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Warning Signs

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It was already a rare occurrence for a person to have reached the Spiritual Abyss realm of spiritual power at his age. Those who were able to maintain such a pace of cultivation were few and far between.

He got off the bed. As he was preparing to go practice forging, Tang Wulin suddenly felt a wave of scorching heat coming from his wrist.

This was…

The burning sensation was quite apparent, and he instinctively lowered his head to look. He saw on the bracelet which he had got from Dragon Valley, the teardrop-shaped multicolored gemstone was flickering with a faint light. The heat had originated from this.

Ever since he had received this bracelet, it had not shown any changes before this. This was the first time it had showed any reactions, but what had happened? What made it heat up? Could it be caused by the stimulation from his bloodline?

Feeling somewhat perplexed, Tang Wulin raised the bracelet and looked at it closely. The burning feeling intensified. A sense of foreboding reached his heart.

This was very strange. Tang Wulin was never sure what purpose this bracelet served. The only thing he knew was that this was a parting gift from the dragon souls in Dragon Valley. As he felt the scorching heat released by it, coupled with the uneasy feeling in his heart, he could not help but feel confused.

Could this have been a warning?

Why would a warning sign be sent to him? If this had happened while they were still on Demon Archipelago or when he was outside, he would immediately be in a state of high alert.

However, they were still on the grounds of Shrek Academy! In this world, what place would have been safer? Moreover, this was Sea God’s Island, the most important location in the academy. He reckoned that there were at least ten experts who exceeded the rank of a Hyper Douluo. Even the Atlas Douluo himself, a man of supreme power, was present here. What warning signs could there be?

‘It must be my imagination.’

Out of caution, Tang Wulin quickly focused his spirits and looked within himself. He observed the status of his bloodline vortex. He wanted to rule out the possibility that the strange reaction from the bracelet was caused by some issue with his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

However, his bloodline vortex was flowing normally. His blood essence was exceptionally vigorous, but it would not have affected the circulation of his bloodline vortex.

Everything could not have been better. If he kept up this cultivation pace, he would certainly grow stronger.

Recently, he had been fuse forging four spirit alloys, and the results were great. Given that he had enough strength for Soul Refinement, there were no obstacles for him. He even started attempting to fuse forge five spirit alloys. If he could succeed in doing that, he would most certainly be able to raise the qualities of everyone’s battle armor in the future. Even if it was two-word battle armor, he would be able to make it perform like three-word battle armor to a certain extent.

The temperature of the bracelet on his wrist started decreasing gradually. Everything seemed to be returning to normal.

Tang Wulin sighed in relief. He shrugged and decided to put it out of his mind. Who could say what all this was about? He reckoned that he was only being unnecessarily anxious. ‘What can happen in Shrek?’

As he thought this, he walked out of the wooden hut and went straight into his forging room to begin his practice.

Once he stabilized his rank-7 blacksmith abilities, he would start to forge metals for his companions. He had prepared the schematics long ago. As soon as he finished forging, Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui could start making battle armor for everyone. With their cultivation bases, although they would have to go through certain processes, they would not be too slow. After all, they had their secret weapon which was their one-word battle armor made of spirit alloy. It was enough for them just to modify and upgrade their own existing battle armors.

“Mistress, what’s the matter?” the girl clad in black asked softly.

At its peak, the mountain towered above the clouds. There were huge swathes of clouds as far as the eyes could see. The mountain breeze was a biting cold. It moved the clouds which brought moist air with them across the mountaintop. However, there were no signs of water vapor around them.

Gu Yuena stood at the edge of the cliff. Her long, white dress complemented her silver hair beautifully as it flowed ethereally in the wind. Her eyes clearly showed that she was at a loss. She shook her head gently. “I don’t know why, but I suddenly have this uneasy feeling in my heart. Its rate has increased by five beats per minute.”

“What?” The girl clad in black was greatly astonished. “My lady, you’re…”

Gu Yuena shook her head. “I don’t know either. How’s the preparation of the things that I’ve ordered you guys to make?”

The girl in black lowered her voice and said, “Everything’s sixty percent complete. The early stages are already done. Di Tian said that there were no problems on his side. Once the preparations are completed, and my lady shows her hand, we’ll definitely succeed. After that, it will just be a matter of time.”

“Mmm.” Gu Yuena nodded indifferently.

After a slight pause, the girl in black ventured further. “My lady, the people from the other side have contacted us again. As the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Are we really not going to work together with them?”

Gu Yuena turned around abruptly. She swung her right hand, and a wave of terrifying aura erupted from her body. The fearful sensation caused the entire mountaintop to tremble. The clouds and mist around them scattered instantly, forming water droplets which spread outward in the skies.

The girl in black was sent reeling from the force. The mountaintop resounded with Gu Yuena’s ice cold voice. “How many times do I have to tell you? I will never work together with those filthy things. If you mention them in front of me again, I’ll flay your dragon skin.”

The girl in black disappeared. She did not return to the mountaintop.

Gu Yuena’s expression was grave. She remained there for a long while in complete silence. However, slowly, the figure surfaced in her mind.

‘We’ve been apart for so long, is he still doing well?’

‘Why am I feeling so uneasy? It seems, in this world, he’s the only one whom I’ll keep worrying about…

The quiet room was very spacious. The dome was an arc. Large patches of demonic marks spread out from the dome to the surrounding walls.

The room was thirty meters in height, with a diameter of more than fifty meters. It was an extremely wide room. In the center of the room, a total of twelve people sat cross-legged. They were in a circle, mumbling something under their breaths.

Soul rings rose around the twelve.

Anyone that saw them would have been shocked to find that each of the twelve had eight soul rings rising around them. Eight-ringed Soul Douluos were beings who stood at the peak of the soul masters’ realm. It happened that this many of them had gathered together on this occasion for a single purpose.

On the floor upon which they sat, the demonic marks were even more complicated. More horrifyingly, little streams of blood flowed around the marks. Those were fissures which formed the demonic marks, and within them, the flowing blood moved constantly.

There were as many as a hundred people standing in the outer circle. They were all dressed in black and wore black headgear, with only their left hands being visible. The blood was from their cut open wrists.

A faint smell of blood pervaded the room which gave it a frightful atmosphere. However, this dense, bloody wave did not reach the outside, not even in the slightest.

What was this? What was happening? How could such a phenomenon take place?

In the center of the circle formed by the twelve Soul Douluos who sat cross-legged, there was a purplish-black hexagram on the floor. The bloody aura was flowing outward from the center. Another object stood erect there, shining brightly. It was a three-meter tall, purplish-black thing with countless demonic marks upon it.

Its tip was a pointed cone, and wing-like appendages spread downward from it. The vast energy from its surroundings surged into it like a river flowing to the ocean. It was like a bottomless void which absorbed the vast energy and a large amount of blood.

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