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The Solemn Saber

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After sparring against Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber advanced by leaps and bounds. It advanced so quickly and was still improving almost every day but he also could feel the relationship between his Dragon Slaying Saber and Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear growing closer as well.

The Dragon Slaying Saber was accompanied by the terrifying saber tip that carried the power of a dragon, but Tang Wulin was calm and fearless when confronted by it. His eyes suddenly glowed brightly as his mouth opened and he shouted out aloud.

“Roar!” The enormous golden dragon’s head valiantly appeared. It felt like his body had already transformed into a golden dragon. The surging force produced by the fusion between Golden Dragon Roar and Dragon Might instantly shorten the hundred-meter saber tip by half. A stream of golden radiance appeared out of thin air following it. It flew towards the outside at lightning speed like a gracefully cruising dragon.

Thousands of dazzling golden radiance fused as one in a split second. The Pitch black saber’s tip pulled inward and brazenly collided with the golden spear’s head.

“Ding.” A crisp sound was heard. Deafening dragon’s roar echoed as an intense energy storm burst forth from the gymnasium.

Tang Wulin was already capable of perfectly utilizing the Thousand Accusing Fingers. Back then after the Star Dou Battle Network ended Tang Wulin had already conceived the awareness of Spearsoul. Upon fighting against the numerous powerhouses during the battle against the abyssal plane and with the blessings of Douluo Continent’s planar power, Tang Wulin already possessed Spearsoul and only then had he created two great divine skills King’s Path and Final Stake.

His spear technique was already attained and his Spearsoul was formed after sparring with A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi for the past few months.

Thousand Accusing Fingers was utilized with ease. Even though his aura had yet to achieve the terrifying state that could break the void like how Old Tang taught him in the past, he had definitely studied himself for truly comprehending the process.

Golden radiance pierced into the black saber tip. Dragon Slaying Saber burst out with continuously humming sounds. The black giant dragon that fused into the saber earlier was about to detach from Dragon Slaying Saber as the result of the tremor produced by the Thousand Accusing Finger’s Spearsoul.

Meanwhile, the black dragon’s blood-red eyes suddenly turned golden and the Dragon Slaying Saber’s aura changed drastically.

The divine weapon that was originally filled with bloody aura and evil energy suddenly calmed down. The primary evil energy dissipated in an instant and in its place was a form of indescribable and incomparable prestige.

Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi’s body shook simultaneously. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear gave out a loud and clear hum that was filled with excitement. It had transformed into a golden dragon as it spiraled its body around the Dragon Slaying Saber and stopped in the sky.

On the other hand, all the radiance on the surface of Dragon Slaying Saber suddenly dispersed and transformed into a stream of piercing golden radiance that surged upward. The saber blade enlarged again and conjured a peculiar scene right in the middle of Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi.

It was a giant dragon exuding nine-colored radiance from its entire body. Its aura made Sima Jinchi and Tang Wulin felt suffocated. It felt like it could suppress the world.

Sima Jinchi was almost worshipping in allegiance on the floor while Tang Wulin remained standing there. Other than the immense overbearingness he was also sensing an intimate feeling that was difficult to describe.

“Use thy horn as the blade of justice. Kill all the evil dragons and annihilate the unjust. The saber of Dragon Clan has risen today. With Heaven and Earth as a tribute! With the beginning of Heaven and genesis of the Earth!”

The nine-colored giant dragon shrank abruptly and transformed into a person dressed in a nine-colored robe with an unclear appearance. The golden giant sword landed in his palm as he suddenly cut towards the sky.

A stream of golden radiance surged skyward. The sky was instantly split into two halves. The first half had the sun, moon, and stars while the other was dark and dull.

Countless dragon roars echoed through heaven and earth as if there were thousands of dragons worshipping in respect.

‘Use thy horn as the blade of justice and be the origin of law! Thousands of dragons submit themselves to the ruler of justice!’

“Dragon God you’re acting recklessly! Do you wish to break the Divine Realm by cutting the Heavens?” A sharp voice suddenly resounded from all directions.

Following the voice, a stream of green shadow appeared out of thin air not too far away from the nine-colored silhouette. The voice sounded sharp and unusually unpleasant to one’s ears.

“This is an affair of my Dragon Clan. What does it have to do with you?” said the Dragon God.

The dark green shadow sneered. “Albeit you’re the king of the Dragon Clan, you’re also the elder of all beasts within the Divine Realm. You created a divine weapon for yourself with a dragon horn that can be regrown. What would happen if there are too many of these weapons in the Divine Realm? Do you wish to overturn it? The Divine Realm’s committee sent me over to warn you and ask you to control yourself.”

Dragon God burst out laughing vociferously. “I’m the master of all beasts, the king of the divine beasts. Who are you and how dare you order me around? The fellow Godkings will naturally consult me if there’s any instruction from the committee. It will never the turn of a rookie such as yourself to clamor before me. If you don’t leave, I shall use your blood as a sacrifice to my saber!”

“That’s audacious! Dragon God, don’t you ever regret that. I’m here as a representative of the Divine Realm committee.” The dark green silhouette seemed infuriated.

“You’re joking, right? Since when did the Divine Realm committee allow inferior Gods to order me? When has there been an occasion where a God King himself doesn’t communicate with me. Gods live peacefully with us divine beasts. It will never be your turn to raise provocation, you tiny monster. Scram!”

The Dragon God had only shouted aloud, but it was as if the dark green silhouette had experienced some form of irresistible and terrifying strength. It transformed into a stream of green radiance and instantly fled far away.

Soon after that, the Dragon God raised the giant golden saber in his hand. “Kill all that’s evil, all that lies, all that is disloyal.”

The nine-colored silhouette suddenly enlarged as if he was connecting heaven and earth. The giant golden sword in his hand was shimmering with dazzling radiance and transformed into endless brilliance.

Tang Wulin witnessed the scene in shock. There was no doubt that this was certainly a remnant projection of the Dragon Clan’s mysteries and also depicted the formation of Dragon Slaying Saber. When the nine-colored silhouette finally propped himself against heaven and earth, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that he could clearly see the person’s eyes.

Dragon God’s eyes were as clear water without the slightest bit of impurity. There was a myriad of phenomena in his eyes shimmering with nine-colored divine radiance.

So powerful!

Dragon God took a glance at Tang Wulin with profound meaning in his eyes. The shadows suddenly disintegrated and completely fused into the giant golden saber.

It was also at this very moment that Sima Jinchi who was worshipping on the ground suddenly straightened his upper body and roared into the sky.

Streams of golden radiance abruptly burst forth from his body. The dazzling radiance burst through his skin and seven bodily orifices. His entire body seemed to have already disintegrated with his skin continuously peeling off and clothes turning into powder leaving only his body that was glowing in dazzling golden color.

In the next moment, his entire person flew toward the sky as golden radiance shimmered.

In the sky, Dragon God’s silhouette vanished along with the scene of thousands of dragons worshipping, leaving behind only the golden silhouette that surged skyward and the gigantic golden Dragon Slaying Saber that fused as one.

The sky over the entire gymnasium was illuminated by dazzling brilliance as if a golden sun had suddenly appeared. Tang Wulin could obviously sense that under the illumination of the golden radiance something was added to his body.

Golden Dragon Spear continuously hummed within the tremors as if it was bitterly wailing in sorrow, but was also cheering in excitement. Its complicated emotions had also affected Tang Wulin’s mood.

He suddenly came to a realization in his heart. The great war between the deities of the Divine Realm and divine beasts led by Dragon God back then was not as simple as Tang Wulin had imagined. It was highly possible that something had happened behind the ordinary people’s knowledge. Otherwise, why would the divine beasts go against the entire Divine Realm? Only to become completely extinct in the end.

How many hidden truths were there?

A Ruheng was already stunned from witnessing the scene. He saw a different scene as he had not witnessed the appearance of the Dragon God. He saw the dazzling radiance that exploded after the collision between Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi followed by Dragon Slaying Saber enlarging in the sky. Then Sima Jinchi’s body surged out from the golden radiance as he transformed into a golden person that arose into the sky before fusing as one with the saber.

There was no doubt that this was the sign of a breakthrough. He had never heard before that such a situation would appear when a soul master makes a breakthrough. It felt as if Sima Jinchi offered himself as a sacrifice to fulfill the Dragon Slaying Saber.

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