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The Life Bloom

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‘It’s done! The process of taking root has succeeded.’

Tang Wulin felt a deep relief in his heart. He had been nourishing the Life Seed inside his body all this while. Even though it was vastly beneficial to him, he wanted the Life Seed to take root even more. The Life Seed represented the entire plane’s life force! Tang Wulin had this lingering fear when he thought about how he was almost devoured by the abyssal Sage King. If the Life Seed had been devoured at the time, the Douluo Continent plane was certain to be destroyed by the abyssal plane.

Currently, the Life Seed had taken root and germinated. Next, the focus would be how to make it grow stronger.

Tang Wulin was slightly relieved. He watched as the destructive energy in the surroundings gradually balanced by the Life Seed’s life force. The destructive energy was continually converted before being sent into the depths of the soil via the Life Seed’s roots. Tang Wulin was now ready to return to the surface.

Under ordinary circumstances, it was relatively easy to hold his breath for a long time. However, he had unleashed all the energy in his body at full blast to the Life Seed. In his weakened state, he could feel the suffocating pressure from the water which engulfed him.

Meanwhile, the branch at the uppermost position on the Life Seed suddenly moved. A moment later, a tiny flower bloomed on the branch. It was a golden flower. It transformed the surrounding lakewater into a stretch of golden radiance. The flower bud was in full bloom in the blink of an eye.

The peculiar scene stopped Tang Wulin in his tracks. Had the Life Seed flowered?

Before he could recover from his surprise, the golden petals suddenly separated from the flower bud and were dispersed. In the place of the flower, a golden fruit grew. The golden fruit flew straight toward Tang Wulin and exploded abruptly under his bewildered gaze. It transformed into a blob of golden liquid that flowed into his seven bodily orifices.

Immediately, Tang Wulin felt a gush of indescribable fragrance filling every corner of his entire body. The weakened sensation and lethargy from earlier were all gone instantly and he felt nourished and empowered, even feeling like he had sublimed. The final seven layers of the Golden Dragon King Seal seemed firmer.

What was that?

Tang Wulin stared in confusion at his skin that was turning translucent. A golden seed emerged silently whereby a golden fruit exploded in the next moment.

It appeared smaller than the original Life Seed, about a third of its size. In the next moment, it transformed into a stream of golden light which bored into the region between Tang Wulin’s brows before it vanished.

The void he felt, after the Life Seed’s departure, was gone. It was as if everything had returned to normal once again.

“Go, my child. You can pass on the life force to me anytime through the life connection. The resurgence of life depends on your strength now.”

A gush of warm energy transformed into a golden radiance which enveloped Tang Wulin’s body. He ascended slowly toward the surface of the lake.

Tang Wulin’s heart was filled with shock at present. Was that the Life Seed’s power? Was it capable of communicating with Tang Wulin now?

Just as he was about to say something to the Life Seed, the connection was broken. The newly-grown Life Tree’s glow appeared to be dimming following the disappearance of the fruit.

“Brother Damask, that was…”

Tang Wulin asked in puzzlement. On the other hand, the Damask Tulip was full of excitement and saying, “Psalm of Life, that was the Life Psalm! The Life Psalm of the Life Tree. Our choice to leave the Icefire Polarized Eyes together with you was simply the best choice of our lives. The Life Seed’s Life Psalm will bestow you with near invincibility. It’s going to completely sublime your life’s attributes to the ranks of a demigod, and it will grant you direct access to it.”

“I understand now. The Life Seed was worried that it would be incapable of surviving by itself. It was going to wither away without any adequate life force in the future. Thus, it produced a life fruit as your Life Psalm so that you can absorb the life force available between heaven and earth. The secondary seed in the life fruit will be the hope of the future. Even if the Life Seed withered, it’ll have the opportunity for resurrection through the secondary seed. The Life Seed has truly given so much thought to this. We’ll certainly help it to acquire the life force needed at all cost. When it has grown into a towering tree that reaches up to the sky, you’ll understand the significance of the Life Psalm then.”

Although Tang Wulin did not fully understand Damask Tulip, he knew what he needed to do now.

Undoubtedly, the Life Tree was still the life core of the entire Douluo Planet. Only by supplying it with an adequate life force, could it grow to provide the massive life energy to feed the planet and fill it with vitality and a life source.

Hence, he would need to provide adequate life force to the Life Seed so that it would not wither. Tang Wulin believed that when the Life Tree grew into the Ancient Gold Tree once again, he could rebuild Shrek Academy under the powerful protection of the tree.

He had finally taken a step toward the goal of rebuilding the academy. Moreover, it was a solid step.

Tang Wulin stuck his head out of the water to inhale some fresh air. He was rejuvenated at once. His heart was beating even stronger now from the nourishment of the Life Psalm. It was not derived from the dragon core nor the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s energy. On the contrary, it was an energy that completely belonged to himself.

Tang Wulin discovered that his heart had turned golden much to his surprise. Furthermore, the strength of his heartbeat was not that different from his dragon core. It was derived from the dense life force!

He was preparing to swim over to the shore. All of a sudden, an intense soul power fluctuation appeared within his spiritual perception. It came from the spot where Long Yuxue parked the car.

‘Huh? Did Yuxue encounter an enemy?’

Tang Wulin dared not slow down. He leaped out from the water immediately. Although he could not use his battle armor at present, he still had a Soul Sage’s cultivation base. He rushed over to the shore at full speed.

In the distance, he could already see the streams of a soul skill’s radiance shimmering being accompanied by soft calls. The soul power fluctuation was exceedingly intense.

Long Yuxue’s opponent was more powerful than she had imagined. She was already a six-ringed Soul Emperor and an elite from the Blood God Army. A soul master of equal rank could not possibly be her opponent.

Yet at this very moment, Long Yuxue was fighting against an apparently more powerful opponent. The opponent was akin to an illusion by her side who had an excellent attacking ability. Long Yuxue would certainly suffer some losses during their confrontation. If not for her impressive ice snow soul skill in controlling the situation at a low temperature together with the amplification of the water element from the Sea God Lake, she might already have lost.

“I’ll see how long you can hold out then.” A soft voice was heard from the illusory figure. Soon after, the figure suddenly condensed and transformed into a black cat. It pounced toward Long Yuxue at lightning speed. Its front claws suddenly enlarged while its body turned transparent to dodge Long Yuxue’s ice rifle. The enormous cat’s claw was before Long Yuxue in a split second. It then made a slapping motion toward her shoulder.

At present, Long Yuxue’s two-word battle armor was already unleashed. Judging from the strength of the cat’s claw, Long Yuxue’s battle armor might not be able to withstand a hit from the claw.

Out of nowhere, a gigantic figure flickering with golden radiance stepped in before Long Yuxue.

“Bang.” The cat’s claw slapped onto the golden figure ferociously. However, the golden figure barely swayed as he regained his stability. He had blocked the black cat’s attack akin to a protective shield.

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