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He's really lucky to say that.

In the big car accident that took the life of his parents, the car was all changed, but he survived because of his parents' protection.

Later, relatives took their parents' life money, but they didn't want to raise him. When he was desperate, the Qin family adopted him and gave him the best.

Many years later, in order to save Qin leran, he was wounded by a gun. The bullet passed through his heart. At that moment, the God of death was beside him, just a little bit. Only a little bit, the God of death could take him away, but no, he escaped from the God of death again.

Later, the gunshot wound caused him a lot of damage. He asked a doctor to help him see a doctor. Doctor Tong secretly poisoned him, thinking that he wanted to control him?

Ha ha

it's funny to think about it.

The God of death can't take him away. A small doctor Tong is nothing. Qin Yinze's life is always in his own hands, and no one can decide for him.

"Qin Yinze, you" Ji Rou suddenly cried, crying very sad, crystal clear tears beads like falling pearls, one after another rolling down from the corner of her eyes, fell on Qin Yinze's back of hand, burning his heart.

"What's the matter?" Just now it's not good. Why did you cry all of a sudden? This woman's mind is really like the weather in June, saying that it will change without any sign.

"Nothing." Ji Rou shakes her head and wipes away tears from her eyes. She wants not to cry, but her thin body is convulsed from time to time because she is too sad.

"Stupid woman, what's the matter?" This woman's body is crying and twitching. She says it's OK. Does she think he's as stupid as she is, or does she think he's blind?

"I thought you" just at that moment, she thought he would never wake up again. In that moment, her heart seemed to stop.

She has lost too many important people. She does not want to lose him any more. She wants him to live beside her and watch every sunrise and sunset with her.

"Stupid woman, I'm fine now and I'll be fine later." Knowing why she cried, Qin Yinze smiled helplessly, grabbed her hand and put it in the position of his heart, "you touch it, it's still dancing, I'm still fine."

"I know but" Ji Rou can't think about it any more. When she thinks about crying again, "Qin Yinze, I'll tell you, even if it's not for you, for Xiaobi and Xiaoli, their families, you must cooperate with the doctor to cure the disease."

Qin Yinze looked at her, and understood the hesitation and uneasiness in her eyes: "stupid woman, the person who really makes me want to cure the injury early is not Xiaobi and Xiaoli, but"

"I know, there are your parents." Ji Rou hopes that Qin Yinze's mouth says that he is himself, but she is afraid that what he says is not himself, so she interrupts him.

This time, Qin Yinze just wanted to say that he wanted to let her know: "the real person I want to cure is you, Ji Rou!"

Jirou was surprised and pleased, and her eyes widened to forget all the reactions.

Qin Yinze added: "I didn't care about my body before, because I thought it's better to live than to die, but now I want to live, I want to have children with you, and I want to live with you forever."

Ji Rou: "is everything he said true?

How to make her feel like in the fog, it's very untrue.

Looking at her stupefied appearance, Qin Yinze couldn't help but feel funny: "little fool, you don't know how important you are to me. It's so important that I want to put you in my pocket and not let others see you."

Is "I" really that important?

Ji Rou, who has always been brave enough to go to heaven, is so timid that she can't even ask this question. She is afraid that she heard it wrong and Qin Yinze said it wrong.

After all, she didn't spend a long time with him. After all, he was still the senior master of the Qin family. Her identity was ordinary and her appearance was not very special. How could he identify her?

For the first time, Ji Rou had such a question in her mind, but she didn't, because not every question in the world can be asked, and not every question can be answered.

"No one else but you." When Jirou is afraid to touch the answer, Qin Yinze uses his low intoxicated voice to give her another answer that can't distinguish the southeast from the northwest.

"For, for" just when Ji Rou is stupidly unresponsive, Qin Yinze slowly approaches her, kisses her red lips, snatches her breath, and brings her into a romantic world.

She's his. She can't escape.

"Xie Meimei, did you send the two photos of Miss Qin to Ji Rou?" Doctor Tong holds Ji Rou's important clue that she is just a double. She will never stop spreading the news because of Xiang Lingfeng's permission.

"I may delay other things, but I am more anxious than you, so you can rest assured. I not only sent the photos to Ji Rou's mobile phone, but also to her usual email address. I also sent them to her two sworn parties. I don't believe she can't receive them. " Xie Meimei daubed her fingernails and answered doctor Tong who broke into her room without raising her head.

"I don't think I've got the wrong person for you to do this." Dr Tong doesn't know about Xie Meimei, but she knows that she likes Xiang Lingfeng, so she uses Xie Meimei to do it.

At the beginning, Xie Meimei refused to do so, but she was moved by her advice, and she did it so quickly, so the jealousy of women is really terrible.

"You are right. As long as Ji Rou is still there, no matter how hard I try, Xiang Lingfeng can't see me. Only let Ji Rou disappear from the world, can Xiang Lingfeng see me. " Xie Meimei lowered his nail polish and shook his nail polish hand up. "I dress myself so beautifully every day, but he can't see what it means."

"As long as you work hard, he can see it later," said Tong

"Later? How long later? " Xie Meimei said with a sneer, "life is only a few decades. If I wait any longer, I will be old. At that time, my youth has passed away, and I will not be seen by him."

"As long as we join hands and don't have to wait long, our wishes will come true." They each take a fancy to a man, but both of them are devoted to Jirou, so they come together.

Dr. Tong hates Ji Rou deeply, but Xiang Lingfeng has to protect Ji Rou, which makes Dr. Tong unhappy for a long time, but because of their cooperative relationship, she tolerates it again and again. /p

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