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Caught by Surprise

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That was not all. There was also a room next door with the exact same setup. The only difference was that the object in the center of the formation in the room was dark green. The demonic marks were even more peculiar and shifted constantly.

Whether it was the hundred people in black in the outer circle or the twelve Soul Douluo-ranked experts in the inner circle, their bodies gradually shriveled due to their loss of energy. However, not a sound came from any of these two rooms.

Tang Sect.

Guo Xiaoxu had just settled a string of official duties. His gaze indicated that he was pondering something. At this moment, he heard a firm voice which was full of vigor.

“Xiaoxu, what are you thinking about? You’re so intent on thinking. Why don’t we go out for a drink?” Zhao Song, the hall master of Power Hall, one of Tang Sect’s three outer halls, walked in from the outside. He caressed his bald head and chuckled.

He was on extremely good terms with Guo Xiaoxu. Both of them were of the same age and were once partners who cultivated together. They joined Tang Sect at the same time and later became senior officials in Tang Sect. Although Guo Xiaoxu’s rank in Tang Sect was higher than Zhao Song, it had never affected their brotherly relationship.

Xiaoxu replied, “I’ll pass. There are too many internal matters to handle lately. The two hall masters aren’t here, and the worshippers in the Worship Hall don’t bother themselves with these matters. I’m the only one who can do it.”

Zhao Song said, “The things back in Heaven Dou City aren’t settled yet? I thought that the post-disaster works were almost done.”

Guo Xiaoxu sighed and said, “The Holy Spirit Cult has re-emerged after hiding for so long, and they’re well organized. Although the post-disaster work in Heaven Dou City is near completion, we’re still unable to locate the Holy Spirit Cult’s main powers. Before this, the vice hall master himself was there to oversee the operation, but even he could not find any leads. They only managed to catch the small fries. According to the hall master’s analysis, Heaven Dou City wasn’t the sole target of the Holy Spirit Cult since they made such a massive move. It could also happen anywhere. That’s why we must always be alert.”

Zhao Song’s brows were furrowed. “You’ve got a point. These despicable bastards. Don’t let me get my hands on them. If I catch any of them, I’ll pluck off their heads and make them into chamber pots.”

Guo Xiaoxu chuckled, “Look at you. You still have that temper of yours. I hear that the outer halls are quite busy these days. You know what, let’s go grab a drink. We should relax when we’re supposed to relax. Where’s Liang Xiaoyu? Call him up as well.”


When night fell, Tang Sect quietened down gradually.

Tang Wulin had completed his forging practice. When he came out of the forging room, it was pitch-black outside. He lifted his head and looked to the skies.

The skies were dark and the winds were blowing strong tonight. There were no stars around which gave a strong sense of suppression.

At this moment, the colorful gemstone on his wrist began warming up. It was far hotter than it had been. Tang Wulin almost tossed it away.

‘What’s wrong?’ Tang Wulin hastily lowered his head to look.

It appeared brighter in the darkness of the night. The gemstone turned blood red. An intense fear rose from the depths of Tang Wulin’s heart.

This was…

A warning, it must be a warning. Something was about to happen.

If this happened during the day, he could still find ways to calm himself down. However, at this moment, the sensation was overwhelming. It was so intense that he could not disregard it anymore.

His body flickered and Tang Wulin leaped out. He ran straight toward Sea God’s Island. At the same time, he quickly dialed Xie Xie’s soul communicator.

“Xie Xie, what’re you doing?” Tang Wulin asked hurriedly.

“I was about to start meditating. What’s wrong, big brother? Can you wait until tomorrow? Yuanen promised me that she’ll allow me to meditate with her tonight, hehe.”

Tang Wulin said hurriedly, “Forget about meditation. Call Yuanen, and call the others as well. Come to Sea God’s Island as quickly as possible. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.”

“Huh? Big brother, what’s going to happen? Are you sure? It’s already late into the night. Do you still want me to wake everyone up?”

Tang Wulin said angrily, “Just do what I tell you and be quick about it. I’m not sure what’ll happen, but it doesn’t sit well with me. Quickly, let’s gather on Sea God’s Island.”

Without a doubt, Sea God’s Island was the safest place.

Xie Xie trusted Tang Wulin completely. After those words, he hastily said, “Alright, let’s meet at Sea God’s Island. We’ll be there right away.”

The call ended and Tang Wulin was already on the edge of Sea God Lake. He tapped the ground lightly with the tips of his toes, and he walked over the ripples. He quickly headed in the direction of Sea God’s Island.

All of a sudden, the pitch-black night sky flashed brightly. Tang Wulin was proceeding toward Sea God’s Island at blinding speed when he instinctively raised his head to look.

He saw a peculiar sight. In the skies, dazzling and eye-catching flames trailed behind balls of light and were filling up the skies. The glow of the lights intensified with every passing moment. They were clearly headed toward Shrek Academy.

Missiles? Or were they fixed soul ammunitions? Enemy attack, it was an enemy attack!

Shrek City was the largest city on the entire continent. Although Shrek Academy was only an academy, Shrek City had its own exclusive army stationed within. There were thirty thousand men which was the limit set by the federation for Shrek’s army. However, their equipment were of the best quality. There were as many as five thousand men who were Mecha Masters, divided into five divisions.

In addition to that, Shrek Academy had many outstanding talents who were at their peaks. It also had a long history of twenty thousand years where Shrek was known as the invincible.

Who would have thought that there was somebody brave enough to launch an attack on Shrek City. The cluster of missiles probably numbered a hundred as they cruised toward Shrek City like a meteor shower.

Fixed soul ammunition could be fired over long distances, but Shrek City’s anti-missile system was not just for display! If these missiles were fired from outside the city, they would be obliterated once they reached a certain distance from Shrek City.

However, these missiles were already above Shrek Academy. From the looks of things, by the time the missiles spread out, they would engulf the whole of Shrek’s inner city.

Tang Wulin looked at the group of missiles that was like a meteor shower, and he was instantly stunned. What was happening? His bad feeling turned out to be true. A surprise attack aimed at Shrek City had truly happened. It was unbelievable!

At this moment, beams of light shot upward from Sea God’s Island. In the beginning, there were only seven figures. Shortly after, dozens of figures rose into the skies consecutively.

They were the impressive experts of Shrek Academy’s inner court.

The seven beams of light that rose first were the most dazzling. Each beam of light had an imposing manner as they rose into the skies. They then moved toward the falling fixed soul ammunition.

The moment Tang Wulin landed on Sea God’s Island, the first explosion sounded.

The intense sound and the explosion was like a giant firework. It lit up the whole sky above Sea God’s Island making it seem like it was daytime.

What a terrifying explosive force. It was at least a rank-7 fixed soul ammunition. Tang Wulin stared with his mouth agape. However, he could not do anything to help currently. He did not have his two-word battle armor yet. Hence, he did not have the ability to fly. He could only look on as the teachers and seniors of the inner court confronted the enemy.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Sounds of explosions were heard continuously. Stunning fireworks erupted in the skies.

Fixed soul ammunition was the most terrifying weapon for the past ten thousand years. Those of rank-7 and above were even regarded as tactical weapons.

Currently, the fixed soul ammunitions erupting in the high skies were all rank-7 and above.

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