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The Plan

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Zhen Hua’s words sounded resolute, forceful, sonorous and decisive. It was as if his words were filled with wisdom that enlightened Tang Wulin and his companions.

Yes, just as Tang Wulin mentioned, they could only depend on themselves right now. On the other hand, they were still far from being powerful enough to restore and rebuild Shrek. There was only one reason and it was that they were too weak.

“I understand.” Ye Xinglan nodded strenuously.

“All of you are not to enter the military with your original names. I’ll think of something regarding your identities. I believe all of you have learned the Makeup skill? You’ll all need new personas. You shall use your new identities to walk in society while you’re building your strength.”

Zhen Hua spoke with a solemn expression, “Perhaps someone is looking good to start trouble because the world has been peaceful for too long. All of you are not only Shrek’s hope but also the hope for the future of the Douluo Continent. If my prediction is right, the Hawk Faction is going to use the destruction of Shrek City to advocate for war. They will be using the pretext of fighting against the terrorists to expand the armed forces and the military’s hardware. There are always people whose goal is the unification the entire Douluo Star. I’m afraid that war will break out soon. Not only internally but, very possibly, externally as well. Of course, this is only guesswork right now. We’ll still need to monitor the situation to find out where this is leading.”

Mu Ye spoke, “How about you? Are you going back?”

Zhen Hua smiled bitterly and spoke, “I don’t know, but I can’t return just now. I’m only going to end up as a target if I return too soon, without Shrek Academy’s power and support from the Tang Sect headquarters.

Tang Wulin spoke, “Uncle-master, Teacher Mu Chen is at the Blacksmith’s Association headquarters of Heaven Dou City now. He said that he was controlling the situation as it is.”

Zhen Hua’s eyes brightened. “Mu Chen is there? That’s wonderful and makes my return even more unnecessary. It’s better to stay in the shadows than in the light. I didn’t expect that the association’s arrangement would come in handy now. Wulin, all of you shall stay here and work on your two-word battle armor first. I’ll be providing some guidance on making battle armor to all of you. When you’re done making your armor, I’ll contact the Tang Sect to assist in curing your little girlfriend. Once her treatment is completed, all of you shall enlist in the military.”

Tang Wulin could not help feeling refreshed and motivated when his thoughts were straightened out. He had to proceed with caution and be certain that every step he took was sure-footed given the current situation.

Tang Wulin and his companions stayed and began forging their battle armors once again under Zhen Hua’s guidance. Zhen Hua had only provided some directional opinions, but the specific operations were all carried out by themselves.

In the making of two-word battle armor, they would first need to elevate all the metals of their armors to soul-forged metals before adding wings, followed by inscribing circuits later.

On the other hand, the most difficult part of the entire process did not lie in the final circuit inscription. Both Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan could complete that task quite easily. They had adequate soul power to complete circuit inscription with their Soul Emperor cultivation base. The process of forging was the most difficult of all!

More accurately, the plan which Tang Wulin made back earlier to use spirit alloy in their one-word battle armor had placed even more pressure onto himself.

One-word battle armor made of spirit alloy could cut down on the resource usage on a large scale. There was no need to waste the material needed to make the one-word battle armor because it could be used again for the two-word battle armor. The difficulty of core circuit inscription would be reduced so much that they would only need to increase the complexity and special features of the circuit slightly.

Yet the forging process for this method was even more difficult than making two-word battle armor directly. Firstly, Tang Wulin could not afford to make any mistakes because failure was not an option. He had to succeed on the first attempt without having any opportunities for a trial. Additionally, he would need to make sure that he did not affect the original core circuit as he forged, while simultaneously he would need to fuse-forge a new metal. He was not absolutely sure that he could complete such a task when he had been a rank-6 blacksmith.

Now, however, the situation was different! He was already a Saint Craftsman. The youngest Saint Craftsman in the history of the entire Douluo Continent!

Tang Wulin’s double hammers knocked onto the golden armor before him. The scent of a gentle aura was naturally emitted from Tang Wulin’s body with every knock he made. This aura, which was for adjusting the battle armor under his forging hammers perfectly, was not only derived from his soul power fluctuation but also his blood essence fluctuation and even the support of his massive spiritual power.

The pair of forging hammers in Tang Wulin’s hands were quite different from before. The original spirit-forged heavy metal hammers had transformed into soul-forged heavy metal hammers now. The difference between soul forging and spirit forging was that soul forging was not only giving life but intelligence to the metal. The metal infused with intelligence could empathize with its master.

Thus, the sound made by the pair of soul-forged heavy metal hammers every time they knocked against the battle armor was different. It would distort slightly, according to Tang Wulin’s intention to avoid complicated patterns, with such accuracy that he did not alter the original striations and also increased its strength as needed.

One knock from those hammers was equal to the effect of dozens knocks in the past. This was the benefit of soul forging, and Tang Wulin could exercise even more precise control and greatly reduce the chance of failure.

The forging of two-word battle armor required its metal to be elevated to soul-forged metal and also the addition of another type of metal in order to achieve even stronger alloy. Only a Saint Craftsman was capable of completing all these perfectly.

The rest of the group stood nearby as they looked at him including Saint Craftsman Zhen Hua, who was unrivaled in his time.

Tang Wulin’s elevation to Saint Craftsman was done under Zhen Hua’s guidance, but even he could see the artistry of Tang Wulin’s forging.

This was the culmination of the training Tang Wulin had received from Mu Ye. The many years of accumulated experience finally allowed him to exercise control over his unfathomable strength. Tang Wulin’s self-control was already much greater than before, and this combined with his forging enabled him to steady his Saint Craftsman’s level within a few short months. Although he was still incapable of competing against Mu Chen’s profound experience as a Saint Craftsman, but it was already extremely easy for him to complete the process of forging two-word battle armor.

On the other hand, as they watched Tang Wulin, the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters felt that his forging now was clearly much more relaxed compared to what it had been. He seemed to be less sombre, yet every knock he made produced a melodious sound akin to the rhythm of music. The heavy knocking from the past was no longer heard. His amazing forging process made them feel at ease, as if their souls were being elevated along with the gentle tapping of his hammers.

Xu Lizhi was the first to sit down cross-legged. He felt enlightened after listening to Tang Wulin’s forging sound.

His companions sat down in succession and entered states of meditation quietly as well. Only Gu Yue remained to look at Tang Wulin with her huge eyes, unblinkingly. She tilted her head occasionally, looking confused as if she was pondering about something.

Tang Wulin first began to forge his own battle armor. This was not out of selfishness but because he was not absolutely confident in his ability to upgrade the battle armor the first time. He could never allow himself to experiment with his companions’ battle armor. Additionally, he was most familiar with his own armor.

In reality, after he began fuse forging, he entered a state which made the process seem to be.

He first completed the forging of his right Golden Dragon Claw. The Golden Dragon Claw now appeared to be slightly thicker and heavier as compared to that from his one-word battle armor. The patterns on it were engraved more deeply while the entire claw was slightly larger as well. There was more space left for him to perform soul circuit inscription later.

The original light gold color of his battle armor became deeper after being fused with the third type of rare metal. It exuded a pleasing charm as the metal began to bloom with vitality after being upgraded from thousand-refined to spirit-forged Tang Wulin could even sense what seemed to be pores on this metal transforming as he breathed.

He had originally planned to add two types of rare metal to fuse-forge his two-word battle armor. However, he decided against it in the end and only added one type of rare metal on Zhen Hua’s suggestion.

Zhen Hua advised Tang Wulin to do so because Tang Wulin’s forging level was elevating too quickly, so he would possibly reach some kind of breakthrough very soon. Two-word battle armor was the real initiation of battle armor. Tang Wulin was already a Saint Craftsman, so he was capable of fusing two types of metals, but he had just achieved such a rank after all. Fusing too many types of metals would severely test his current skill level.

In order to ensure that their battle armor would be flawless in the future, Tang Wulin could only add in one type of metal for forging to attain perfection. Anyhow, they would still need to forge three-word and four-word battle armor. It would be best if he could forge with total confidence by then.

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