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Your Majesty?

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Tang Wulin’s also felt that something had changed. The connection between the Dragon Slaying Saber and himself was clearly much stronger than before. He had no idea why he felt so. At this moment, the Dragon Slaying Saber seemed to have become a part of himself.

The golden glow had persisted in the air for ten full minutes. The dragon marks on the surface of the huge Dragon Slaying Saber started disappearing. It formed a golden beam of light that descended and embedded itself into the ground.

The golden light dimmed and the Dragon Slaying Saber began distorting. It transformed back into a human figure.

When Tang Wulin and A Ruheng saw this figure their pupils could not help contracting.

This… Was this still Sima Jinchi?

He was big, tall, and stalwart. He could have passed as the core of heaven and earth as he stood there. He seemed to be a dozen years younger compared to the old Sima Jinchi. His outer appearance suggested that he was in his thirties. His copper-tan skin flickered with a faint golden light. His long golden mane fell loosely by the sides of his head. His looks resembled that of an impetuous child who had just arrived at school. His pupils were vertical and nobody had noticed when this change had occurred.

The muscles on his body screamed strength and beauty. His aura was now contained and not sharp like a saber as it was before. Nine soul rings rose from beneath his feet and circled around his body. Among them, the ninth soul ring was the most striking. It was an impressive-looking golden soul ring. The other eight soul rings paled in comparison before it. They seemed to be there to serve as a contrast.

“Sima, I say you’ve grown handsome! What was this? You can breakthrough in this way as well?” A Ruheng could not help himself and said with envy.

Sima Jinchi did not reply to him. He only raised his head to look towards Tang Wulin. A complicated glow flickered in his eyes. After a few seconds, he walked up to Tang Wulin and fell onto one knee as he reverently said, “Your Majesty.”

Tang Wulin was startled. He hastily leaped to the side. “Big brother Sima! what’re you doing?”

He knew how proud of a person Sima Jinchi was. Tang Wulin was surprised when Sima Jinchi addressed him as such. What was happening?

Sima Jinchi reverently said. “Your Majesty, there’s no need to evade. It was by your grace that I was able to come into this world in the first place. From this day on, I’ll be the power saber in your hands that cuts everything unjust, disloyal, and evil in this world.”

Tang Wulin was at a loss as well, but he could faintly feel that this was connected with the Dragon Clan’s mysteries that he had seen just before this. Sima Jinchi would have never out of the blue addressed him as ‘Your Majesty’. However, there was no doubt that he had broken through a nine-ringed cultivation base. He was already a powerful Title Douluo. He was definitely the most powerful among his rank.

When the power saber struck down, even with his level of confidence Tang Wulin could feel that he was no longer a match for Sima Jinchi.

“Hey, if you’re addressing my junior disciple brother as Your Majesty then I’m Your Majesty’s senior disciple brother. From now on, please address me as Your Majesty’s senior disciple brother.” A Ruheng huddled over while giggling.

Sima Jinchi stood up and shot him a glance. “Get lost.”

“F--k you! Do you think you’re great just because of a breakthrough that you are looking down on me now? Let me see what kind of ability you have gained after this breakthrough of yours!” A Ruheng laughed and hurled a punch at Sima Jinchi.

The two of them were used to fighting each other. They had never been on good terms with one another either. After A Ruheng broke through nine rings, his strength had always been a notch greater than Sima Jinchi’s. When he saw that Sima Jinchi had also broken through to nine rings, how could he not feel happy after seeing his prey?

Sima Jinchi moved quickly. He dropped his shoulder and rammed A Ruheng.

The instant A Ruheng’s fist collided with Sima Jinchi’s shoulder, he felt a sudden peculiar feeling. It was as if he had not punched a human, but a blade.

His Body Sect Innate Secret Technique erupted and A Ruheng’s fist suddenly enlarged. “Boom!” The two of them swiftly separated and retreated as quickly as lightning.

Nobody had gained the upper hand.

“Good! Again!” A Ruheng was excited from the fight. He suddenly drew a deep breath and his body instantly enlarged. He was already ten meters tall within the time it took him to draw a few breaths. His great bald head shone with a metallic luster. His nine soul rings rose and circled around him.

Forceful heartbeat sounds could be heard. His bloodline shook as he unleashed his Body Sect Innate Secret Technique’s Second Awakening.

Golden light flashed within Sima Jinchi’s vertical pupils. He took a step forward and there seemed to be illusory shadows of nine giant dragons flickering behind him. A great golden saber magnificently appeared. It was five times larger than his Dragon Slaying Saber. He wielded it with both hands and launched a strike.


Amidst the intense clashing sound, A Ruheng’s body flickered with golden light. He was surprisingly sent reeling from the impact. On the other hand, Sima Jinchi’s body swayed slightly and he staggered backward for only two steps.

“Good strike, again!” A Ruheng shouted. In the next instant, he shot back toward his opponent like a cannonball.

Tang Wulin had already retreated back to the side. He watched the two of them fighting and seemed to be lost in thought.

Sima Jinchi, who had broken through to nine rings was much more powerful now. In terms of age, Sima Jinchi was older than him and A Ruheng. He also looked old and had appeared to be in his forties before this. Not only did he look younger with this breakthrough, but his entire person was also different. Especially there seemed to be some remnants of the Dragon God’s aura on him.

This sensation was very strange to Tang Wulin. This was because he could clearly feel through this trace of aura that Sima Jinchi and his bloodline were somehow connected. It was as if Sima Jinchi was a part of his body.

This was not a familiarity that would arise between humans. It more closely resembled the feeling he felt with his Golden Dragon Spear.

This feeling was strange without question, but it undoubtedly existed.

Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber was too powerful. It was clear that he had achieved the Sabersoul and he might even be at the edges of a higher level.

Compared to Sima Jinchi, A Ruheng was at a disadvantage in their head-on collisions. However, he had his advantages as well. With the power of his Body Sect Innate Secret Technique, he had a body that was almost immortal. His body’s tenacity also allowed him to fight for prolonged periods of time.

Time and time again Sima Jinchi sent A Ruheng flying with every strike of his saber. However, A Ruheng continued charging over again. The two of them appeared to be equally matched.

Of course, neither of them had unleashed their own soul skills. Tang Wulin was more curious about Sima Jinchi’s ninth soul ring. What kind of effects did that golden soul ring possess?

Tang Wulin had heard of golden soul rings before. It was equivalent to a million years! It was clear that Sima Jinchi had not obtained that soul ring by hunting a soul beast. It seemed to have been brought to him by his Dragon Slaying Saber itself. How powerful was that soul ring of his?

If it truly was at the level of million years, then A Ruheng would not be able to block it as long as Sima Jinchi activates his soul skill.

Tang Wulin would also like to see what kind of effects this golden soul ring held.

However, the two of them exchanged blows with saber and fists for half a day, yet Sima Jinchi showed no signs of utilizing his soul skill. He particularly did not use his final soul skill.

“Let’s stop here. You’ve truly grown stronger. Not bad. I finally have an opponent for my future fights. Haha! Junior disciple brother, I don’t think it’s easy for you to defeat us now, right?” A Ruheng leaped out of the circle and shouted to vent his satisfaction.

A worthy opponent was difficult to come by. Sima Jinchi’s improvement in his cultivation base was a joyful event for him too.

Sima Jinchi retracted his Dragon Slaying Saber as well. His emotions seemed slightly down. It seemed that he was pondering over something. He even a bit seemed absent-minded.

“Big brother Sima, I’d like to talk to you in private,” Tang Wulin said to Sima Jinchi.

A Ruheng had clearly not witnessed the scene where Dragon God made an appearance. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to not have asked about it with his personality. Since the scene was only witnessed by Sima Jinchi and himself, they had to discuss it. During the fusion with the Dragon Slaying Saber in the final moments, Sima Jinchi clearly felt something. That was why he showed a change in attitude afterward. Tang Wulin was curious about what he felt.

“Okay!” Sima Jinchi agreed.

“What’s up with you two? Junior disciple brother, don’t tell me that you’re swinging the other way after he’s become this handsome? Hahaha!” A Ruheng said.

Sima Jinchi furiously glared at him. “Shut your filthy mouth! Nobody will think that you’re a mute if you keep your mouth shut!”

A Ruheng laughed and said, “Alright, alright. I too can see that you’re depressed? You guys can have your talk. I’ll take my leave.” He appeared to be rough around the edges, but he was also perceptive in his own way. He did not ask much as he strode away.

Only Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi were left in the gymnasium.

“Big brother Sima, you too saw the Dragon God just now, didn’t you? Why’re you addressing me as Your Majesty?” Tang Wulin asked.

Sima Jinchi’s gaze was clearly complicated. He looked at Tang Wulin before he looked down at himself and sighed.

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