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Qin Yinze finally understood, Yang Shicheng said so much, the most critical factor is the series of problems caused by his old injury. Without these problems, BDT virus is helpless to him.

However, the old disease brought by the gunshot wound is the most perplexing to him now. Whenever the weather changes, no matter how much he pays attention to it, his body says that he has a fever. There is no sign at all, and he does not think of a way to deal with it at present.

Qin Yinze asked, "can we use medicine to solve the virus first?"

Yang Shicheng replied respectfully: "Sir, with my current understanding of BDT virus, it can be solved with medicine, but the bad is that this virus must be cured after your old disease. But I will find experts in this field to study together, and I will definitely find an effective solution to this virus in advance. "

"Then go ahead and do it." Qin Yinze waved to Yang Shicheng to leave. Yang Shicheng took a few steps. Qin Yinze thought of something and said, "don't tell Ji Rou about these things."

Yang Shicheng nodded, "I remember."

Yang Shicheng is gone, the room is quiet, but Qin Yinze's heart can't be quiet. Yang Shicheng said that the most common way to infect BDT is to eat and inject by mistake.

Over the past three years, his diet was in the charge of aunt Qiao, who may have started secretly without his awareness. In the past three years, his disease was treated by Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong didn't give him less injections of such and such drugs, which may include BDT virus.

Both of them may be the people who secretly poisoned him. He can't believe anyone until he is sure who it is, so he has to ask Pengshan to find out the real one.

Qin Yinze took out his mobile phone and called Pengshan: "now immediately control Dr. Tong and give me a good check of what she has done in these three years?"

Pengshan said, "Sir, I'm just trying to call you. As soon as I checked, I found out that the rumors about his wife were all spread by Dr. Tong. "

Pengshan is excited and happy to receive Qin Yinze's call. The Lord still asks him to handle affairs, which proves that he has not been sent to the cold palace. The Lord still believes him.

Those rumors are passed on by Dr. Tong. In addition, Dr. Tong is a doctor. She has a thorough understanding of drugs Just these two points, Qin Yinze can almost be sure that the person who poisoned him is Dr. Tong.

Qin Yinze added, "since it's her, I'll have a good look at her and see what good things she has done behind our backs these years."

"Yes!" Peng Shan replied forcefully, then stammered, "first, sir I misunderstood my wife before. I want to apologize to her! "

Qin Yinze light way: "you apologize to her, say what to me?"

"When I've finished checking doctor Tong's case, I'll come to my wife's door and make amends." Thinking of his recklessness and doing these things, Pengshan is also helpless.

He can't even tell good from bad. How can he do things around his husband.

Fortunately, his wife has a large number of adults, not only didn't care about him, but also pleaded for him personally. His kindness is firmly in his mind. In the future, as long as his wife has a word to let him go up the Dao mountain and down the oil pot, he is also bound to do so.


When Yang Shicheng came out of the room after reporting the situation, he ran into Ji Rou who was eavesdropping at the door. He thought of the master's words and wanted to miss Ji Rou, but Ji Rou stopped him from going.

Ji Rou stares at him: "Doctor Yang, is the poison in Qin Da Shao really OK?"


He didn't say it, but Jirou already knows. He can't be blamed for it.

Ji Rou added: "Dr. Yang, I heard that. Don't hide it from me any more. Tell me what you have. I promise I will never tell Qin Yinze."

Now that Ji Rou knows it, Yang Shicheng can't hide it even if he wants to. It's better to face it in an all-round way: "don't worry, madam, the poison in Sir was discovered early, and he hasn't controlled his willpower. Now I'm going to find someone to make an antidote together. As long as he cooperates in recuperation, it will be OK. "

This kind of poison sounds so terrible. Which is to say that it can be relieved? Ji Rou is still worried: "is it really going to be ok? Will the same thing happen again? "

Yang Shicheng said: "the main problem now is his old disease. His old disease has not improved. Once the weather changes, his old disease will attack, and the BDT poison in him will make trouble in his poor condition, so this time his sleeping time is so long. Now as long as the old disease is cured and the weather changes, the poison in his body will have little effect on him. "

After hearing Yang Shicheng's words, Ji Rou probably understood Qin Yinze's situation. In the end, it was still his old disease that was the most difficult to cure. However, when doctor Tong helped him to cure his disease before, he gave him medicine again. Of course, his old disease was not easy to cure.

Now as long as Qin Yinze works with the right medicine, his old disease should be cured soon, Ji Rou thought optimistically.

She then asked Yang Shicheng, "Mr. Yang, he just woke up. Do you need any medicine?"

"I took the new medicine three times a day, half an hour after dinner," said Yang

"Well, I'll get him something delicious first. After eating, let him take the medicine. " After such a long sleep, Qin Yinze still hasn't eaten when he woke up. He is probably hungry. Ji Rou has already asked the kitchen to prepare some light food for him. He can eat it when he wakes up.

Qiaoyi had been waiting for her for a long time. Hearing Jirou's mention of what she had eaten, she immediately came over with her food: "Miss Ji, these foods are what Mr. usually likes."

"Well, thank you, aunt Qiao!" Jirou took the tray. "I'll send it to him. He just woke up, not in a good mood, not wanting to see people

"Miss Ji..." Aunt Qiao wants to talk but stops.

"Aunt Qiao, if you have anything to say." Jirou stops.

"Miss Ji, is Mr. Ji really OK?" Qiaoyi has no children and no daughter. After helping Qin Yinze, he takes care of Qin Yinze as his son. She hopes that he can do well and nothing can happen.

"Aunt Qiao, with us caring for him and his parents, younger brothers and sisters waiting for him, he will be OK." Ji Rou smiled. "Aunt Qiao, don't worry."

Aunt Qiao nodded, "well."


Ji Rou comes to Qin Yinze's room. Qin Yinze sleeps down again. Seeing him with his eyes closed, Ji Rou thinks he's in a coma again and almost throws the bowl away.

Ji Rou hurriedly put the bowl on the small table aside, and hurriedly went to explore his forehead: "Qin Yinze, are you ok? Don't scare me anymore."

"Don't worry, your man is very lucky and will be fine." Qin Yinze slowly opened his eyes, he did not sleep, but some tired, in the closed eyes.

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