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Tang Wulin was a top student from Shrek Academy. No one could surpass Shrek in their study of martial souls during their heyday.

Thus, the first idea that popped into his mind was of soul beasts which could cultivate to the beast rank before transforming into the human form. How were they capable of channeling the massive energy that was initially in their bodies upon transforming into the human form? Their bodies could still withstand the energy.

Undoubtedly, the Golden Dragon King was far more superior than these soul beasts, so it was naturally capable of transforming into the human form. When it transformed into a human, what was its physical composition?

With this idea in mind, Tang Wulin saw a gleam of hope. By using the Body Penetration method, he utilized it to strengthen his body’s endurance against the massive external force.

As a result, his bones were constantly tingling and transforming, while his flesh, blood, and meridians were improving under the silent influence of the process. He fine-tuned his body to perfection using the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique cultivation method.

He never expected the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to be so helpful. He could not have imagined the extent of its effect.

If the first layer of Body Penetration truly helped fine-tune his body, then it would allow his body’s ability to advance to another level.

He was already capable of launching the Golden Dragon avatar. When he transformed into the Golden Dragon King, he could familiarize himself with the Golden Dragon King’s body to figure out how the Golden Dragon King avatar stored and utilized its energy when he used the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to guide his cultivation. It was undoubtedly the most suitable method to modify his body.

Upon finding the path, Tang Wulin’s cultivation of the Innate Secret Technique was no longer the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique. It was now his very own technique.

A Ruheng felt depressed because Tang Wulin was capable of performing the Body Penetration, yet he did not appear to be in any pain at all. He even smiled occasionally.

‘This world’s truly unfair! Who’s he?’

Together, they stayed there for days.

Tang Wulin spent every morning forging. In the afternoon, he would be cultivating the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique, and at night sparring with A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi. His life was being enriched. Each week, Tang Wulin would gather the reports from the Blood Dragon Unit during their expedition to Heaven Dou City.

On her own initiative, Long Yuxue had made a trip to Shrek City’s former site. She brought back a few photos taken there along with some information.

At present, Shrek City had turned into a huge lake which was ten times larger than the previous lake. It included all the areas of the original Shrek City. It stretched as far as one’s eyes could see.

The government named it the Sea God Lake but not Shrek Lake. It was an obvious attempt to weaken Shrek Academy’s influence. Although it took more than a day or two, it was decided by all the great forces having the same thought. Besides, there was not much movement regarding the rebuilding of Shrek Academy after it was destroyed despite the opinions coming from all sides.

After all, Shrek was an academy regardless of how powerful it was in the past. The graduates had good memories of Shrek, although they had joined other forces upon graduation. They would need to consider the reaction from their forces despite their loyalty to Shrek. They were not allowed to express their feelings too much no matter how sad they were about Shrek’s loss.

Tang Wulin knew that one needed to appeal to the public if one wished to rebuild Shrek. Only by doing so, could he call out to all Shrek Academy’s graduates who were scattered throughout the continent. However, the person who made the public appeal would certainly become the target of all the great forces.


A melodious clash was heard. A streak of red-gold radiance surged skyward. The golden radiance shimmered and transformed into a giant dragon that spiraled in the sky for a long time. Finally, it transformed into a piece of battle armor which lay dormant on the forging table.

It was molten red and overlapping with scales. It appeared simply magnificent.

For unknown reasons, Tang Wulin found that he was getting drawn to magnificent-looking objects after the elevation in his cultivation base and growth of his Golden Dragon King Bloodline. Perhaps, he was affected by the Dragon Clan’s attributes. His entire battle armor was more stunning than ever before. Each dragon pattern was engraved with care and precision. By controlling his thoughts, there was no need for him to engrave the pattern himself. The Metalwater Harmonization would guide the alloy into completing the process.

Despite help from the Metalwater Harmonization, it was still difficult to complete fuse-forging six types of metals. The forging of the foundation metal was only considered completed after three whole months.

In the course of time, Tang Wulin helped A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi to complete fuse-forging their three-word battle armors. He had further strengthened their battle armors using the rare metal provided by the Blacksmith’s Association.

Although Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng were depressed over their sparring sessions with Tang Wulin during this period, they continued anyhow.

After all, the forging of the three-word battle armors in the Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters was beneficial for them.

“Little junior brother disciple, is it done?” A Ruheng had always been interested in the forging process. Thus, he frequently lingered around to watch whenever Tang Wulin was forging.

“Hmm, it’s finally completed. It only lacks the engravement of the core circuit.” Tang Wulin smiled as he was pleased after completing the forging process! The foundation of his three-word battle armor had taken form. He only lacked the core circuit. Naturally, he had no battle armor to use until he had it completed.

It was time to summon his comrades’ return. Everyone should have elevated themselves to the three-word battle armor level by now. He was done preparing everyone’s metal, so he could begin forging their battle armors upon their return.

By then, Yuanen Yehui and the rest could take over making the battle armors while he attended to other matters. It was time to begin the construction of the mecha for himself which had been planned a while back. The layout design had been perfected earlier. The only thing missing was the forging and construction of the mecha.

After all, he was not only a battle armor master but also an outstanding mecha master!

“Come, let’s have a spar. I don’t believe that your body’s strength is better than mine now that you’ve just completed Body Penetration.” Sima Jinchi sounded recalcitrant.

They were almost at par with Tang Wulin when they participated in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge back in the beginning. For the past few months, Tang Wulin’s elevation rate was truly amazing. Both A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi did not stand a chance when they sparred one-on-one with Tang Wulin. How could they not feel depressed because of this?

Nonetheless, a sparring session among the three of them was quite useful in improving their combat experience and awareness.

A Ruheng had achieved a breakthrough to the rank of a nine-ringed Title Douluo. His abilities had improved drastically. On the other hand, Sima Jinchi had yet to achieve any breakthrough, but his Dragon Slaying Saber’s power was elevated tremendously due to the constant stimulation from the Golden Dragon Spear. It was obvious that the martial soul fusion skill of Tang Wulin had improved as well.

Sima Jinchi suffered silently and had to admit it no matter how reluctant he was.

The Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters had a massive underground gymnasium which was used to test all sorts of weapons including the battle armors. Zhen Hua had granted the highest-level access to the gymnasium for Tang Wulin. The defense equipment here was much more powerful than the one in the Star Dou Battle Network. It was enough to withstand the collision of the Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses. However, it was limited to the three-word battle armor masters.

When Tang Wulin and A Ruheng arrived at the gymnasium, the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi was already there. He sat cross-legged in a corner with the Dragon Slaying Saber placed horizontally across his knees. The eight soul rings on his body moved in an up-and-down rhythm unleashing faint glows.

He opened his eyes upon sensing their presence. He looked toward Tang Wulin and A Ruheng as he suddenly shouted aloud, “Tang Wulin, take my saber.” The aura on his body rushed forth as he spoke. It appeared as a mighty storm which transformed into a gigantic black dragon.

The black dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws. Its blood-red eyes were filled with evil and had a terrifying aura. The giant dragon was ten meters long, but it felt like a hundred meters. A dense, darkness element fluctuation filled the entire gymnasium which made the lighting dim inside.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Slaying Saber across Sima Jinchi’s knees suddenly hummed. It soared upright. No one could tell which soul ring was shimmering on the saber. The giant black dragon suddenly gave out a sorrowful cry as it fused with the Dragon Slaying Saber akin to two rivers that merged and ran into the sea.

The Dragon Slaying Saber was as huge as before. Its pitch-black, smog-like saber tip shimmered in a split second as it appeared to be separating heaven from earth.

The saber’s consciousness condensed into the Sabersoul and came alive. It cut through the sky with its spear tip which was a hundred meters long as it slashed directly at Tang Wulin.

The Strength King A Ruheng had already leaped a distance away in a flash. He had lost count of the number of times such a scene had been repeated today.

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