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Are Innate Secret Techniques Very Easy?

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Between the intermittent illusory appearances, he was like the king of the dark night that shimmered and transformed continuously in the darkness.

He enjoyed soaring freely, shuttling through the void.

Finally, he had made a breakthrough at the end. Space could no longer constrain him. He had found the path that belonged to him.

He was going to become a space runner, or even a space guardian.

The daggers were nothing but a key that guided him in this world. His true martial soul was not the pair of daggers, for sure. He was the dragon of the space-time continuum. He was the master of overlapping shadows which would appear whenever space-time underwent violent changes. However, he was the loneliest among the dragons where he was once the shadow guardian of the Dragon God.

He was a shuttler, just an illusion. He was a person of countless changes.

In any event, there was the silhouette within his sight. It was an indomitable silhouette standing between heaven and earth. Even though he had already churned the void, she did not budge at all. It was as if she was becoming aware, transforming and sensing everything on the outside.

He did not make any opening moves at all, because she had not revealed the slightest flaw.

He could not approach her easily because of her ability to tear space apart. It seemed as if she had always been the nemesis in his life.

Ever since the previous incident, her Cloud Vortex Divine Punch had grown more terrifying. She had the ability to stir heaven and earth. The aura emitting from her body was even more terrifying as it grew darker. She exceeded far beyond her boundary once she zoned into her Fallen Angel state.

Hence, they maintained their current state. Neither made an opening move toward the other person.

They were truly familiar with each other such that both feared exposing their flaws to the other person.

Her lips cracked into a faint smile. He had truly become powerful upon achieving the seventh ring.

Streams of starlight, akin to meteors, descended from the sky and illuminated the body.

She stood there with the streams of starlight illuminating the long and slim Star Staff in her hands.

She had been here far too long and had lost count of time. She was only aware that she had already made a breakthrough to a seven-ring cultivation base. It felt like the stars in the sky were a part of her body. On the other hand, her body had since become the favorite child of starlight. She had no clue where the seven soul rings on her body came from.

At the moment when she made the breakthrough, she felt a gush of mighty force which descended from the sky with a peculiar roar emerging in her mind.

In her spiritual world, a creature with a lion-like head and a body formed from countless starlight appeared. It seemed like an illusion. It vanished silently after fusing with her body. She could not call out for it even if she wanted to. In the depths of her mind, there was only a vague idea of it having a deep sleep in her body.

The starlight was so moving. Every stream of starlight abided by its maxim. The observatory was specifically customized for her. Such magnificent starlight that continuously sublimed her body, spirit, and soul.

She was not aware when her Star Staff began to transform. It was no longer in a solid form but was condensed from starlight. It could be long or short. It could exist in any form or even be a part of her body. She was precisely a star.

“This is unscientific!”

A Ruheng sat on the ground in a daze. He kept muttering to himself, “This is unscientific, this is unscientific…”

“Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub!” A strong heartbeat was heard not far away from him.

A Ruheng turned his head to the side with some difficulty and saw Tang Wulin sitting by him. He had a mournful look as he continued mumbling, “This is unscientific, this is unscientific!”

He remembered vividly when he first taught the Body Secret Technique to Tang Wulin. He once told Tang Wulin that the toughest part of the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique was the first step known as Body Forging.

Body Forging involved tearing apart a person’s body completely before putting back the body parts using the finest method. The process required countless elixirs and extreme willpower.

Tang Wulin said that he would attempt it.

He then went ahead with the endeavor.

Today, three days later, he told A Ruheng that he had succeeded. It seemed he had already achieved Body Forging. A Ruheng refused to believe it. To convince him, Tang Wulin began to cultivate the Innate Secret Technique.

A Ruheng felt like he was brought back to the moment when he first walked out from hell back in the beginning. He listened to Tang Wulin’s valiant heartbeat which made his bloodline boil.

After years of torment, he had finally forged his body by taking the most important but also the most painful step in the Innate Secret Technique. He had lost count of the number of Body Sect’s seniors who had died during this step.

Surprisingly, his little junior brother disciple had only taken three days to achieve it. How was this possible? This was completely unscientific!

This was truly unscientific!

“There’s nothing unscientific about this. You must come to terms with reality,” said the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi with a schadenfreude expression.

Actually, he was not feeling any better than A Ruheng. All along, he had always assumed that his Dragon Slaying Saber was the most powerful soul tool in this world until the day he met Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear.

For the past three days, he sparred with Tang Wulin on countless occasions and finally grasped the nature of reality. In a manner of speaking, the Dragon Slaying Saber was just like the Golden Dragon Spear’s grindstone. Each collision made the Golden Dragon Spear even sharper. Although the Dragon Slaying Saber would similarly benefit from the situation, why did he always feel like worshipping Tang Wulin at the end of every sparring session?

As reluctant as he was to admit, he was well aware that the Dragon Slaying Saber was acknowledging its allegiance to the Golden Dragon Spear too.

Tang Wulin was completely immersed in the contemplation of the Innate Secret Technique at present. He had no choice but to admit that the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique was truly a method of creating power by seizing the sources of heaven and earth.

Its profound meaning defined the process as using the mighty forces between heaven and earth to penetrate, cleanse, and remold one’s body. The combination of the three processes were known as Body Forging.

Forging one’s body relied on the powers of heaven and earth to remold one’s golden body.

One could only imagine the agony of this process. Tang Wulin did not have access to the Body Sect’s numerous heaven and earth treasures, but he had the power of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline.

After absorbing the essence of the eleventh layer Golden Dragon King Seal, Tang Wulin acquired the bloodline power that surpassed the energy produced by the heaven and earth treasures gathered by the Body Sect over the centuries.

Thus, when Tang Wulin began to cultivate the Innate Secret Technique, his action was equal to using the Golden Dragon King’s body to sense the heaven and earth maxim to receive the heaven and earth powers to cleanse his body such that his body would be perfect.

Body Forging was divided into four levels: Body Penetration, Marrow Cleansing, Remolding, and the Golden Body. When these four levels were completed, one could proceed to the Body Sect’s third martial soul awakening.

A Ruheng spent decades to cultivate to the level of the Golden Body. Out of these four levels, Body Penetration was the most painful. Using the origin energy to penetrate one’s body was equal to tearing apart one’s body completely before putting them back together.

The latter three levels were painful as well, but at least, it could be endured unlike the first level.

Tang Wulin spent three days to complete Body Forging. He used the Body Sect’s secret technique to comprehend the process of cleansing and removing his body. During the process, he sensed some changes to his Golden Dragon King’s power.

He would need to endure immense pain every time he made a breakthrough in the Golden Dragon King Seal. The pain was precisely because his body was different from the Golden Dragon King. How could mankind possibly be the same as the Dragon Clan?

On the other hand, he had a wisp of understanding when he was engaged in Body Penetration using the heaven and earth powers. He sensed vaguely that some parts of his human body could conform to the Golden Dragon King’s body.

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