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Germination of the Nature Seed

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There was no need for them to compel the origin energy to infuse downward for the terrifying devouring force that appeared below them. It began to absorb spontaneously and violently like the abyss itself.

Tang Wulin was completely unaware of what was happening as he had lost control of his body for the moment.

He could not communicate with the Damask Tulip, but he felt as though a hole had opened up on his forehead, as deep as the bottomless abyss. This cavernous pit was wildly consuming all the energy in its surroundings, and he could feel that this energy was infusing into the Nature Seed.

The Nature Seed unleashed thick life force to nourish his body along with everything else in the external world as it spread outward. It also seemed like the seed was desperately attempting to find something.

The thick life force undoubtedly gave the most benefits to Tang Wulin himself, as it was only released after nourishing his body and he had absorbed its essence.

Tang Wulin’s green-gold soul ring was so bright it was almost dripping color after absorbing over one-third of the thick life aura.

In regards to this soul ring, Tang Wulin had practically abandoned it completely because the only time he had ever used it was with a Limit Douluo’s support. Moreover, he could sense that the green-gold soul ring was capable of controlling plants within a large area, so he would need to absorb a massive amount of energy into his body.

In his mind, he might not have adequate control over such incredible power even if he reached the level of a Title Douluo, leave alone anything else.

Yet, at that point, he could clearly sense that the green-gold soul ring was a part of his body. It had begun to fuse with his physical form, allowing him to feel its strength and gradually giving him the ability to control it.

Was this the benefit of having a soul core?

With his body out of his control, he could only silently sense the change on the outside while absorbing life force to nourish his body and stabilize both his soul core and Dragon Core.

The Dragon Core was also absorbing life force rapidly, growing to a size equal to his soul core.

The two great cores were linked to each other by the bridge of life force and began to communicate for the first time. The combinations of different energies altered them, not by fusing but by causing them react to one another. Surrounded by life force, Tang Wulin felt the changes between these two cores.

He could clearly sense that his body was undergoing a metamorphosis. His entire physique was immersed in an evolutionary process.

Life was truly miraculous.

As time continued ticking past, Tang Wulin could feel it more clearly. Meanwhile, all the officers and personnel of the Blood God Army were immersed in the baptism of life force, as they could also sense changes in their bodies as well.

Long Yuxue sat crosslegged on her bed with a faint radiance emitting from the surface of her body. Her skin became brighter and clearer than before, while her appearance seemed to be more beautiful. Her soul power was transforming under the silent influence of the life force upon her.

A golden glow radiated from the surface of Jiang Wuyue’s skin as he greedily absorbed the life force in the air to empower his already formidable body. The pursuit of perfection would certainly have left behind some internal injuries. Yet, these injuries were slowly but surely fading to nothing when bathed in the life force.

Silently, Ling Wuyue sensed the enrichment the life force gave to her body. She pursued the perfection of her attacking skill such that she did not even mind the weakening of her own defense in order to master it. She had lost count of how many times the sharp boomerangs had injured her body when she unleashed them. Underneath her clothes, countless scars crisscrossed the surface of her body.

However, these scars were steadily healing now due to the life force.

Each and every soldier’s body in the entire army was having the same experience. They could clearly sense the changes that were happening to them under the revitalization of the life force.

Blood Two, Blood Four, Blood Five, Blood Six, Blood Seven, Blood Eight, Blood Nine and also the army’s powerhouses ranked higher than Title Douluo had arrived in the air.

Even without meditation, they were capable of absorbing the incomparably thick life force by relying on their cultivation base.

As they were absorbing the life force, there was utterly no need to hold back as they each unleashed their own strength to draw in more origin energy. Almost all the origin energy across the Endless Mountains had gathered above the Blood God Army and was infusing into the life-engulfing source.

The thicker the origin energy, the stronger and more intense the life force unleashed from the outlet.

Gradually, green-hued speckles pushed out soundlessly from the thick snow on the ground. At first, it went unseen, until the green color spread farther across the snow.

Blood One’s gaze was fixated while Zhang Huanyun’s expression was even more vivid.

He had been in this place for over sixty years, yet he had never seen such green in the Endless Mountains before! He did not mind the high cost of building a greenhouse in the army and cultivating some plants in order for his soldiers to feel the joy of green, but that was all he could do.

However, at that moment, he witnessed the green shade spreading across the white, snow-covered landscape of the Endless Mountains.

What a beautiful shade of green!

Even though the green could not possibly last long in the snow, the sight of this color still managed to shock everyone that had seen it.

The little green seedlings began to grow slowly from the continued infusion of thick life aura. The cold did not slow their growth at all. On the contrary, the thick water element in the snow was nourishing the seedlings alongside the life force.

Sunlight and water nourished them into growing healthy and strong. Gradually, shoots of saplings began to push out from the ground of the Endless Mountains.

These saplings were absorbing life force but also guiding the origin energy to infuse into the core center that was unleashing that life force.

“Ding!” A crisp crackling sound was heard in Tang Wulin’s mind. He could clearly see that the Nature Seed seemed to be cracking a little bit more now. The tiny, tender, golden shoot that had been struggling to emerge slowly opened up and revealed a golden leaf. The leaf was so small, it looked as if it could break at the slightest touch, but the life force could be felt more and more clearly now.

It was germinating! It had truly germinated!

Streams of light appeared at Tang Wulin’s sides soundlessly. Those were the six plant-type soul beasts which had fused into his body before. All of them sat cross-legged in the area surrounding Tang Wulin as soon as they came out and quietly absorbed the life aura unleashed by the Nature Seed. At the same time, they unleashed their own auras to refine the life force by working in rhythm with the Nature Seed.

The green-gold soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body was illuminated. It bloomed with a dazzling array of lights as he could suddenly feel the entirety of the Endless Mountains. He could sense everything in the external world through those newly germinated saplings.

Time passed and life continued. Leaves began to continuously push out from the Nature Seed, till the seventh leaf emerged. The golden light suddenly vanished as all the life aura paused at once. A seven-leaved golden mark appeared on Tang Wulin’s forehead.

The life aura vanished and the origin energy dissipated naturally. On the other hand, looking at the Endless Mountains from above would reveal that there were already saplings which had grown to over one meter in height all over the snowy white land.

Even though the saplings could not truly survive under such freezing conditions, they had existed for a moment at least. Despite being only temporary beauty, the saplings added a dash of spring to all the Endless Mountains.

The high-ranking officers of the Blood God Army inhaled deeply and opened up every pore on each part of their bodies to absorb the last of the life force as they floated in the sky. Everyone appeared to be glowing with health.

It was midday. Not only had everyone’s hidden diseases vanished after being nourished by life force for a few hours, but they had also even managed to gain at least five years of life!

This was the benefit of infusing life energy. The effect was even better especially for Blood One, Blood Three and Zhang Huanyun who had absorbed the pure life force since the very beginning. Zhang Huanyun had been a Title Duoluo stuck at rank-98 for a very long time. For decades, he had not managed to advance at all because it was very difficult for his body to make the final breakthrough.

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