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🌺Kim’s p.o.v🌺

“So doctor how is my dad doing?”. I asked the hot doctor.

I was presently in the hospital,my dad third chemotherapy is today. I wasn’t present for the second one because I followed Ashton’s mom to an unpleasant outing and thankfully we didn’t meet after that. My hair is still intact.

I was happy to be present for the third one because my dad would be happy to see a familiar face not just a bunch of doctors.

“He is doing surprisingly well”. The doctor told me smiling and that compelled me to smile.


“Yes,he is out of risk for now. Surprisingly the chemotherapy helped his lungs,his breathing is better than before but we are still trying to make it more better. Probably with more sections like this one he would get better and he would be able to breathe without difficulty”. He explained.

“That’s great news then. Thank you”. I told him sincerely.

“Yes it is. We didn’t expect his condition to get better after a month of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy helps him then and we probably know the way forward”. He elaborated.

“Yes the chemo helps him”. I looked over to my dad who was smiling gently at the doctor. That’s great,he was smiling without flinching in an unpleasant manner.

“We would continue the chemotherapy for six more months and see how his condition processes. Is it alright with you?”.

“Yes. That’s alright as long as he gets better”. I told the doctor.

“Excuse me then Kimberly”. He said smiling at me and I smiled back.

“Thank you doctor. Thank you very much”. I said as he nodded his head and walked past me.

This is great news. The greatest news I have heard in a while. Be alert cancer my dad is coming after you 😒

I strolled over to where he was,I exchanged pleasantries with the intern who volunteered to wheel him to the room.

“Thank you”. I told the young intern.

“My pleasure”. He replied smiling before leaving the room.

“There are nice doctors here”. I heard my dad say. He was talking well without the usual groans.

“Yes there are but the most important thing is that you are getting well”. I told him.

“I told you I would get well didn’t I?”

“Yes you did. Thank you”.

“For what?”. He asked confused.

“For not failing your promise and focusing on your chemotherapy”.

“No you shouldn’t thank Me. I should be the one thanking you. You never left my side,come and give me a hug”. He said opening his arms.

“Oh dad. You are still thin,you should eat more”. I said hugging him.

“I love you Kim so much”. He said

“I love you too dad,so so much”.

“Does this mean I would go home soon?”. He asked me immediately I took a seat beside him.

“You want to go home?”. I asked him

“Of course,this place is boring me to death”. He complained

“Then focus on getting more better and before you know you would be allowed to go home”

“Really?”. He asked.

“Yes,if you get more better and your breathing improves you would be allowed to go home”. I replied.

“Then I promise to get more better before you know it” he assured me.

“Fighting”. I said gesturing my fist to him (👊 for those of you who don’t know the meaning 😂)

“Fighting”. He replied,bumping his fist with mine.

And we both laughed loudly. This feels so good.


“Millie how are you doing?”. I asked her over the phone.

Since the unpleasant date with Ashton’s mother, Millie promised to call me and since then she have been calling me concerning the art auction. It have been a month and some weeks since the meeting with Rosa and me and Millie have gotten quite acquainted. I have attended the first part of the auction some weeks back and it was quite fun. I didn’t expect art to be this fun.

“I am good. How are you too?”. She asked me.

“Never been this good”. I replied.

She chuckled “did something happen?”.

“Yes. Something good happened. The doctor said my dad is getting better”. I told her.

“Oh that’s so good. I am so happy for your dad Kim. That must be such a good news”.

“Yes it is”. I gushed.

“I guess you would come for the main part of the auction then. Right Kimberly?”. She asked.

“I don’t know yet. When is it?”.

“This weekend,you can come over on Friday. My daughter would like to meet you before the main auction day. Remember she was at school during the preceding part of the auction”.

“Yes I know”.

“Say something please. Would you come over on Friday? If you can’t come on Friday. Saturday is still fine as long as my daughter meets you”.

“Saturday is fine Millie,I would be there”. I told her.

“You promise?”. She asked.

“Yes,I promise”. I told her “I am hanging up now”. I told her again because my stomach was already rumbling violently.

“Wait,one more thing”. She called out.

“Tell me please”.

“I need your help”.

“My help? Tell me please”. I persuaded.

“I need you to help me persuade Ashton”. She said.

“Persuade Ashton,why?”. I asked her.

“He already got the invitation but I am very sure he won’t attend it”. She said again.

“But you said he always attends it”.

“Yes I did say that” she paused. “But I am not sure he would attend this year’s own since his mom isn’t attending”.

“Why won’t he attend because his mom isn’t attending. Why won’t Rosa attend? She is your friend right?”.

“Yes she is. But she already said she has other things to do and she was the one that always persuaded Ashton to come but now she isn’t gonna attend it so I see no reason why she would persuade Ashton”.

“Why do you want Ashton to come anyways? He clearly doesn’t have interest in things like that”. I told her honestly.

She laughed loudly “you are really a novice in things like this. Are you that innocent? Ashton needs to come because he bids higher than other bidders and that is alot of money.”

“Do you really need that money?”. I asked her.

“Yes I do need it”. She paused “not for myself though. I sponsor an orphanage home and the money I make from this auction yearly is what I use to pay the workers and buy some of the essential things for the children there. And auctions like this needs Rich people like Ashton”. She laughed again.

“You sponsor an orphanage home?”. I asked her.

“Yes I do and it isn’t easy but I am happy to do it”.

“I find that sweet”. I told her.

“Thank you,that is why you need to persuade Ashton to attend, even if he won’t stay long he should at least be present for the bidding section” she told me.

“Do you think he would attend this year’s own. He seems to be so busy”. I told her.

“You just have to persuade Kim. He is your boyfriend isn’t he?”. She asked and I choked on spit.

“Yes he is. I would try my best but I can’t promise you”. I told her.

“Thank you so much. I always know you would always bring good luck to me”. She gushed.

Not so soon Millie,I am not so sure myself.

“Okay. I am hanging up now”.

“Bye. See you soon”. She said before ending the call.

I sighed before going to the fridge to find something to eat. Thankfully the housekeeper came over yesterday and there was alot of cooked food in the fridge. I took a plate and I scooped mashed potatoes before going to warm it up.

I ate and I washed the dishes singing happily,it have been long I sang songs that I liked. Since my dad’s illness I haven’t been myself but now that he was getting better,I was glad life was going back to normal excluding life with Ashton.

Ashton was infuriating no doubt,since the night of the outing with his mother he have kept his distance and he rarely talked to me not like he even talked to me before that day🙄.

He was always getting home late not like I cared anyways. The farther he stays away from me the better. In less than four months I would be outta here with no strings attached. I was going back home,by then my dad would have gotten much better. I would take him to places he wanted to go for vacation before cancer struck him and who knows I might open a bakery. Not in new york though,dad and I would go far away and who knows I might find my prince charming and not this rude a-----e I stay with and we would live happily ever after.

I slapped my chin…I was really day dreaming,let me get out of this place first then I would know what to do.

•right until the end can you say that again,I am sorry I just wanna make sure that I heard you•

I hummed Tatiana’s song,I love the girl so much,she sings meaningful songs.

I would probably wait for Ashton to get back from work before I can sleep today. I have to tell him about Millie’s auction so he would have time to think about it. Does he even think about anything? I wasn’t going to procrastinate because I might not get to see him till the auction day and Millie would not forgive me.

It wouldn’t hurt to wait for him,I went to the living room with a glass of water. I switched on the TV and browsed through my favourite channels. Thankfully there was a rerun of my favorite family show ‘ the Kardashians’.


I looked at the time,it was few minutes to ten in the night. Ashton was not back yet. It have been few hours since I sat to watch TV and I was slowly beginning to fall asleep. Millie should better pay me for this. Who knows Ashton might come back and decides not to talk to me, I hope he doesn’t do that.

I smiled thinking of my dad’s fast recovery,today have been a great day it wouldn’t hurt to wait for Ashton and talk to him about Millie’s auction. That is the least I can do for her.

I went to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. Probably my third,so I won’t sleep but I was still dozing. Coffee doesn’t stop me from sleeping like it does to others. I was a caffeine addict, coffee only calms me down and I still sleep peacefully after taking many cups of coffee.


After two more hours because I looked at the time well it was few minutes pass twelve midnight,I wanted to cry because I just wasted my time waiting when I could have been on my bed sleeping.

I heard the ding of the elevator to be honest I was not looking at the TV I was just looking at the clock ticking like a wife waiting for her husband. Ashton isn’t my husband and I am not his wife but that was how the situation looked like and it pissed me off the more.

I didn’t have a job but that doesn’t mean I should joke with my sleep. I heard the ding of the elevator and I stood up to prepare another cup of coffee to keep me alert if he eventually enters.

I was about to turn off the kettle when I heard hushed whispers. It was two different voice one was unmistakenly Ashton’s but the other voice was what I couldn’t decipher.

I concentrated on making my coffee when the door slide open. It revealed a wasted Ashton and a girl I haven’t met before. A freaking girl? The girl looked equally wasted and I couldn’t help but wonder how he managed to drive In this state.

He was probably at a club getting wasted while i stupidly waited for him to get back home. He wouldn’t remember anything I tell him in this state. This was probably a bad idea.

Let’s go…t…to…theeee…r..r..oom..b..Bebe”. The girl slurred.

“No here is perfect”. Ashton said sharply. Was he really drunk? Because he didn’t talk like someone that was drunk but he looked disorganized.

I hope it wasn’t what I was thinking?

I was fully engrossed in whatever there wanted to do when the coffee maker whistled and they both turned to look at where the noise came from. I am very sure the reaction on my face was priceless.

“W…ho…is…t…the…”. The bursty lady asked.

I was really hoping Ashton would snap back to his senses and stop whatever they were about to do. They should at least have some respect and do it elsewhere. This was not right.

“Just ignore her”. I heard Ashton Say and the lady unbuttoned the remaining button on his shirt.

Where they really about to have sex on the couch in my presence? The f-----g couch I just stood up from.

My brain told me to excuse myself but I wanted to satisfy my curiosity.

They undressed each other and the lady was left in her bra and thong and she was about to drag Ashton’s trousers when I decided i couldn’t look at the scene anymore. Whatever was about to happen wasn’t in my place to watch.

I turned and went off to my room,before I got to my room I already heard them moaning and when I closed my door it got louder. This probably was the last nail on the coffin, Ashton is not the type of guy a lady should fall for,he is an a-----e.

Whether this whole thing was a deal or not there should be a little respect. The fact that he saw me standing there and he couldn’t have the decency to go and do that elsewhere shows how much of a jerk he is.

I felt hurt,I didn’t know why. I felt hurt because no lady deserves to be disrespected this way including me.

The day later ended on a sad note and I couldn’t unsee what I already saw. I was hurt no doubt,very hurt.


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