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Following day

Felix have managed to find routes for your use through the drone, kunle said.

Thanks kunle, Felix said cladded in is suit holding a mask 👹 .

Yo, are not going to need me around, Benson chipped in.

No, I don’t think so, I need all of you here, Felix sternly said.

But I got a feeling you might need me, Benson said giving in.

Now, don Pedro has about 30-60 men guarding him Joshua and kunle took turns briefing him on their findings through the drone.


Yo guys, I’m in, Felix said to his crew at home through the device fixed on his ears.

And a man with a gun was patrolling then Felix hid behind a wall and patrolling guard passed through without seeing him.

Guys, I see a lot of building, Felix said.

He is in the bungalow painted lemon and orange.

Then he felt someone watching and following him, so he looked back and he didn’t see anyone .

This is strange, I felt someone, o well, Felix thought to himself.

Felix managed to evade the guards and he soon arrived close to the bungalow but he suddenly stopped on his track.


This is going to be Felix easiest mission yet but I can’t help shake up the feeling this is going…. benson thought but he was interrupted by kunle who he heard telling joshua.


I didn’t expect don Pedro to own pets and dogs at that , kunle said.

It is normal, joshua said.

Yeah, like Joshua said, it is very normal, wait, wait, did you actually say don Pedro owns dogs, Benson said in high pitched.

Yes, two rottweilers, kunle replied.

Is there a problem, Joshua asked concerned.

Sh*t, Felix has a terrible phobia for dogs,

«Flash back

Please take it away I will do anything, please just take it away, a very much younger Felix begged.

Hehehe, today is my lucky day, who would have thought Felix the second top student in this dojo will be scared of a dog and that a little puppy, a American boy named Oliver chuckled.

Yes, it your time to pay for always kicking my butt, another said and brought the puppy closer and closer to felix and felix in turn shouted.

What is happening here, a also much younger felix said.

Time for you to join the party, Oliver said.

He maybe be scared of puppies too, Brian said bringing the puppy closer to Benson.

You wouldn’t like for I will do, now leave, Benson yelled .

Kill joy, I can’t wait to knock all ya teeth off, Oliver said.

Only in your dreams, Benson replied.

O, you just wait, Brian let go, Oliver said and left with Brian holding the puppy.

Tsk, Felix you, no wonder , Benson said helping felix up.

I just don’t know why I feel this anytime I see dogs, Felix said.


Do you tell felix about the dogs, Benson asked.

No, we didn’t, kunle and Joshua replied.

Who am I kidding, if Felix was informed, he would have never…

Felix, how is the situation

Felix, but there was no reply.


Felix was frozen at the spot with the rottweilers approaching him, growling.

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