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A Sudden Burst of Life Force

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Zhang Huanyun scoffed, but he did not push any further. Of course, he was aware that he would never be able to win over Tang Wulin from Blood One.

The Endless Mountains at night were extremely cold with its lowest temperature reaching fifty degrees Celsius below zero. The surroundings were pure white snow, but if someone were to examine the energy in the sky with the appropriate device, one would discover that there was a vortex-like object in the sky above the Blood God Army. It was absorbing the origin energy from the surrounding air.

The vortex was acting like a funnel where its end was infused into the living quarters at the Blood God Battalion. This funnel had already lasted for a full day and night.

Finally, twilight began to appear in the distance. The dark night gradually turned deep blue, and another day’s dawn was about to break.

Blood One’s expression suddenly changed ever so slightly because he could clearly sense that Tang Wulin’s soul core was about to be completed as his speed of absorbing origin energy began to drop rapidly.

In the living quarters, a layer of translucent gloss had formed on Tang Wulin’s skin. It was so thin it seemed like the wind could blow it away. The light was circulating faintly just under the surface of his skin.

He was already very handsome, but now he appeared to be pulsing with an even more heroic bearing.

All the light bands had already vanished from his abdominal area and in place was an oval-shaped soul core glimmering with a liquid-like blue radiance. The soul core was about the size of a pigeon egg and was highly condensed. There appeared to be a blade of crystal clear blue-gold Bluesilver Grass on the inside of the soul core. Most peculiarly, something seemed to be entwined around the Bluesilver Grass and was spinning around the blade like a meteor.

The soul core was finally about to be completed. Moreover, his soul power had broken through to rank-60 spontaneously. He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor now!

A faint smile emerged on Tang Wulin’s face for he had prepared his soul ring earlier. His thoughts shifted as he realized that the Damask Tulip which had been sleeping soundly in the area between his brows had already awakened.

However, just as Tang Wulin was preparing to begin fusing his third spirit soul and take possession of his sixth soul ring, the area between his brows suddenly began to glow.

First, it was a speckle of faint green light, and then five soul rings immediately arose from underneath his body.

Four of those soul rings were glowing normally, but the fifth green-gold soul ring was blooming with a far more intense radiance.

The soul core that had just taken form in Tang Wulin shuddered ever so slightly. He felt as if something was vibrating in the depths of his soul core.

The area between his brows began to tremble along with his soul core’s fluctuations. The energy fluctuations turned from mild to intense in a split second.

Tang Wulin felt a gush of unprecedented life energy sweep across his entire body. During this process, he was completely soaked. Thick life source burst out from his body like an oil blowout. It was the first time he ever truly sensed the existence of the Nature Seed which the Damask Tulip had spoken of.

It was a seed. A dark green seed, shimmering with a glittering radiance like a magnificent emerald between his brows. A tiny, tender shoot began to push out from the emerald seed. The little shoot was an exceedingly dazzling golden color.

Tang Wulin’s soul core was fluctuating due to the seed’s presence. He had the vague sensation that something had been added to his body. The thick life source nourished his whole body and made the Dragon Core in his chest bloom with an intense radiance. Tang Wulin felt his entire physical form being altered by the nourishment of the thick life energy. At the same time, the gush of life source was blooming outward from his body, completely out of his control, and transformed into a green-gold soul ring before spreading farther.

In the sky, Blood One was already prepared to retire after completing his meritorious service. He was glad to have built such a strong foundation for Tang Wulin’s soul core by allowing him to absorb this thick origin energy for such a long period of time. It was evident that Tang Wulin had broken through to six rings. His potential was limitless for he had managed to condense his soul core with just a six-ringed cultivation base in addition to that enormous bloodline power of his.

Yet, it was during this exact moment that Blood One’s expression abruptly changed because he sensed something new from Tang Wulin underneath them.

The absorption of origin energy stopped momentarily, but in the next moment, a gush of massive vitality, difficult to describe in words, suddenly surged out from below.

The feeling was akin to a fountain of youth erupting from the ground, and the spring water of life surged wildly, bursting out to the surface before spreading to all directions in the blink of an eye.

The entire Blood God Army was blanketed by this flourishing vitality in that very moment.

He sensed it, so, naturally, Zhang Huanyun and Blood Three must have noticed it as well.

It was easy to sense the abyssal aura here, but it was far more difficult to sense life source at this location. Almost no vegetation could survive in such a cold and desolate snowland. It was only possible to see a dash of green if one ventured a great distance out of the Endless Mountains.

However, this gush of thick life energy was only too apparent. Blood One had only ever experienced such a thing when he was in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest.

He turned his head to the side and met Zhang Huanyun’s eyes. The two highest-ranking officers of the Blood God Army were both shocked. However, there was no doubt that this swelling of life source was highly beneficial to both of them.

The thick life energy nourished their bodies. They were both men whose age exceeded one hundred years, so the effect of such pure yet dense life energy revitalizing their bodies would certainly bring them unimaginable benefits.

Zhang Huanyun absorbed the life energy dissipating in the air without the slightest hesitation. As he did so, he yelled across the entire barracks, his voice akin to the sound of spring thunder.

“Everyone, meditate!”

Even though they were uncertain of where this thick life energy originated, it was definitely impossible for Tang Wulin to claim it by himself. Indeed, life energy could be exceedingly helpful to all of them. The infusion of such thick life energy would allow everyone’s body, cultivation base, and even life energy to elevate by leaps and bounds. The effect was most obvious for those with internal injuries.

The life energy was growing thicker and thicker, but it had been blooming for less than twenty seconds when all of a sudden, a terrifying suction force came from underground.

The origin energy gathered by Blood One earlier had yet to completely dissipate when it was s----d down by the enormous suction force at once, like a whale inhaling water. The life energy continued to bloom but the absorption of origin energy startled Blood One because he felt as though even his soul power was getting s----d away.

“Give it to him! Conserve the energy!” Zhang Huanyun quickly shouted while waving his hands and unleashing his soul power to send the origin energy in the right direction.

Blood One’s reaction was only one step behind him, as he gathered the origin energy in the sky once again and sent it downward.

They were only capable of absorbing a very small portion of origin energy during their cultivation, so it was very difficult to use the origin energy to elevate their cultivation base. Yet, it was a different case with life energy! The sustenance of life energy could directly nourish the human body at its core. Not only was it capable of supplying more life force to prolong their lives, but it was also capable of improving the quality of their physical forms.

There was no doubt that life energy was the highest grade of energy available out of all types of energy. It was needed by all life forms, but this was referring to life on the Douluo Continent and might not necessarily apply to that on the abyssal plane.

Nothing was more worthwhile than exchanging origin energy for a massive amount of life energy, and thus came Zhang Huanyun’s reminder earlier.

Blood Three was also an intelligent person. She immediately compelled her cultivation base to help convey the origin energy in.

At once, the original origin energy vortex enlarged by several times. The origin energy was guided in and supplied to the person below through the co-operation of the three great powerhouses.

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