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I Am the Dragon Slaying Saber

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“That’s because you are my king.” He could not help but smile bitterly as he said this.

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “I don’t understand.”

Sima Jinchi smiled wryly. “I don’t understand either. All this while, I thought that I was richly endowed by nature. That’s why I possessed a martial soul as powerful as the Dragon Slaying Saber and was able to stand on my own two feet in the soul masters’ realm. I have a secret within me. In truth, I have never harmonized with any spirit souls before this. Every soul ring that I have appeared on me of its own accord each time I achieved a breakthrough. That’s why I thought that I was so naturally gifted. But today, I finally understood why I am who I am.”

When he said this, his eyes flickered with complicated emotions. “It’s because I was never human in the first place.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at him in astonishment. “Not human?”

Sima Jinchi closed his eyes in pain. An improvement in his cultivation base was supposed to be a momentous occasion for him. After all, he had stagnated at eight rings for far too long. However, when he actually achieved the breakthrough, he regretted it. He would rather have stayed as he was before forever. This was because if that had been the case, at least he would not have learned about some things that he regretted knowing, such as the fact that he was not human.

However, it was too late now. He had already achieved the breakthrough. After he had broken through, he naturally found out about everything.

In truth, if he had not bumped into Tang Wulin, he might not have been able to achieve another breakthrough for the rest of his life. He would never have reached a nine-ringed Title Douluo’s rank. The breakthrough he achieved today was more of a combination of fate and luck. This good fortune was brought to him by Tang Wulin.

“I am the Dragon Slaying Saber,” Sima Jinchi said bitterly.

Tang Wulin was puzzled as he asked, “What do you mean? You’re the Dragon Slaying Saber?”

Sima Jinchi replied, “Yes. I’m not human. I’m the Dragon Slaying Saber. You can also say that I’m the Dragon Slaying Saber’s Sabersoul. You also saw what happened just now. The Dragon Slaying Saber is a divine weapon created by the Dragon God with his own horn. It’s the power saber of the Dragon Clan. It was used to enforce laws upon the clan. Every Dragon Clansmen would face the consequences brought by the Dragon Slaying Saber after they committed a wrong.”

“When I merged with the Dragon Slaying Saber just now, I received a huge amount of information in my mind. The will of the Dragon God which was left within the Dragon Slaying Saber had conveyed this knowledge to me. That made me understand a lot of things, things which I’m about to tell you.”

Tang Wulin stared at him in shock. His heart was filled with curiosity. “What did the Dragon God tell you?”

Sima Jinchi replied with a deep voice, “A great change took place in the Divine Realm. The Dragon God led the divine beasts and fought fiercely with the deities. In the end, the soul beasts lost miserably. However, the Dragon God had only understood in the final moments that he was framed by parties who intentionally cast a bone between them. The Dragon King was initially the king of all divine beasts. In the Divine Realm, it was one of the most powerful beings. When it was one-on-one, even the Five Great God Kings of the Divine Realm Committee could not be compared to him.

“However, because of his incredible strength, the Dragon God had his own pride. Later, he was framed by some party with ulterior motives who caused a conflict between the divine beasts and the deities. This resulted in the Dragon King leading the divine beasts in a fierce fight against the Divine Realm’s deities. That was a huge mistake. The human deities outnumbered them and were more powerful. In the end, the Dragon King fell in battle. He only realized the truth behind the situation just before he died. The Dragon God was the most powerful deity in the Divine Realm after all. Even though he fell in battle, he didn’t die completely. His strength was divided into two, which turned into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. By that time, he was already full of regret. His pride started a war that should never have been fought. It even resulted in the decline of the divine beasts’ line and the Dragon Clan. Before he died, he threw the Dragon Clan’s power saber. Carrying his final memories, it reached the Douluo Continent and was in a deep slumber for many years. Eventually, the saber’s own power was revived. After his aura appeared on the Douluo Continent, the Dragon Clan’s power saber started awakening. In the end, it took the form of an orphan child. That orphan was me.”

After he heard Sima Jinchi’s words, many thoughts rose in Tang Wulin’s heart. ‘The Dragon God’s aura…could that be me?’

Sima Jinchi continued, “I was adopted by my foster parents and the Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul awakened when I was six. I was filled with soul power from birth. Soon enough, I was showered with attention and my cultivation base improved smoothly. With my powerful Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul, I overcame many obstacles. Other people required soul spirits to improve their soul skills, but I never needed them. As long as I achieved a breakthrough in my cultivation base, my soul skills would be created naturally. This has always been my greatest advantage.”

“When my soul power reached rank-89, I couldn’t raise it any higher no matter what I did. By that time, I was already in the Southern Army Corps. I kept sparring with the others because I wanted to improve my fighting skills. However, although I did improve in actual combat ability, my cultivation base remained stagnant. That was until I met you.”

Although everything Sima Jinchi said was unbelievable, Tang Wulin still believed him. It was just like the emergence of the Golden Dragon King bloodline in him. Was there anything impossible with Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber?

“I’ve finally achieved a breakthrough today, but I really didn’t want this. It’s because I finally understood, after I achieved this breakthrough, that I’m only the Sabersoul born of the Dragon Clan’s power saber. It was because you have the Dragon God’s aura on you that my cultivation base improved. I knew all of this when I broke through to the Title Douluo rank. So, you’re my king, and I’m your Dragon Clan’s power saber, the Dragon Slayer.”

When he finished, Sima Jinchi heaved a long sigh. His heart could not help but plummet.

He was formed from a dragon’s horn. He was just like Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear. Like the Golden Dragon King’s rib, he was also a divine weapon. He obtained intelligence and transformed into a human. Naturally, he was already used to his human identity, and he had hoped that he was a real human!

However, it seemed all of that was impossible now. He was no longer human. He was only a Sabersoul and a Sabersoul with a master, at that.

“Big brother Sima, I don’t know how I should go about advising you right now, but I must tell you this. I have many questions about myself as well. Since you came clean with me, I have nothing to hide from you.” Tang Wulin looked at Sima Jinchi with earnest eyes.

Under the guidance of the Old Demons of the Demon Island, he knew very well how he should deal with his relationships with different kinds of people.

Sima Jinchi had just achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation base. However, when he found out that he was not human but the Dragon Slaying Saber, he felt as if all his hopes had been dashed to pieces. If this feeling of his persisted, he would very likely plunge into depression.

Tang Wulin felt as if the two of them were plagued by the same problems. Just as Sima Jinchi’s fate had always been controlled by the Dragon Slaying Saber, he was also very much controlled by his own Golden Dragon King bloodline.

If he did not have his Golden Dragon King bloodline, he would not be who he was today, nor would he possess the strength he had now. However, the Golden Dragon King had also given him many responsibilities and exposed him to many dangers.

Sima Jinchi looked at Tang Wulin with confusion. He was also curious about Tang Wulin. Could it be that this fellow was really the reincarnation of the Dragon God?

Tang Wulin could tell what he was thinking. He shook his head lightly toward him and said, “Firstly, I’m no Dragon God incarnate, and I’m not the Dragon God. I think that the Dragon God is truly dead. I’ve even seen his bones.”

When he said this, Tang Wulin could not help but flash back to everything he saw in the Dragon Valley. In the end, although the Dragon God’s bones had disappeared, he was sure that the Dragon Clan’s graveyard was most probably where the Dragon God breathed his last breath.”

“I’m just an ordinary human. But, unlike you, I have parents. I’m not an orphan. When I was little, I was very ordinary. When my martial soul awakened at the age of six, it was the good-for-nothing Bluesilver Grass. Back then, I genuinely thought that I could never become a soul master or a powerful mecha master that I dreamed of. The only fortunate thing was that, with my martial soul’s awakening, my soul power appeared.”

“Back then, even my parents thought that it was impossible for me to become a soul master. But I was stubborn and I decided to give it a try. I started learning how to forge when I was six. That was quite a bitter experience. The only reason I studied forging was so that I could earn some money and buy the cheapest soul spirit for myself when my soul power cultivation base reached rank-10.”

When Tang Wulin said these things, Sima Jinchi’s expression changed as well. What he saw was only a powerful Golden Dragon King, the Golden Dragon King who won every match in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge.

However, he never expected that Tang Wulin had such a past. Compared to his own, it seemed that Tang Wulin’s path of cultivation was much more difficult.

“Can you imagine? When I poured all my energy and heart to work hard and finally earned enough money, I bought a defective spirit soul.”

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