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Saber God Douluo

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Even though many years had passed since then, when Tang Wulin thought back to that scene, he could not help but feel bitterness in his heart.

“Three years, for three whole years, I had been working hard on my forging. The calluses on my hands grew thicker and thicker. Blisters formed and flattened. Finally, I had enough money. However, what it got me was a defective spirit soul. I cried pathetically that day. Nobody could have comforted me. I was thinking back then, why were the heavens so unfair to me? Why did the worst situations always happen to me?”

“I cried through the pain. In the end, I chose to fuse with it. Even if it was a defective spirit soul, I wouldn’t give up. I wanted to become a soul master and work hard to become an expert. Even if I failed in the end, I’d have no regrets.”

“Then, I fused with my first spirit soul. It was weak, and the soul skill it gave me was also feeble. But from that day on, I was finally a true soul master.”

“Then, I suddenly discovered that another power had emerged within me. I had a dream. I dreamed that there were eighteen layers of seals within my body. Every seal contained a formidable power. When the first seal was broken, the energy contained within the seal merged with my body. When that happened, it was so excruciating that I wished I was dead. My body nearly exploded from the pain. Eventually, I outlasted it and it felt as if my bones had been reshaped. I was stronger than the others, and I now had my own special abilities.”

“I only found out much later that that was a power from the Golden Dragon King bloodline. The eighteen seals in my body seemed to be sealing the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power within me. When the Dragon God was slain in the Divine Realm all those years ago, it had transformed into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King. It seems that I have the Golden Dragon King’s power. I don’t know why it’s in me, but it helped make me powerful. However, it’s also threatening my life at the same time.”

“Each of the Golden Dragon King’s seals contained power that was more awesome and more immense than the one before. Every fusion process was like a trial of life and death for me. Behind the incredible power was the terrifying probability that I’ll crumble. I face the threat of death at any time. Till now, there are still many seals that I haven’t broken through. The more advanced the seal, the greater the sense of danger it gave me. Maybe one day, my body will explode when I can’t withstand it.”

“To be where we are now, we’ve put in a lot of effort. Everyone has their own problems. So what if you found out that you’re the Dragon Slaying Saber’s Sabersoul? You’re still a human. How different are you from other humans? You’re not. You’ve also cultivated like a human, and you have a human’s body. At least, you’re not like me, who’s under the constant threat of death from the seals. I think at most, we’re only under the influence of the Dragon God. We’re comrades sharing the same fate. We don’t have a master and tool relationship. That’s why, big brother Sima, please don’t address me as Your Majesty anymore. I’m no king. I’m also a benefactor of the Dragon God’s power. Or maybe I’m the sacrificial lamb.”

“Since we have such great power, we must put this power to good use and do what we want to do. As long as we’re true to the world and our own hearts, is the origin of our powers really that important?”

When Tang Wulin said these words, he locked eyes with Sima Jinchi. Every word of his was filled with sincerity.

When he heard his words, Sima Jinchi’s expression also changed gradually.

Regarding Tang Wulin, he was slightly aware of his experiences. He could not deny that the hardships Tang Wulin had experienced and faced were much worse than his own. If Tang Wulin had made it here, step after arduous step, there was no reason that he could not survive this ordeal.

“I’ve been too obsessed with outer appearances. It’s true that the breakthrough gave me a lot of information.” Sima Jinchi sighed. “You’re right. It doesn’t matter where our powers come from. If we regard ourselves as humans, then we are humans. Let’s just do whatever we want to do. The only thing is, I don’t think it’s possible for me not to address you as Your Majesty. The Dragon Slaying Saber is a power saber, and the first thing it has to do is to interrogate its own heart. If I don’t respect the power of the Dragon God that created me, then my cultivation base will surely diminish. I might even lose my life.”

Tang Wulin answered, “Big brother Sima, you better not lie to me!”

Sima Jinchi said with a smile, “Your Majesty, you’re also too concerned with outer appearances. It’s just a form of address, so you shouldn’t be bothered too much. Alright, I’ve come round. At least I’ve already broken through to nine rings and become a Title Douluo. I want to give myself a nice name. I can’t be like that shameless bald guy and call myself the Body Douluo. He’s not even the Body Sect’s sect master yet. Haven’t you accomplished cultivating the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique as well?”

Tang Wulin laughed hysterically and said, “The seat of the future Body Sect’s sect master will surely be senior disciple brother’s. Currently, he’s the only one who has cultivated the Innate Secret Technique. He deserves the name the Body Douluo. Big brother Sima, what Douluo do you plan on calling yourself?”

Sima Jinchi thought about it and said, “What do you think of the name ‘the Saber God Douluo’?”

The edge of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched. ‘You just said that A Ruheng was shameless, but I think this title of yours is even worse! Is the name Saber God given by oneself?’

Sima Jinchi chuckled. “Don’t think of me as being too full of myself. Although I’m none too pleased knowing that I’m the Dragon Slaying Saber, it was precisely because of that that I felt a trace of the Saber God’s realm when I had my breakthrough just now. Also, I’ve only just found out that there is a Saber God among Sabersouls. That’s a power which is at the doorstep of godliness. Once I successfully cultivate the Saber God, I’ll have the power to become a god. Alas, the Divine Realm is not around anymore. Otherwise, I might have been the first person to actually become a god after all these years. Muahahaha!”

Tang Wulin was suddenly having second thoughts, having noticed that Sima Jinchi’s simple-mindedness had far exceeded his expectations. He reckoned that even without his comforting, he would have recovered from his depression soon enough. This fellow was not the sentimental kind.

“Alright, we’ll call you the Saber God Douluo then,” said Tang Wulin helplessly.

Sima Jinchi laughed. “I’ll tell that bald man right away. The Saber God Douluo Sima Jinchi. It sounds grander than his Body Douluo A Ruheng. Hahahaha.”

Tang Wulin was momentarily speechless. “Big brother Sima, please don’t leave just yet. You’ve just obtained your ninth soul ring. What’s its soul skill? I’m very curious about what kind of soul skill that golden soul ring brought you.”

When Sima Jinchi heard this question, he had an unusual expression. “Actually, this soul skill isn’t mine, but the Dragon God’s. That’s why I can’t actually unleash it. It must be used by you. But I can feel that your cultivation base is still insufficient for now. You can only unleash this ninth soul skill of mine after your cultivation base has broken through the rank of Title Douluo. Of course, even before then, our martial soul fusion skills will certainly be more powerful than before. From this day onward, I’m your Dragon Clan power saber. When we fuse, you should be able to unleash some Dragon God power.”

The Dragon Clan’s power saber, the Dragon Slayer!

To be honest, Tang Wulin was still more or less against the notion of the martial soul fusion skill between Sima Jinchi and himself. Maybe it was because his martial soul fusion skill with Gu Yuena was so beautiful. Fortunately, they did not have to hug to unleash their martial soul fusion skill. Otherwise, he would have preferred that this martial soul fusion skill had not existed in the first place!

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