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The Life Seed

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Tang Wulin spoke with a slight helplessness, “I can only request the Life Seed to restore the Sea God Lake first. It informed me that the situation is not optimal, and the place is filled with destructive energy. Nonetheless, from the depths of misfortune comes bliss. It is capable of converting the destructive energy using its own life force. The energy consumption may be high, but the life force after the conversion will be more abundant and beneficial for it to take root and germinate. It will be even more powerful than before. Since its original foundation is here, and with the innate life force in the abundant water element around, this is the most suitable spot for it to take root once again.”

“It has instructed me to plant it in the deepest spot of the lake. The life force which it absorbed in the past is enough to sustain it for at least a year. We only need to replenish it with additional life force afterward. If we can’t acquire the life crystal or the Plane Seed, we can replenish it with other types of life force. However, I’m afraid that we’ll need to kill or resort to other methods to acquire these other life forces.”

The Damask Tulip spoke in all apparent seriousness, “We have other priorities. The Life Seed is vital to the safety of the entire continent, perhaps even the entire Douluo Planet. If the Life Seed were to wither, the entire planet will gradually wilt too. By then, I’m afraid it will result in the extinction of mankind. Thus, we must help it to take root and germinate so it can regain vitality regardless.”

“Alright, I shall then help the Life Seed to take root here first.” Tang Wulin nodded toward the Damask Tulip. He asked Long Yuxue to wait for him. He then leaped and dived into the water.

Long Yuxue was cursing under her breath upon watching Tang Wulin take a graceful dive into the lake. Her concern for him earlier was truly wasted as she did not expect him to be such an excellent swimmer.

How could she know that Tang Wulin grew up by the sea? He had been fighting the wind and waves ever since he was a young boy. Naturally, he was outstanding at swimming.

The destructive radiation in the icy lake assailed Tang Wulin’s body continuously but he was unaffected as he had already formed a connection with the life force.

A green-gold soul ring formed a faint green shield around his body to block the radiation from the outside.

Tang Wulin dived down all the way. He could obviously sense that the deeper he dived, the more intense the surrounding radiation was. He could only imagine how powerful the terrifying Godkiller fixed soul ammunition was back in the beginning. Even a god could not withstand such a destructive weapon! Did mankind not foresee the annihilation of themselves when they created such a weapon?

The Damask Tulip had already fused back into Tang Wulin’s body, but it was still unleashing its faint fragrance for Tang Wulin. Even though it was incapable of neutralizing the radiation, it was helpful in refreshing his mind and spirit.

The deeper Tang Wulin dived, the dimmer the surrounding light became. The Life Seed located in his mind guided him as he moved forward.

There were no living creatures in the Sea God Lake, so it felt eeriely still. The ambience was horrifying and the surroundings void. Tang Wulin’s dragon core beat strongly supplying him with adequate nutrients.

At the rank of a Soul Sage, Tang Wulin had exceeded mankind’s domain. Actually, it was not an issue for him to dive for a long period of time.

Tang Wulin continued swimming after diving hundreds of meters deep. Fortunately, he had the guidance of the Life Seed. Otherwise, it was not easy to look for the center of the lake.

Eventually, the Life Seed situated between his brows shook ever so slightly. Tang Wulin stopped soon after as he landed at the center of the lake’s bottom.

The surrounding water flowed strongly. Using his spiritual power, he observed that the radiation was filled with a destructive aura which was faint purple. It was fluctuating in tandem with the current. It would be difficult even for a water-type soul beast with a powerful life energy to survive at such a location.

The area between his brows felt itchy for a moment when it shot a stream of green radiance that landed on the bottom of the lake. Soon after, a silhouette bored out from the lakebed.

It was the silhouette of a green vine. Later, Tang Wulin felt a surge from the area between his brows toward the lakebed.

Tang Wulin immediately felt empty. The dragon core and soul core in his body pulsated intensely. He could not control himself from unleashing the purest energy from his body and infusing it into the vine.

The bottom of the lake began to transform. The deep lakebed gradually emitted a faint green radiance following the infusion of the Life Seed. The appearance of the green radiance immediately made the surrounding destructive energy surge. The destructive aura spontaneously rejected the appearance of the life force. Soon, a dark purple vortex formed around the spot where the Life Seed had taken root.

Despite the appearance of the dark purple vortex, the lakebed around the area had turned even greener. The faint purple wisps of energy was consumed under the silent influence of the life force.

As expected, the Life Seed had already begun to devour the destructive energy in the lake. Tang Wulin was overjoyed, so he spared no effort in infusing his soul power and relied on the pure dense energy generated through the Mysterious Heaven Method to replenish the Life Seed.

He was weakened gradually. It was precisely then that a peculiar scene appeared in the Sea God Lake.

The rich and dense water element began to fluctuate in Tang Wulin’s perception. It was initially a spot of condensed blue light in his spiritual perception. Later, it grew into a larger spot visible to the naked eyes before it surged into the Life Seed.

The nourishment from the water element made the Life Seed greener.

All of a sudden, the area between Tang Wulin’s brows shook once. He felt something had struggled free from his body. Soon after, the fifth green-gold soul ring on his body dimmed in a split second and turned illusory. The soul ring could seemingly disappear at any moment.

Meanwhile, the stretch of green in the middle of the lakebed suddenly turned translucent under Tang Wulin’s fixed gaze. It was like an enormous green jewel. In the depths of the jewel, a faint golden seed was pulsating mildly, akin to a beating heart, and was emitting an exceedingly dense life source.

Each time the life source spread outward, large amounts of destructive energy was devoured and absorbed from the surroundings. This, in turn, made the green even darker.

The process of taking root had succeeded!

Such a thought arose in Tang Wulin’s mind. He did not feel dejected because he could possibly lose his fifth soul skill. It was more meaningful for the Life Seed to take root. In fact, it was the critical step in rebuilding Shrek Academy. With the Life Seed’s influence, it was equal to planting the foundation and setting the core of Shrek Academy.

Just like how the Ancient Gold Tree guarded Shrek Academy, the Sea God Pavilion had not only allowed Shrek to produce more powerhouses, but it also acted as the final defense. Without the Gold Tree, Tang Wulin could not possibly be where he was now.

Because the life force on the continent was depleting progressively at the time, the Gold Tree was acting as an extension of the Life Seed. In addition, the awakening of the Nature Child in Tang Wulin had weakened him. Otherwise, he would have been able to protect more people.

Tang Wulin had always blamed himself for that. Perhaps, more people would have survived if not for him.

Thus, the emotions in his heart burst forth, akin to an oil blowout, when he watched the Life Seed taking root.

‘Pavilion Master, Grandteacher, Shrek Academy’s teachers, fellow comrades, and students. May the spirits of the deceased bless and protect me so that the Life Seed can germinate and bloom and our Shrek Academy can return to the continent once again.’

Tang Wulin pursed his lips tightly and clenched his fists subconsciously. He gazed fixedly upon the Life Seed as he calmly infused his energy into the seed. Despite the weakening sensation he felt, he did not pause for even the slightest moment.

The Life Seed was glowing brighter. Gradually, the top of the seed cracked. A tiny shoot sprouted from inside the seed and broke through the soil. It bored through the soil with a strong will, despite being surrounded by the destructive energy, and rippled in the water gracefully.

During the moment when it appeared, all the destructive energy within a hundred-meter range surged wildly toward the Life Seed.

Tang Wulin was startled. He wanted to intervene but he did not know how to stop it.

Meanwhile, a green radiance was emitted from the Life Seed. Upon contact with the green radiance, the destructive energy became a part of it. The green radiance then bored into the soil and channeled itself into the Life Seed’s root.

What was that? Life conversion? Was it trying to convert the destructive energy into a life force?

It had truly proven itself to be the Life Seed! It was growing at a rate that was visible to the naked eyes while absorbing the destructive energy. It took only a moment before it turned into a tree of about three meters in height. There were seven branches on the tree with seven leaves on each branch. It was translucent green and brimming with a dense life force.

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