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Ashton’s p.o.v

“You should come to the club with us tomorrow”. Jayden said over the phone.

“I would love to but I have been really busy lately”. I told him.

“Tomorrow is Friday,dude when do you become this boring. This attitude is getting old,I wonder if you still remember the faces of those girls in the club. C’mon man let’s have fun”. He persuaded.

“I would try to come”. I assured him.

“You should come,don’t try to. We all know you are engaged but that doesn’t change anything right?”. He asked.

“Yes it doesn’t change anything”.

“Thank God you know you being engaged doesn’t matter, Victor is married too and he still comes with us for every outing. You aren’t any different okay? And you are not getting rid of us anytime soon”. He ranted.

“Okay. I am hanging up now”. I told him before ending the call.

Jayden rants alot,he was the chatterbox of our little group. I wouldn’t call us a group because we are friends,tight friends.

I met Jayden and the rest of the guys in college and we kinda hit off. The other guys are doing well too and I am glad I met business minded people like them,it helps my business too you know.

Jayden might be a chatterbox around us but he is also a genius in business and he doesn’t joke with his money. No one does anyways.

I poured myself another glass of scotch,I sipped a little before i heard the ding of the elevator.

I guess our antisocial kim was back already. Living with Kim haven’t been what I expected,before she packed in I was planning on frustrating her for the few months she would be here and sincerely i tried doing that,I even did a little of that but she wasn’t budging and she always ignored me sometimes we might not see each other for a day.

When I left for work she would still be asleep and whenever I get back she would have retired to her room. She was really keeping her distance and for no exact reason it infuriated me,other girls would have been glad to live in my house but she was just so different and I didn’t like how it made me feel one bit.

“Kim can you do us a favor and input the password. I think Ashton has changed it from the former one”. I heard my mom high pitched voice.

My mom was loud and infuriating no doubt and it usually frustrated me. I changed my password because this is my house and she can’t just keep barging in without my permission because she knows the password to the house. I wonder why she followed Kim to the house again,it is already late.

“I am sorry but I don’t know the password too”. Kim replied. Of course she doesn’t know it because she did not even ask me, Scott was always the one opening the door for her and she doesn’t bother to ask him about it.

“You mean you don’t know the password and you expect me to believe that. Come and input it please”. My mom pressed on.

I stood up from where I was sitting and went towards the door,I inputed the password and the door slide open to reveal a tired looking Kim,my angry mom and a smiling Julia. Freaking Julia? What was she doing here?

“Right Ashton,you changed your password without telling your mother about it right?”. My mom scolded frowning her face. She didn’t even wait to enter before scolding me. “Andrew take Kim bags in”. She instructed.

A huge guy that rarely talked to me went pass me inside the house after mumbling greetings. Julia,mom and Kim followed. I am very sure I saw Kim staggering.

I closed the door after them before facing them. What was Julia doing here?.

“Julia what are you doing here?”. I asked her frowning and she forced a sickly sweet smile at me. Did she think that was seductive in any way?

“Ashton that was rude. You didn’t even offer us a drink. We have been busy all day”. My mom came to her rescue.

I shook my head before going to get them a drink.

“Pour me a Scotch Ashton”. My mom called after me.

“I would take a Martini”. Julia said.

“I don’t have a Martini”. I shouted back and I was looking at the glass of Martini beside me.

“Pour me a Scotch too then”. She said again.


What am I? A barman.

I got their drinks and went back to the living room.

“Thank you so much Andrew” I heard Kim tell the muscular guy and surprisingly he smiled. Andrew f-----g smiled.

“My pleasure Kimberly”. He said and she smiled politely at him.

She was about to climb the stairs when mom interrupted her “Kimberly,don’t tell me you are going to bed now. Come have a drink with us”.

“I am sorry,I can’t. I am really tired. Thanks for today”. She said politely.

“I insist you wait a little. Be polite enough to wait till I am gone”. My mom insisted.

“I would be back,let me drop this bags off”. She said already on her way to her room.

“She is rude”. Julia said immediately she got out of our sight and I shot her a look.

“She is just tired”. I heard myself say.

“Right she is”. My mom said sarcastically “she didn’t even pick anything in the store,she was giving me a cold attitude and i don’t care either. She is just being lazy”. My mom said.

“She doesn’t like things like that. We all have different hobbies mom”. I said defending her.

“No she is impolite,why would she want to retire to bed when I am still around? She is low on etiquette I sincerely wondered what you see in a simple office girl without girly etiquette. Julia wouldn’t try something like this” she ranted on and I sighed loudly.

“Mom that is none of your business. It is my business and you should respect that”. I told her.

“Right your business? I am your mother and whatever concerns you concerns me. I thought I was the one that invited her for an outing and she rarely spoke to me. She was either busy with Millie or Andrew. Andrew of all people and I wonder what was so fascinating about Millie’s drawing that she gushed about”. Mom said again. Right I won’t hear the end of this.

“Aunt Rosa,she probably likes to talk to people of her class. Andrew is in her class” she said and her and my mom laughed mockingly.

And I got angry “Julia what are you doing here anyways?”.

She gasped after seeing the angry look on my face. “I followed your mom to pay you a visit”

“Yes and that is so sweet of Julia. She obviously cares about you and you don’t have to be rude”. Mom gushed

Kim walked In and she took a seat in the far end of the room. She already discarded the blue cloth for a pyjamas and her hair was a gorgeous mess on her head. She looked cute.

Snap out of it Ashton.

“What took you so long?”. My mom asked like it wasn’t obvious already.

“I took a shower”. She replied gently.

“That is not polite and it is rude. You don’t leave visitors waiting to do other things”. Mom scolded.

“I am sorry”. She apologized.

“And about your hair. Remember we agreed to reduce the length,we would do that next week Thursday. Julia would come along,she happens to know some cool salons .” Mom said and Kim scrunched her eyebrows.

“Are you cutting her hair?”. I asked out of curiosity.

“Yes Ash,it is too long and that’s not what is trending now”. My mom replied.

Julia and my mom talked about different things like they didn’t know it was late already. I wondered if Julia ever runs out of topics to talk about. Kim as usual ignored them and was engrossed on her phone.

“Mom it is getting late,you should be on your way”. I interrupted them when I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Are you chasing us?”. She retorted.

“No I am not. I am just worried about you getting home late,it is risky and there might be traffic”. I told her.

“Don’t worry about that Ashton. We can sleep here if it gets too late”. She suggested.

Mom sleep here with Julia? That’s impossible. Julia’s place is an hotel not my house. I rarely brought ladies to my house.

“No you can’t sleep here mom,it is….”

“Enough of your rants Ashton,don’t be rude to your mother. I wasn’t planning on staying here anyways”. She interrupted me frowning “Julia give him what you got him. Let’s be on our way”.

Julia smiled before dragging two shopping bags that i didn’t notice she brought with her before.

“What is that?”. I asked her because I clearly saw ‘victoria’s secret’ label on it.

What am I ? Gay?.

“Julia was nice enough to select few things for you when we went shopping. Isn’t that so sweet?”. My mom gushed.

“In a ladies store? I don’t wear ladies things. I am not a wimp”. I complained.

“Why don’t you check what is in the bag first and stop whining”. Mom said frowning.

I collected the bag from Julia who intentionally trailed her hands on my arm. Was she honestly trying to seduce?

I checked the bag,there was a pack of boxers,a pack of socks and another rainbow colored short. She even got me perfumes and candles.

I sniffed the perfumes,it was too girly “thank you. But this isn’t necessary and it isn’t my style”. I told her and her smile fell,mom frowned at me too and Kim chuckled loudly. We all turned to see her engrossed in whatever she was doing on the phone still oblivious of what was happening.

She stopped what she was doing when she noticed the room was quiet “I am sorry if I interrupted your discussion”. She said innocently.

Julia scoffed and she shot her a death glare,mom sighed before facing me and Kim paused whatever she was doing on her phone to listen to us.

“Ashton that was rude”. My mom scolded “Julia was thoughtful enough to get you this things,you should be glad she did”.

“And I thanked her didn’t I? I just said it wasn’t my style and it was not necessary”. I replied even though my mind was on whoever Kim was chatting with that made her laugh that way.

“What is your style then? Incase of next time” Julia asked. Doesn’t she knows when to stop?

“There should be no next time. I can get my personal stuffs myself”. I told her sternly.

“You don’t need to speak to Julia this way,she cares about you so much to think of you in a ladies store. Your fiancee was there and she didn’t even think of getting anything for you when it was like she was forced to get things for herself. And someone was thoughtful enough to get you things and you aren’t even grateful”. My mom ranted bringing the discussion back to Kim.

Kim was listening to her but she didn’t falter or argue with her like she was already used to her saying mean things and the conversation was just boring her out.

She probably knows girly things wasn’t my style or she simply didn’t care.

“Let’s be on our way Julia”. My mom said standing up “Ashton you shouldn’t be this rude. This girl has done nothing than to care for you all the time and you are always giving her a cold shoulder. All she wants is to be your friend”.

Julia my Friend? Julia doesn’t want my friendship,she wants my d--k.

“I don’t make friends mom and I think Julia and I are okay the way we are”. I told her.

“Then you guys can be more than friends. We both know office relationships don’t last long”. My mom muttered and I immediately understood what she meant.

“Ashton have lunch with me when you are free”. Julia suggested and i shot her a flat look.

“I won’t be free for lunch meetings”. I told her.

“Find a date Ashton and have lunch with the pretty lady”. She commanded strolling to the door with Julia on her trail. “Walk us out Kim. Would you be polite for once”. She said again startling Kim who was busy with her phone again.

Kim stood up following mom and Julia to the exit.

“Goodnight Mom”.

“Goodnight Ashton and think about what I told you”. She replied.

“Have a safe trip and a wonderful night”. Kim said with a tight smile.

“Yes we will”. Mom replied curtly.

“Goodnight Ashton”. Julia said licking her lips.

“Goodnight Julia”.

I watched them as they made their way to the car and I retired inside.

Kim was on the same couch still engrossed on whatever she was doing on her phone, chuckling again. I bet she didn’t even notice me,whoever she was chatting with must be d--n funny for her to be chuckling this way and it infuriated me.

“You don’t have to be so rude to my mom”. I told her desperately wanting her attention even if it means I have to annoy her.

“Rude? Was I rude to your mom?”. She asked me looking shocked.

“You are asking me that?you were so rude. I get it you never wanted to go out with her before but the least you could do was to be polite”. I told her.

“Believe me I was polite. Did she say I was rude to her because honestly I wasn’t”. She argued.

“Sure you weren’t”. I said sarcastically “you were rude and impolite. Yes, this is all a plan but the least you could have done was to make her like you but instead you f----d everything up as usual”.

“Did she tell you all this?”. She asked again.

“Like it isn’t so obvious”. I retorted

“I am grateful she told you all that. Because I don’t like her too,I think you guys are alike character wise. After all this is over I think you should settle with Julia because she is a good match for you and guess what,your mom adores her alot”. She said before walking past me.

My eyes trailed after her as she climbed the stairs and she was out of sight.

My mom is really infuriating and I believe I am not like her. She is worst or am i really like her?

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