At what Cost - S01 E46

7 months ago

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Felix was engaged in a

conversation with tunde and Solomon and the topic for their discussion was football.

Guy, you don’t know sport at all, How can you compare arsenal and man u, tunde asked.

Why shouldn’t I, Solomon aske

Better stop it o,tunde said.

Yo guys, Jordan said joining in.

Hey Jordan, how far, Solomon said shaking his hand.

Please shift your height is intimidating me but guy you tall, tunde said because Jordan was 6’8 tall.

Between You and felix, I wonder who is taller, he added.

Hey, felix we meet again, Jordan said

O’jordan mcdirt, felix said then tunde and Solomon laughed at his last name.

The supervisor instructed me to call Solomon, Jordan said then he and Solomon proceeded to the supervisor’s office.

When did he join, felix asked.

I think when you were admitted in the hospital but seriously what kind of name is mcdirt, tunde said chuckling .

I seriously don’t know,felix replied.

«Fast Forward»

Yo guys check this house, joshua said.

What’s up, Benson said heading to his direction so did kunle and Felix.

I traced one of don Pedro hench men location and surprisingly it happens to be don Pedro new location.


Great work, Benson commended.

Thanks, Joshua replied.

Good,kunle send the drone over there, I’m killing him tomorrow.

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