Long Yuxue, yet her cultivation base was more powerful than herself.

Even though she was suffering from losses after the few exchanges with Tang Wulin, she had yet to be at a disadvantageous position. Moreover, she was even more powerful after transforming into the giant white tiger. On the other hand, when she was fighting against Long Yuxue earlier she had not used this at all. The opponent had yet to unleash her battle armor too. It was utterly impossible for her to not own a battle armor for she had a seven-ringed Soul Sage cultivation base at such a young age!

The gigantic white tiger knelt. Its body swelled up once again and became even more majestic. Out of the seven soul rings on her body, the first, third, fifth and seventh soul rings were all glowing. Just by looking at her ability to simultaneously unleash soul skills of four soul rings, one could tell that her abilities had far exceeded other ordinary soul masters.

However, it was at this very moment that Tang Wulin suddenly shouted. “Wait!”

The white tiger was stunned for a moment. It did not pounce forward at him but coldly spoke, “why? Are you scared?”

Tang Wulin’s gaze turned exceedingly rich with disbelief. “Are… Are you Wu Siduo?”

The white tiger’s massive body stiffened in an apparent manner, but it harshly shouted in the very next moment, “who are you?”

Tang Wulin had only remembered this after he altered his outlook. A series of cracking sounds were heard from his bones as he became tall and stalwart once again. He wiped his hands on his face and revealed his original appearance.

When the gigantic white tiger saw his original appearance, its massive body abruptly stiffened. The four glowing soul rings on its body simultaneously dimmed. It involuntarily cried out, “Tang Wulin? Is…is that you?”

The white tiger stood up like a human as it was speaking and transformed back into the human form once again. Was this not the proud daughter of heaven Wu Siduo, who was bestowed with Hell Civet and White Tiger’s twin martial soul?

Upon seeing Wu Siduo, Tang Wulin felt as if he had been cut off from the outside world for ages.

From the day he joined Shrek academy, there had been all sorts of inevitable intersections between him and Wu Siduo. They were opponents. They competed continuously without stop. They were classmates too. They joined efforts and became the most powerful class in Shrek Academy.

Wu Siduo had let down her pride during Sea God’s Fated Date Festival and confessed her love for Tang Wulin, but she left in rage when she was rejected by Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin had not expected that one year after the Shrek Academy’s destruction, they would meet each other again at this very Sea God Lake.

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