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Joshua, kunle, Benson all left the house to go church together with felix who accepted purity invitation.

They boarded a taxi to the church address sent by purity and in less than 30mins they arrived .

Kunle, joshua and Benson took their time to admire the church building for it was exquisite but felix remained indifferent.

As soon they near the church entrance, they ushered in politely by the suit claded male usher and they directed to the row before the first.

The service got in motion with the choir invited to take the praise and worship, then prayers, then choir ministration.

And to felix surprise the one leading was none other than purity, then she told the congregrant the song and began singing.

“Our God is an awesome God

He reigns from heaven above

With wisdom, power and love

Our God is an awesome God ”

Our God is…

Wow, felix you forgot to tell me she is an angel, I mean her voice,

uhn felix, Benson said tugging at felix who was listening to him but his gaze was fixed at her and he was lost enjoying the melody.


What, felix asked

I was talking to you but I can see you are smitten by voice.

Stop that please, felix said trying dissuade Benson from further talks.

Immediately after the choir ministration, the pastor got on stage, took some worship, prayed and hr began his sermon.

Let open our bible to the book of Jeremiah 29:11,let a fast reader please read.

It says “for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace , and not of evil, to give you an expected end “.

Thank you.

Brethen, the thoughts of God towards you is of good and not of evil that is God plans for you and your family to make you prosper not of disaster or harm, hope you are getting me the pastor asked.

Yes, the congregation except felix and Benson.

Benson glanced at felix and he saw felix facial expression who was looking murderously at the officiating minister.

So my parents and siblings death was God’s plan of peace, heck we even prayed that night, felix thought.

The pastor was done with his sermon and invited the congregrant to give their life ti Christ as it is custom.

About ten people came forward with joshua among them, then they said the salvation prayer and he prayed for them.

After he left the other and another minister came forward to give the announcement but before he proceeded, he welcomed the first timers and told them to wait after service, then he read the announcement and the service ended by sharing the grace.

Kunle, Joshua, Benson, felix and a couple of first timers waited behind.

Thanks for coming we will like to see you, just as mentioned in the announcement, we meet on Tuesday, Thursday by 6:30pm and on Sunday by 8:00am, then he prayed with them .

After the pastor left, a particular man who was fair, hunky, tall and very handsome who looked like an half cast walked up to felix, Benson but kunle was busy getting to know the ladies and Joshua was been teached about things concerning salvation since he was newly converted .

Hey guys, sorry for disturbing you but do you work at daily planet, he asked.

Yes, I do, Felix replied.

Wow, I also work there, I thought I was mistaken so I just came to confirm and I am Jordan mcdirt by the name.

I’m felix john and I’m Benson newton, they both said smiling at Jordan last name.

Nice to meet you guys, Jordan said and purity was heading for their direction.

Thank you, Jordan and felix for coming, I will appreciate, she said after reaching.

Don’t mention, then Jordan look at his wristwatch.

Yikes, time to go see you guys later he said before jetting off.

Wait, you haven’t, what a funny guy, purity said aloud and felix face twitched a little.

I really appreciate, she said looking at felix and directing her gaze to Benson.

O, my manners, this is Benson my friend and Benson purity, Felix introduced.

Nice to meet you, purity said.

The pleasure his mine and by the way you sing like an angel, are you one, Benson said.

No, am not, purity said laughing.

Well if you are not, you might have surpassed them.

Be bursting my head, purity said smiling

B… benson wanted to speak but he was stopped by felix pinch.

Well I do hope, I get to see you during our services.

You definitely will, benson said then he looked at felix but was met by felix glare.

Well see you guys later, I’m off for choir ministration m, bye, she said and left.

What was all that about, felix asked..

All what, I don’t understand

You flirting and indirectly promising her, she will see more of us at this church service.

O, I get it, lover boy his jealous, Benson said teasing Felix.

And what is with all this attitude, Benson asked.

The pastor preaching and his choice of word, Felix replied.

Then Joshua and kunle both finished their activities and left with felix and Benson.


We have manage to get don Pedro location, fez said.

Good, on Tuesday will be the day he breaths his last.

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