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Shrek’s Spirit

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“Do you still remember Elder Li? The one who was always smiling when we first took part in the intake examination. Elder Li told us calmly at the time that we were still young and we were Shrek’s hope. He ordered us to remember Shrek’s traditions in our hearts and keep the glory and pride of everyone from Shrek in our minds.”

“It was the teachers. The teachers gave us the chance. They chose to sacrifice themselves without the slightest hesitation in that moment. They used the brilliance of their lives to illuminate us and used their own actions to show us Shrek’s spirit. They were truly glorious. They used their life flames to illuminate us and cleanse our hearts.”

“A total of two hundred and sixteen people managed to enter the shelter in time. There was only one teacher, Teacher Wu. The rest of the teachers didn’t make it to the shelter in time. They joined our schoolmates as they sank underground together and perished. They lived and died together with Shrek.”

Wu Siduo was already choking back tears at this point.

One minute. Yes! There was only one minute at the time.

Despite the terror of life and death, many people made the decision within that one minute. None of Shrek Academy’s teachers were cowards. None of them wanted to take a space in the shelter from the students when it was a matter of survival. If Wu Zhangkong had not been too young, Elder Li would not even have stopped him from sacrificing himself.

This was Shrek! This was the spirit of the number one academy under heaven.

Shrek’s teachers had used their glorious life flames to ignite the final dazzling radiance of Shrek Academy before it was destroyed.

Even for an outsider like Long Yuxue, she was already completely stunned just listening by the side.

This was truly Shrek! This was the legendary Shrek Academy!

All this while, all the seniors around her admired Shrek very much. Moreover, there was no lack of the academy’s graduates in the Blood God Army.

There was a time when Long Yuxue thought, ‘Isn’t it just an academy? So what if it’s powerful?’

Only at this point did she finally understand that Shrek Academy was more than just an academy. It was a kind of spirit.

Their history of twenty thousand years had not made the people from Shrek Academy lose this spirit, but instead, it continued to guide their decisions during this most crucial moment. This was Shrek and these were its heroes!

“Plop!” Tang Wulin slammed into the ground in the direction of the Sea God Island. He gave three heavy kowtows with tears streaming down his face.

Wu Siduo too followed along and knelt by his side. They looked to the Sea God Lake before themselves. They felt as if they were looking at the smiling faces of Shrek’s seniors once again.

Those strict teachers, those elders with high expectations of them, had already passed out of existence following the destruction of Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin could still clearly remember the Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai making things difficult for them back in the beginning. Yet, what of Elder Cai? As the president of Shrek Academy’s outer court, there was no doubt that she undertook the position as the main energy support of the protective shield on that day.

Those powerhouses of Shrek gave their lives to grant their students the opportunity to survive when they came to the juncture between life and death. They left with smiles on their faces knowing did not taint the glory of Shrek in the slightest.

They did not think of themselves as heroes but as qualified teachers doing their duty. They were only teachers who chose to sacrifice their lives to protect these students.

Shrek was an academy and they were the teachers. The responsibility of a teacher was precisely to teach and influence the students by words and deeds.Therefore, they used their actions as the final lesson for the students when the terror of life and death arrived. It was an incomparably heavy lesson of a lifetime that would certainly burn itself deeply into the minds of these students.

“Take me to them. Take me to Teacher Wu and everybody else,” said Tang Wulin to Wu Siduo by his side while sobbing.

Wu Siduo nodded strenuously. “Of course.”

She wiped the tears from her face and her gaze shifted toward Long Yuxue standing by the side. “Who is she?”

Tang Wulin replied, “She’s a comrade of mine in the army. You can trust her completely.”

Wu Siduo took a glance at Long Yuxue and realized that Long Yuxue was looking back at her. The two women gazed into the eyes of one another and sparks began to fly.

“Wulin, this is an important matter. We can’t allow outsiders. I’m sure you understand my intentions,” said Wu Siduo to Tang Wulin with all apparent seriousness.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he said to Long Yuxue, “Yuxue, why don’t you head back first?”

Long Yuxue did not reveal any dissatisfaction, but simply nodded. “Do return soon.” She then left, driving the car away just like an obedient housewife.

Wu Siduo looked at Tang Wulin with a slightly peculiar expression as she watched Long Yuxue drive off. She asked, “Is she your woman?”

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “Stop joking. We’re colleagues. You should know who I love.”

Wu Siduo rolled her eyes at him. “So how about her then? Why is she not by your side?”

The words made Tang Wulin’s body stiffen and he was struck speechless. He wished so badly that Gu Yuena could stay by his side! Yet, he could not even tell of her current location.

Astonished, Wu Siduo could not help asking upon witnessing his awkwardness, “Could it be that both of you aren’t together?”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh. “It’s hard to explain. We’ll get into that after we’ve met Teacher Wu first.” He was already growing impatient waiting to meet Wu Zhangkong.

Ever since Shrek Academy was destroyed, he had always thought that only he and his companions were Shrek’s final hope. It was only after he met Wu Siduo once again that he realized that there was a total of two hundred and sixteen people from the academy that survived. Perhaps there were no top grade powerhouses among them, but these were genuinely seeds of Shrek Academy! Moreover, Teacher Wu Zhangkong had lived.

“Follow me.” Wu Siduo did not ask anything more and led Tang Wulin down the path as he followed closely behind. They circled one side of the Sea God Lake.

After they had gone around one-third of the Sea God Lake, Wu Siduo waved her hand at Tang Wulin before diving straight into the water.

Tang Wulin was quick to catch up with her.

Wu Siduo swam in front like a mermaid. Tang Wulin could see her graceful figure even clearer in the water.

As Wu Siduo dove into the depths of the lake there was a faint light shimmering around her. It was apparent that her Hell Civet’s ability was blocking the radiation in the water.

This side of the lake had not been the center of the explosion, so the radiation was relatively weaker. However, there were still no signs of life here either.

Tang Wulin followed Wu Siduo all the way to the bottom of the lake. Wu Siduo’s body swayed and she stood firmly on the lakebed. She searched about for a moment before she softly pressed onto a spot. At once, there was a series of cracking sounds. A peculiar-looking metal door slowly arose with what appeared to be an air current surging out from the inside, preventing the water from entering it.

Wu Siduo waved her hand at Tang Wulin. The soul power on her body glowed brightly as she charged straight through the door.

Tang Wulin arrived by the side of the door. The water pressure here was very high, but it was nothing much for a person with Tang Wulin’s cultivation base.

Soon after, he followed behind her and charged into the door. The violent air current was blown out. Wu Siduo hit a button which made the metal door sink slowly. When it had closed completely, the air current stopped. There was not a drop of water inside the door.

The lighting here was a little dim. Soul lights hung on the wall to illuminate the place, but it maintained a low brightness.

Wu Siduo waved her hand at Tang Wulin as she led him deeper inside. Tang Wulin followed closely behind in a joyous mood.

The whole time, it felt as if they were walking downhill. As they continued, Tang Wulin could not contain his curiosity and asked, “Wu Siduo, how was this underground refuge built? How did it remain intact despite the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition’s explosive power?”

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