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Soul Core Condensation

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As Blood One walked out, he was just in time to see Blood Three exiting from another room not far from his own.

“Blood One, did you feel it as well? Is it him?” Blood Three’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

Blood One nodded smilingly. “Who else if not him? The Shrek Seven Monsters never disappoint. Not in the past and not in the future either. I believe that since he can be chosen, then he is accepted by Shrek Academy’s will of heaven of over twenty thousand years. Thus, I’ll never be surprised by any miracle that comes out from him.”

Blood Three exhaled a breath of relief as a gratified expression flashed across her face. “I can finally see some hope. I wish to help him.”

Blood One smiled. “Come, let’s do it together.”

They boarded the elevator and walked out from the Blood God Battalion until they reached the outside. Blood Three looked toward Blood One and found that his body was already suspended in mid-air and ascending upward. He was high up in the air almost in the blink of an eye.

His position in the Blood God Army guaranteed that he would not be attacked by the army’s defense system. Blood One waved his hands in the air, and the powerful wind became gentle in a split second.

Blood Three followed by his side. Staying next to Blood One, she could feel that the surrounding air was twisting and warping violently under his control. Every change to the warped airflow attracted a large amount of origin energy.

The origin energy was continuously condensed and refined under Blood One’s control. Gradually, a misty, white radiance began to appear around him.

He looked just like an immortal floating through the sky.

The Blood God Army’s soldiers stopped and stared upon witnessing the scene from the ground, their expressions revealing their shock and astonishment.

Not many had seen Blood One before, but such a peculiar sight was already enough to completely verify this person’s abilities.

Blood Three asked Blood One with slight concern, “That much? Will he be able to withstand it?”

Blood One smiled. “Don’t worry. His ability to endure exceeds your imagination. Have you forgotten your Shrek Academy’s motto? ‘To breed only monsters, not ordinary people’. He is the monster of all monsters. What’s a little bit of origin energy to him? He will still be absorbing it even without my presence. He’d just need a longer period of time.”

As he spoke, Blood One pulled downward with his left hand. At once, the white radiance that surrounded his body descended from the sky and flowed in the direction of the Blood God Battalion’s living quarters.

“Blood One, aren’t you afraid of spoiling things with excessive enthusiasm?” It was not only Blood One and Blood Three that sensed Tang Wulin was about to condense his soul core. Zhang Huanyun leaped into the sky and arrived by their side with a puzzled expression on his face.

Blood One smiled. “Then, we shall wait and see. I’ve told you that he isn’t suitable to follow you because you don’t understand him at all. This turn of events would be considered phenomenal for anyone else, but for him, this is nothing extraordinary. Wait and see. His achievements will certainly surpass our expectations in the future and also exceed every one of the Sea God’s Pavilion Pavilion Masters of the past millennium at least.”

The white radiance that he unleashed continued to infuse downward as he was speaking. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin could immediately sense it as he was cultivating in his living quarters.

He had already entered a marvelous state as his body began to absorb the origin energy in the air voluntarily. His abdominal area was still just as agonizing, but the pain seemed to be gradually distancing itself from him. His consciousness could begin to spread outward. It was as if countless energy particles were cheering for him, and he could even distinguish all sorts of different elemental attributes in the energy. Ice and water elements were the thickest among them. There was also a large amount of darkness element. The wind element was exceptionally forceful.

The light element came in smaller numbers as compared to the rest of them, but it was exceedingly pure possibly due to the lack of impurities in the air. The disadvantage of the high altitude was its rarefied air, but the benefit was that everything else became pure and clean.

The massive amount of all kinds of origin energy was continuously fusing into his body. Tang Wulin’s entire person was trembling mildly during the fusion process. Every time he shivered, the air would warp even more intensely.

Meanwhile, the origin energy in the air suddenly became more powerful. Tang Wulin thought he could feel every element, but at that moment it was as though he was suddenly looking at a sea of elements, with his body immersed within them.

The thick elements surged into his body like a swarm of bees and fused into his abdomen. Those streams of soul power light bands turned bright and clear instantly while the rotations began to quicken. An oval-shaped crystal gradually took form in Tang Wulin’s abdomen.

The crystal was emitting sparkling radiance. It seemed like there was a blade of Bluesilver Grass that was growing sturdily in the center of the crystal.

What a pleasant feeling! The pain seemed to have suddenly vanished at that very moment. Tang Wulin felt as though a satisfied moan echoed out from his abdomen. Thick soul power washed over his body and fused with him naturally driven by his bloodline power, then flowed into his abdomen, toward his soul core that had taken form.

Tang Wulin’s mind was growing quieter and quieter. His entire person was immersed in the awareness of the elemental word. He meditated quietly, feeling every change in the energy till he was sensing how his life was sublimated to the point of entering another world.

The soul core was the sign of a complete change to a living being. From this point on, he was no longer an ordinary human. He had truly become something superhuman.

The formation of the core had the effect of extending an ordinary human being’s lifespan by centuries. The value of its existence was a mighty monument to a soul master’s entire cultivation process. Every soul master who managed to cross this threshold would stand a chance to become the most powerful being.

Gradually, Tang Wulin’s consciousness began to sink inward as the external world’s time and everything else were falling away from him.

The external world was in the center of the sky.

The smile on Blood One’s face was growing wider. There was already no need for him to control the origin energy, as it continued surging in that direction by itself. After the bridge was built, Tang Wulin had gained complete control of the absorption of the origin energy.

Meanwhile, Zhang Huanyun observed quietly. His expression was growing increasingly astonished, but his face also showed regret. How could he have agreed to Blood One’s terms so easily? He should have fought harder.

Now that Tang Wulin had received such enormous favor from Blood One, it would not be so simple for Zhang Huanyun to take the boy in anymore.

Blood One had mentioned that he was trying to reduce Tang Wulin’s cultivation time, but they were all experienced people who knew of the disparity between awareness of a sea of elements and rare elemental power! Blood One was helping to build Tang Wulin’s foundation. Moreover, Tang Wulin would have the ability to absorb even more origin energy the sooner his soul core condensed and strengthened his body right from the beginning.

Time was passing by the second, the sun began to set, and an entire day had passed.

The white radiance that surrounded Blood One’s body glowed brighter and brighter in the darkness, like a full moon hanging in the night sky.

With his cultivation base, he would not feel tired even if he were to sustain his current state for a month. On the other hand, the smile on his face grew wider and wider with the passing of time as Tang Wulin continued absorbing energy.

“He’s truly a monster!” Zhang Huanyun could not help praising out loud, while Blood Three’s eyes were glowing with excitement, despite having been very concerned originally.

The ability to absorb such a massive amount of origin energy and sustain it for such a long period of time signified that Tang Wulin’s soul core foundation was exceedingly firm and was definitely not the result of a forced breakthrough. His overall elevation would be higher when he awakened from the meditation while the awareness of his soul power would grow more intense the longer he spent in this process. Additionally, soul core condensation was also known as the process for a martial soul’s rebirth. His martial soul would undergo a qualitative change once again. The longer he spent being infused with origin energy, the more time his martial soul required to evolve, and it also signified that his martial soul was extremely powerful.

The night grew late. Blood One spoke to Zhang Huanyun, “you should head back first. Judging by the way it’s going, I think it will continue till tomorrow morning.”

Zhang Huanyun shook his head. “I’m used to loneliness. It’s scarce to see something new here, so I’ll need to witness this from beginning to end. I wish to look at the boy and see what’s so special after his soul core has taken form.”

Blood One smiled and said, “Suit yourself then. Trust that Shrek is still worthy of its reputation!”

Zhang Huanyun scoffed. “I think you’re singing your own praises. Isn’t he a disciple from your Tang Sect? Why don’t you give him to me then? I’ll recommend that he enter the Battle God Hall directly and make him a War God’s Child.”

The so-called War God’s Child was actually the future successor to the War God Hall’s Hall Master. War God’s Child was the most outstanding talent, blessed with the largest number of natural abilities in the entire War God Hall.

Blood One said with a grin, “What a waste that you’re late to the party!”

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