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You check? What are you going to look for? " Qin Yinze looked up and looked at Pengshan again with fierce eyes. He was so scared that Pengshan was excited and sweating.

"Sir, I'll check Go find out... " What is he going to check? Just now he knew it. It scared the master and made his head go blank.

Under Qin Yinze's gloomy gaze, Pengshan held his head and thought timidly. Finally, before the master broke out, he thought, "Sir, I'll check whether the rumors I hear are true or not? If so, find out where the rumors come from. "

"Give you a day." Qin Yinze's voice is still cold without a trace of emotion, but this means that Pengshan is allowed to check. Pengshan hurried away and didn't dare to stay for a second.

Qin Yinze knows Pengshan's loyalty to himself. He didn't want to rush Pengshan. The reason why he did this was to give Ji Rou a chance to help Pengshan.

For him, it's not enough for Pengshan to obey him in everything. He has to let Pengshan be as loyal to Jirou as he is to Jirou. However, it's not only for him to be loyal to Jirou, but also for Pengshan to be willing. So it's the first step to let Jirou beg for his affection and let him see Jirou's character.

Next, Qin Yinze has many plans, but for the time being, he has no time and energy to implement them. Now he has to confirm whether someone has given him medicine. If so, is this person surnamed Tong.

When Ji Rou saw the background of Pengshan's embarrassed escape, she had to sigh: "master Qin, you said that Pengshan is so big, and usually looks like he wants to eat people. How can he be like a little sheep in front of you?"

Qin Yinze pressed Ji Rou into his arms, with a smile in his eyes, as if he was not the one who just lost his temper: "because I am his master."

"How did you tame these people?" Pengshan, Chuyuan and Zeng Yunwei are all not simple people, but they all listen to Qin Yinze. It seems that the men in her family are not simple.

Qin Yinze chuckled: "want to know how I tame them?"

Ji Rou nods.

"First you have to be smart," he added

Jirou glared at him: "I used to be smart. You often say I'm stupid. Now I think I'm stupid."

Qin Yinze: "aren't you stupid?"

Ji Rou: "forget it, I won't care about it with you. But I also want to tell you that Pengshan is really loyal to you. Don't drive him away because he is dissatisfied with me. "

Qin Yinze said, "as long as he speaks to you and listens to Jicong as he does to me and respects you as much as he respects me, then I should consider letting him stay."

"It turns out that you didn't do this because he didn't listen to my orders." Qin Yinze will think about her everywhere. Ji Rou is very moved. After being moved, she worries more. "You are so embarrassed for me, your subordinates, and I want to drive him away. I'm afraid that you will fall into a bad reputation that people who love beauty don't love mountains and rivers."

"Where is the beauty?" The girl is not ashamed of her narcissism.

"Beauty is me." Ji Rou points to herself. "In your eyes, am I not a beauty?"

"It's not compulsory." Qin Yinze smiled, "but today you are really smarter than usual."

"You boast of my cleverness? Did I hear you right? " Ji Rou would like to pinch her face to make sure that she is dreaming. The man who scolds her every day for being stupid actually praises her intelligence today, which makes people dream.

"Well, it's really smart for a fool like you." It can be seen that Pengshan is loyal to him, and that Qin Yinze takes the initiative to intercede for Pengshan.

"What? You still dislike me." Jirou said she wanted to bite him twice.

Qin Yinze raised his hand and rubbed her head. "OK, don't make any trouble. Go and invite Dr. Yang in, but you are not allowed to eavesdrop outside this time."

"How do you know I was eavesdropping outside?"

"I just praised you for being smart. Why are you stupid again?"

All the things she just said and did in the room indicate that she heard their conversation, such a simple thing, and asked why, this woman's IQ

Qin Yinze suddenly dislikes her. He is so stupid. In case their children inherit her intelligence, he will have to worry about their intelligence. In the second half of his life, he may not have a peaceful life.

Ji Rou: "I......"

Qin Yinze said coldly, "go and ask Dr. Yang to come in."

Ji Rou: "..."

This man, this bad temper needs to be changed, otherwise it's easy to have no wife.


"Sir, your blood test is out." Yang Shicheng hands the fax document he just received to Qin Yinze, "we found a small amount of BDT virus in your blood. BDT virus is a chronic poison, which can only be effective for long-term poisoning. At present, there are two most common ways to infect BDT, one is long-term diet, the other is long-term injection. "

Qin Yinze took the document and glanced at it. He knew that there was a virus in his blood that he didn't know, and he was not worried at all: "are you sure?"

"Sure." Yang Shicheng nodded and said, "but don't worry, sir, the virus in your blood is not high, and the time of this toxic attack is very slow, and it doesn't have a great impact on your body at present."

Qin Yinze tossed the document on the bedside table, picked his eyebrows and looked at Yang Shicheng: "at present, it doesn't have a great impact on my body. What about later?"

It's not that he's afraid, and he can't let himself be busy. Now he's not alone. He's waiting for his wife, and his father and brother.

Mr. Yang Shicheng explained anxiously, "BDT virus itself is not very aggressive to human body, and its aggressiveness comes from human disease. For example, if an ordinary person is infected with this virus, it will not cause much harm to the human body at ordinary times, but as long as the poisoned person is ill or injured, the virus will spread rapidly and make the patient's condition worse. You'll wake up so long after you've taken the medicine after transfusion, because the virus is very important in your body. "

Qin Yinze listened carefully, and Yang Shicheng continued: "if I didn't ask someone to check your blood specially this time, I'm afraid I still can't find the virus in your body. Because the body of people with BDT virus can't feel abnormal under normal circumstances. When the body can feel it, it's when the poison goes deep into the bone marrow. At this time, the spirit of the poisoned people will be affected. They may forget some things before. Their willpower will become weak and easy to control. "

Qin Yinze repeated, "it's easy to be controlled."

Yang Shicheng added: "Sir, the key is your old disease. As long as your old disease is cured, BDT virus can be detoxified."

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