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Seven-Colored Miasma

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The person sitting in the room was handsome and appeared to be over thirty years old, but there was an aura of mindfulness exuding from his persona.

The young man’s expression immediately became excited when he saw the person. He took a few quick strides forward and sat down opposite the person. “Vice Hall Master.”

The middle-aged man pushed a cup of tea to him. “Have a sip.”

The young man was stunned for a moment, but he calmed down soon after. He raised the teacup and blew away the heat before emptying the cup in one gulp.

A faint scent flowed with the heat to his stomach. He felt warm and fuzzy all over at once. His body was enveloped by the scent of tea as well.

“I’m very glad that all of you are still alive. At least, Shrek still manages to retain its kindling to start a new fire. Fortunately, Shrek Academy’s legacy has not ended.”

Grief flashed past the middle-aged man’s eyes for a moment.

The young man lowered his head with reddened eyes. He spoke with a deep voice, “Vice Hall Master, how’s the situation with Tang Sect now?”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “It’s bad. After the headquarters was bombed, all the Dazzling Era Tang Sect Technology Companies were forced out. The military that was working with us initially stopped all communications with us. Simultaneously, multiple attacks were launched on us, both overtly and covertly as well. It’s obvious that it was premeditated. The Hall Master made the decision to close down a portion of our companies temporarily. Tang Sect has many plans for crisis management, and the plan initiated now is one of it. Moreover, it’s a plan used to deal with the most severe crisis.”

The young man spoke, “Who else is there other than the Holy Spirit Cult?”

The middle-aged man spoke dully, “Have you heard of the phrase ‘when a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push’? I’m afraid that there’s a long history behind this conspiracy that is aimed at both Shrek and Tang Sect. This is not done by a single generation. The Holy Spirit Cult is being pushed to the stage front, but we can’t tell how many there are behind the scenes. I can only tell you that everyone in sight is an enemy. Tang Sect and Shrek’s statuses on the continent are overly aloof. Actually, we knew that the Federation will deal with us one of these days, only that we didn’t expect its approach to be so violent, and that it will come so soon.”

“Whether it’s the current elders of Sea God’s Pavilion or the leaders of our Tang Sect, everyone is deemed guilty. We’ve been immersed in our inner secrets for far too long. Despite the obvious possibility of a crisis occurring, no one dares to take action rashly. On the other hand, the facts have proven us wrong. The enemy is more ruthless than we thought and is even willing to sacrifice millions of innocent lives.”

The young man raised his head. A faint golden radiance flickered in his eyes. “Vice Hall Master, what’s the plan for Tang Sect after this?”

The middle-aged man spoke bluntly, “Everyone has to pay a price when confronting Tang Sect. Tang Sect’s glory is not going to vanish just because of this setback. It’s the same with Shrek. I learned from Zhen Hua about the purpose of your trip. Those people can’t possibly know all of Tang Sect’s inner secrets and even Shrek’s. Tang Sect and Shrek’s future is in your hands. They must be rebuilt.”

“The piece of Icefire Seal I gave you the last time is useless now. However, Tang Sect’s hidden boundary known as the Icefire Polarized Eyes will open for all you. Tang Sect will be supporting all of you covertly with full strength. They may be able to conspire against us for centuries or even millennia. However, we don’t mind putting in a generation or even a few generations worth of hard work to get back what we deserve. Perhaps, it’s precisely because Tang Sect and Shrek are too law-abiding that we have allowed these people to act outrageously against us. The lives of over a million people cannot be in vain.”

The temperature in the tearoom had dropped as the middle-aged man spoke in a majestic manner that was fleeting.

The young man nodded his head strenuously. “We are bound by duty to serve. Vice Hall Master, when shall we head to the Icefire Polarized Eyes?”

“At once.” The middle-aged man stood up. “Wulin, we are going to pick up your comrades now. Then, we shall head there right away.”


The young man was Tang Wulin in makeup, while the young girl beside him was naturally Gu Yue who had lost her memory.

At present, Gu Yue blinked her huge eyes as she stood next to Tang Wulin listening to the discussion on the book of heaven.

On the other hand, the middle-aged man was the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin whom Tang Wulin met once before. He was the current Vice Hall Master of Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall and also the number two person in charge of Tang Sect.

The two ordinary, soul cars drove into the street and stopped right in front of the teahouse.

The muscles on Zang Xin’s face shifted the moment he walked out of the teahouse. He appeared to have changed into someone else.

It was necessary because today’s soul technology and satellite surveillance were capable of locating a specific person based on his or her facial features.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue followed Zang Xin and got into a car.

The Amorous Douluo spoke slowly, “Tang Sect has gone fully underground now. After visiting the Icefire Polarized Eyes, all of you shall enlist in the military as planned. There’s no need to bother with anything else.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin could feel that the burden on his shoulders lightened by a little upon hearing his words. Even though the academy was gone, he still had someone he could rely on. Anyhow, Tang Sect was also his backup.

Zang Xin leaned against the seat and closed his eyes. “Remember this, Wulin. You’ll all remain solitary on the continent if you all choose not to do anything or don’t do enough. On the other hand, once you all have achieved certain results, you’ll all be akin to magnets. The inner secrets that once belonged to Shrek and Tang Sect will be attracted to you. In the official investigation, all of you no longer exist in this world. Hence, all your potentials and identities make you all the most suitable candidates to revive Shrek Academy and Tang Sect.”

“All of you are not only the Shrek Seven Monsters but also this generation’s elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion. You are all the hope and future of Tang Sect. Don’t contact Tang Sect after you’ve left the Icefire Polarized Eyes so as to conceal yourselves. Tang Sect will take the initiative to contact all of you when the time is right. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Tang Wulin’s heart was trembling slightly as he was speaking. Zang Xin’s words insinuated that they shouldered a great responsibility and could only depend on themselves.

It seemed like Tang Sect’s loss from the explosion was far greater than he had imagined.

Half an hour later, they picked up the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters on the outskirts of Heaven Dou City. Later, the two highly camouflaged Tang Sect Combat Vehicles drove down the road.

The windows of the cars turned dark while the partition inside the car slid down to prevent everyone from looking outside. The Icefire Polarized Eyes was Tang Sect’s most important hidden boundary. The route that led to the place would need to be kept a secret even from them.

Tang Wulin lost track of how long it had been. In the time it took him to meditate twice, the car slowed down.

Gu Yue was sleeping soundly on his thighs.

“We’re here.” The car windows lightened such that they could see the outside once again. Tang Wulin discovered that the combat vehicle had arrived in a forest.

The group of people squinted as they got off the car. Their eyes were getting adjusted to the bright lights.

The forest appeared primeval as if it had never been developed before. Apart from that, there was nothing unusual.

The Amorous Douluo spoke curtly, “Follow me. From now on, all of you must listen to my command because it’s not safe.” He took the lead to walk first upon saying that.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue along while the rest of the people tracked behind them.

The Amorous Douluo was not advancing too swiftly, so the group of people managed to keep up with him. They could not help looking at their surroundings curiously when they walked into the forest.

Everything appeared normal. There was no exotic flowers or plants.

It took about two hours before the terrain suddenly turned rugged.

“Follow my path. Don’t miss a step. There are many toxic plants here so it will be troublesome if anyone gets poisoned,” Zang Xin spoke.

Everything in the surroundings suddenly began to turn illusory. Tang Wulin could only feel as if he had stepped into an obscure world that only Zang Xin could see clearly.

Was this… an illusion?

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