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Shen Xing’s Concern

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Under normal circumstances, a set of two-word battle armor would only require a spirit-forged metal. Hence, it was rare as a unicorn’s horn for a battle armor master to use an alloy two-word battle armor, let alone three types of alloys.

The two-word battle armor was a massive upgrade from the one-word battle armor, so the alloy’s function would gradually be revealed. It sufficed for their cultivation base at present.

Tang Wulin completed forging a piece of battle armor, followed by Ye Xinglan carrying it to another anechoic chamber to complete its production.

Tang Wulin, as a Saint Craftsman, was becoming more skilled with the passing of time. The task of elevating the battle armor was meaningful to him. To ensure flawless results, he would need to devote all his attention during forging. Although he carried out the forging with ease, his accomplished forging skills allowed him to have a more profound comprehension of his forging realm now.

The world outside was in a major upheaval, yet there was only a group of youths elevating themselves at full force within this mountain.

In Mingdu.

This was the Douluo Federation’s provincial capital and was once the second largest city on the continent preceded only by Shrek City. Currently, it was the largest city on the continent after Shrek City had been destroyed.

Mingdu’s atmosphere was tense these days.

There was no way to conceal the incident of Shrek City being destroyed by its citizens. The evil soul masters loathed Shrek Academy for suppressing them through the countless years, and also Tang Sect which had continuously dispatched its Battle Soul Hall’s fighters to eliminate the evil soul masters on the continent.

How about the place that ranked third amongst the most detestable locales? It was no other than the capital of Douluo Continent, Mingdu City.

Many citizens chose to move to the villages and the smaller cities after the terrorist attack because they were concerned for their safety. At the same time, they were worried about the political situation.

The federation parliament announced its dissolution, so the government was in a dysfunctional situation. Next came the reshuffling of the parliament, while a massive search and retaliation against the evil soul masters’ unprecedented terrorist attack were conducted.

The Holy Spirit Cult seemed to have predicted the possibility of retaliation. After the terrorist attack, it suddenly vanished without a trace. Thus, despite the federation army’s full devotion to the search, they could not find a thing.

The parliament reshuffle was finally completed after three months. The Hawk Faction that advocated war occupied the controlling position. The War God Hall secured seven seats in the federal parliament while the military seats increased by a third.

After the reshuffling of the parliament was completed, many government decrees were adopted to enforce a non-appeasement policy toward the Holy Spirit Cult. Anyone had the authority to kill the evil soul masters upon sight. The person would be greatly rewarded by the Federation once the kill is verified, while those who provided the information to the Federation would be rewarded as well.

Simultaneously, the parliament decided to extend the War God Hall’s involvement while expanding the military forces to carry out a series of follow-up operations targeted at the Holy Spirit Cult.

The most important task, however, was to ensure peace prevailed amongst the people.

The federal parliament authorized the army to install the most advanced detection equipment in all the big cities and to perform a thorough scan of each and every city so that any potential threat would be neutralized.

With the multiple safety measures in place, Douluo Continent’s situation gradually stabilized after the disastrous explosion in Shrek City six months ago. Only a massive crater remained in what was once Shrek City.

What surprised most people was that Tang Sect’s response to the explosion was lukewarm to put it mildly. In fact, the rest of Tang Sect’s companies in the big cities were closed in succession. The Dazzling Era Tang Sect Technology Company that was directly managed by Tang Sect was shut down completely. Everything went silent. The sect that was once the most powerful on the continent seemed to be languishing after a severe blow from the explosion.

To be sure, it was a situation that most people did not wish for. There were a few Shrek Academy graduates who fervently voiced their views of avenging and rebuilding the academy.

Some people also proposed to the new federal parliament to rebuild Shrek City. However, there were no such plans at the moment, for they could not manage this issue within a short period. The region that was supposed to be Shrek City remained a massive crater hole.

“Sister, do you think that the Federation will rebuild Shrek Academy?” Shen Xing asked her two-star ranked sister who was standing by her side.

Shen Yue was pushed to the front stage by the military to become one of the Young Faction’s important, high-ranking military officers. She also qualified as a member of the parliament after the re-election. Meanwhile, she was transferred back to the military to hold important positions.

Shen Yue frowned. “It’ll be difficult to do so. Moreover, what’s going to happen even if Shrek Academy is rebuilt? Shrek’s foundation is gone, the Sea God’s Pavilion is gone too. Even if Shrek Academy is rebuilt, it won’t be the top academy on the continent again as it was initially.”

Even though this lieutenant general originated from the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy that was considered Shrek Academy’s rival, she still grieved over its loss when she found out that the top academy on the continent was obliterated.

In a sense, Shrek City was one of the democratic icons of Douluo Continent. Such an independent, yet neutral locale was a pain in the neck for the government. Nevertheless, it served an important role that protected the democratic rights of the common people and many other groups.

The federal government’s control over the continent would be undoubtedly easier now that Shrek was gone. However, a weak check and balance system would not be healthy for the continent’s long-term development.

Shen Yue was not from the military’s Hawk Faction, but she belonged to the Dove Faction that advocated defending the continent against others. The unprecedented terrorist attack brought the Hawk Faction to power on a large scale. However, the Dove Faction also managed to capitalize on the situation by acquiring some territories whereby she was deployed by the Dove Faction.

Shen Yue was feeling quite concerned as she was afraid that the continent’s stability in the future would be affected after the Hawk Faction occupied the commanding position. As a high-ranking military officer, she was aware of the differing opinions on uniting the planet. Douluo Continent had been in the lead all along with its soul technology.

Shen Xing looked at her frowning sister, but her mind was already drifting skyward. She remembered the face vividly in her mind. She would never forget the man that appeared in her dreams almost every night during that period.

Was he dead? Did he die in the explosion this time? She did not even have the opportunity to take revenge against him now.

Yet, she was feeling very sad in her heart for some unknown reason. Recently, she had been in a depressed state for a long while.

A guy and a gal held hands as they walked along the spacious street. Their figures were slim and tall but their facial features were commonplace. The young man was over one point nine meters tall with a pair of long arms, a slim waist, and wide shoulders. The young girl had an exceptionally tall and slim figure as well, particularly her long, shapely legs. The only flaw was her skin looked pale while her appearance was quite ordinary.

“We’re here.” The young man pointed to a teahouse as he guided the young girl toward it.

The young girl opened her mouth in an attempt to say something, but she refrained herself. She could not help pouting her lips as if she was feeling dissatisfied.

A waiter immediately welcomed them when they walked into the teahouse.

“Table for two?”

The young man nodded and spoke, “We wish to have the Da Hong Pao tea.”

The waiter’s gaze changed ever so slightly, “How many times do you want the tea to be steeped?”

The young man answered, “Three times will be just nice. It’ll be insipid if it’s steeped too many times.”

“Sure. Please follow me.” The waiter turned around and walked upstairs upon saying that.

The young man and young girl followed behind as they went upstairs.

The waiter did not speak anymore but guided them to the second floor. They walked all the way to the end of the corridor when he tapped against the wall gently. The wall cracked open to reveal a door.

The waiter gestured for them to go ahead. The young man pulled the young girl along as they walked into the room.

It was a tearoom inside. There was someone sitting cross-legged on the rush cushion behind the tea table steeping his tea.

“Please take a seat,” he said calmly.

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