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Close at Hand

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“You…” Long Yuxue looked embarrassed. “Who’s trying to get your attention? I… I’m just not good with water.” She had spent her life growing up in the mountains and did not know how to swim at all. When she saw Tang Wulin leaping into the lake and was did not hear from him again, she had forgotten this simple fact. She was so flustered that she leaped into the lake as well. She only remembered that she could not swim when she was in the lake. That was how she was found flailing in it.

She had also tried utilizing her soul power to struggle out of the lake however, water was not something solid. She struggled a lot but could not break free. She had swallowed quite a lot of water as well. The more she struggled, the more flustered she became.

Tang Wulin bitterly smiled. “Aren’t you a two-word battle armor master? Can you not just fly with your wings?”

“Uh…” Long Yuxue was stunned. He was right! She could have flown out of the water!

“I’m worried about your IQ, my dear co-captain.” Tang Wulin leaped with a helpless expression as he carried Long Yuxue in his arms. They flew out of the water and landed on the bank.

Long Yuxue’s clothes were drenched and they stuck tightly to her body, revealing her lithe and graceful figure. She was promptly embarrassed. “Don’t look at me. Turn around!”

Tang Wulin helplessly turned around. He began to ponder about Sea God Lake’s condition in his heart.

If he wanted to make a clarion call to rebuild the Shrek Academy, there was no other suitable location. This was the only place where the others would feel the strongest sense of belonging. However, the former Shrek Academy had turned into a body of water. It was no longer possible for him to rebuild Shrek Academy on its original address. The only way was to rebuild it on the banks. The cost incurred aside, the Sea God Lake’s water being imbued with radiation was a great problem in itself. If he could not solve this it, the surrounding waters would only be polluted by the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. How would he rebuild Shrek without a suitable source of water?

Tang Wulin had an idea as he thought about this issue. His body flickered with faint pink light and a figure appeared beside him. It was the Fragrance Damask Immortal.

“Brother Luo.” Tang Wulin nodded toward Damask Tulip.

Damask Tulip said, “I’ve felt the problem you’re facing and it’s really difficult to deal with it. The radiation in this water is very strong, and it seems that it’s even stronger in the depths. It’s left behind by the great explosion back then, right? Although I don’t know what the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition which you’ve thought about is, it’s definitely a terrifying existence. I reckon that the radiation here won’t dissipate even for a thousand years. If you want to live here, you must solve the problem regarding this radiation first.”

Tang Wulin asked, “Brother Luo, do you know of any way to clear this radiation? Your aura can contain all poison, will it work on this radiation?”

Damask Tulip shook his head. “I can’t. My aura can only detoxify toxins, while this radiation is a form of energy. This energy is very negative and is full of disruptive power. In other words, it is very destructive and has greatly exceeded my capabilities. However, even though I can’t, there’s still one who’s perfectly suitable to handle a situation like this.”

“Oh?” Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened. “Who’s that?”

Damask Tulip smiled faintly. “Far away on the horizon and yet near before one’s eyes!”

“Me?” Tang Wulin pointed at himself as he looked at Damask Tulip with disbelief. He could not understand why Damask Tulip had said that he could solve this problem.

Damask Tulip said, “Of course I’m not talking about you yourself, but the solution to the problem lies within you. Think about it, who has the ability to solve all environmental problems on the continent?”

Tang Wulin was smart. His eyes immediately lit up. “You’re talking about the Life Seed!”

It was the source of all life on Douluo Continent. Yes! If anyone could change the natural environment, it would be the Life Seed.

It was able to turn the snowy mountains into a grassland. This Sea God Lake was where it lived before this. Would it be able to fix this area as well?

When he thought about this, Tang Wulin silently utilized his spiritual power. He tried to communicate with the Life Seed which was being nurtured between his brows.

He must admit that a powerful spiritual power was of great help in many aspects. Very quickly, he felt the Life Seed’s aura.

A faint green light pattern appeared on his forehead and Tang Wulin’s seven soul rings also appeared. The fifth greenish golden soul ring flickered.

After he absorbed the Plane Seed from three monarchs of the abyssal plane, the Life Seed had clearly become more powerful. His Nature Child soul ring glowed and a dense life source was immediately released from Tang Wulin’s body.

The embarrassed Long Yuxue could not help gatting attracted by him as well. Since she was drenched in Sea God Lake’s water, the radiation had naturally invaded her body. She did not have a strong body like Tang Wulin. Even though she used her soul power to block the radiation, she still felt uncomfortable.

However, when Tang Wulin released such dense life source, she felt as if her entire person was filled with energy. She had to resist the urge to throw herself into Tang Wulin’s arms.

Tang Wulin silently attempted to communicate with the Life Seed. Soon after his expression became very unusual.

“How was it? The Life Seed must’ve given you some response, right?” Damask Tulip asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin nodded.

“Yes, you’re right. The Life Seed can solve the problem here, but if we want to resolve the immense amount of destructive power here, we will need an equal amount of life force to cancel it out. The destructive aura from two godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions is too dense. It’s not easy to nullify it. The Life Seed needs more life force to do it. Also, the foundation of its source is located here. It’s willing to set down roots and live here.”

“How can we supply it with enough life force?” As a plant-type soul beast, Damask Tulip was very familiar with the Life Seed’s level of life force. The life force needed by the Life Seed could not simply be supplied by some simple living organisms.

Tang Wulin bitterly smiled and said, “We need an immense amount of life force. For example, the Plane Seed of the abyssal plane’s monarchs that we killed before. Other than that there are some beings with extremely dense life energy on the continent. The life crystals in the middle of Great Star Dou Forest. However, that place seems off-limits for us.”

Hearing these words Damask Tulip’s expression changed as well. Whether it was the abyssal plane or Great Star Dou Forest’s central region, they were not locations which they could easily enter. The danger levels of both places were also similarly high.

This was especially true for the abyssal plane. Without a doubt, the abyss’s Sage King was very wary of Tang Wulin. Once he set foot on the abyssal plane, it would not be any different from a sheep walking into a tiger’s den. He would most certainly die from the experience. Even if he had a few Limit Douluos accompanying him into the abyss, it would not be enough. After all the abyss’s Sage King was the lord of the entire abyssal plane.

As for the dangers of the Great Star Dou Forest’s central region, there was almost no need to compare it. What kind of place was that? It was said that the few remaining great soul beasts of the world resided there.

Those fierce beasts had stubbornly survived even in this era where mankind’s soul technology had advanced to great levels, and they were not captured or killed by Spirit Pagoda either, so the level of their strength was imaginable. They were not beings with whom the Damask Tulip and the other plant-type soul beasts could be compared to. There was a high probability that they would lose their lives if they went in there.

It was said that the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King, which was also known as the Beast God, was in deep slumber in the central region of the Great Star Dou Forest. It was specifically because of this terrifying soul beast’s existence, whose cultivation base was close to million years, that the soul beasts of Great Star Dou Forest still existed to this day.

“What do we do now?” Damask Tulip asked Tang Wulin.

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