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Ill at Ease

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The bruises on Tang Wulin’s face were fading quickly. With his recovery abilities, these minor wounds amounted to nothing.

Xie Xie said in an obedient manner, “Big brother, it’s my fault. But I didn’t do it on purpose, honest! Yuanen never acted this way before. I promise, it won’t happen next time.”

Tang Wulin glared at him, “There won’t be a next time. If she calls you ‘hubby’ the next time, you might even attack me.”

Xie Xie raised his head in astonishment. He looked at Tang Wulin, then he looked at Yuanen Yehui. It seemed that such an incident might, indeed most probably would, happen.

Before Yuanen Yehui, he truly had little to no combat strength.

Tang Wulin sent the fellow flying with one kick. The others broke into laughter. Yuanen Yehui said distastefully, “Who’d call him that?! Don’t even think about it.”

Slightly exasperated, Tang Wulin said, “I roughly know about your conditions. I’ll personally tailor some plans for you after this. Let’s call it a day.”

After parting with his companions, Tang Wulin returned to his little wooden hut. It was only then that a hint of loneliness appeared on his face.

He had witnessed his companions going forward as couples. How could he not feel envy in his heart? Then again, what could he do other than be envious? There was nothing else for him to try. He still did not have any information regarding Gu Yue or Na’er. ‘Where are they? Where are they at?!’

‘Gu Yue, do you truly wish to never see me ever again? Wait for me. I’ll definitely be strong enough to find you.”

A soul bus speeded on the highway. This bus appeared very ordinary like it was no different from a normal soul bus. The only difference was that the windows of the bus were covered with curtains so that the people outside could not see the interior at all.

Far away, Shrek City’s inspection stand was in sight. The bus gradually slowed and queued orderly as it awaited its turn for inspection.

At this exact moment, a uniformed staff member walked out of the inspection stand. The appearance of his epaulet clearly showed that he held a certain position at the inspection stand.

Quickly walking out of the stand, he gestured at the soul bus. He then pointed at another passageway which was still closed.

The soul bus reacted very fast, immediately exiting the queue. It quickly changed direction and moved toward the passageway.

The staff walked into the passageway and activated the equipment inside it. The door of the bus opened, and an extremely average-looking middle-aged man alighted. He walked up to the staff and presented his documents.

The staff scanned his documents and returned them to him. Then, he went into the control room and raised the barrier. The iron bars were slowly lifted. The middle-aged man turned around and boarded the bus again. He drove the soul bus and passed through quickly. The bus headed in the direction of Shrek City.

The iron bars were lowered again, and the staff member walked out naturally. This passageway was still off-limits.

Such an incident did not attract the attention of the other vehicles. After all, there were special privileges everywhere, even in Shrek City. That was a special passageway that was only accessible to those with connections. They could avoid queueing up and would not even have to pay any fees.

However, nobody noticed that after the staff member finished processing the passage of the soul bus, he had immediately gone to the resting area of the toll stand’s staff. He changed his clothes and even exchanged greetings with his coworkers. Then, he hopped on a soul car and silently drove away. The direction in which he left was not toward Shrek City, but to another far off location.

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the soul bus lowered its speedng the traffic. There were a dozen or so passengers onboard, and they were all silent. All wore black uniforms and head covers, so only their noses and eyes were visible. Due to their attire, the entire soul bus’s atmosphere seemed slightly gloomy.

The only person who appeared quite ordinary was the driver, the middle-aged man who had gotten off the bus a few moments ago.

A man in black who sat in front stood up and quickly walked to the rear of the bus. He said in a low voice, “How’s the screening equipment doing?”

Another man in black took out an instrument, looked at it and nodded toward him. “Everything’s normal. Other than the base radiation, there are no leaks.”

“Very good.” With that, he returned to the front. He said to the driver, “Proceed according to plan.”

“Understood!” the driver responded respectfully. At the same time, a certain fanatical air emanated from his eyes, filled with madness.

The soul bus continued cruising on the road. Soon after, it reached the inner regions of Shrek City, and the inner city gradually became visible from far away.

The bus did not continue on in the direction of the inner city. Instead, it turned into a broader street. After driving for a little longer, it slowed down gradually. On this road, there was a building that appeared to be a hotel. The main doors opened slowly, and the bus drove into it unhindered. After that, it was concealed behind the doors.

On Sea God’s Island, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming sat cross-legged on the wooden bed and opened his eyes slowly. For some reason, a sudden shock burst through his system.

“Yali,” he called out softly.

“What’s the matter?” Holy Spirit Douluo walked in from outside. She could clearly hear that there was something wrong in Yun Ming’s tone.

“I don’t know why, but I feel ill at ease.” Yun Ming’s voice had some confusion in it.

Yali was startled with a shock, “What? Ill at ease?” The Atlas Douluo was the current Limit Douluo. He had the title of the strongest man on the continent, supreme in the soul masters’ realm. His senses were many times sharper than an average person, and his spiritual powers had reached the Spirit Domain realm long ago. His senses were so acute that he could even detect the changes in weather across the entire Douluo Continent.

If something could make him feel uneasy, it must have been very serious. For example, when Heaven Dou City was under attack the other day, he had had a premonition. He had even precisely foretold that something was about to happen in Heaven Dou City. Alas, when he warned the Federation, they could not adopt the necessary measures in time, which led to the tragedy in Heaven Dou City.

“Is it strong? Where is it?” Yali continued asking.

Yun Ming’s brows were tightly knit together, then he shook his head, “It’s strong, but there’s something odd about it. The unease in my heart fluctuates between a strong sensation and a weak one, and I can’t tell where it’s from. I can’t feel where the problem is. This is very strange. Don’t tell me that this is a natural disaster?”

Yali’s spoke with a furrowed brow, “Natural disaster? You don’t even have a location?”

Yun Ming shook his head, “I don’t have it yet. But the intensity of this feeling is something I’ve never felt before. Put simply, if it is indeed a natural disaster, then it will be of unprecedented proportions.”

Yali drew a cold breath. For Yun Ming to have said such a thing meant that the potential disaster would be catastrophic. She lowered her voice and said, “Then, what should we do?”

Yun Ming said, “We can only warn the Federation. I believe, after they learned their lesson previously, they’ll certainly take some sort of action this time. Meanwhile, I want you to send out a Shrek Order. Inform all the graduates from Shrek’s inner court, tell them my premonition and have them be on their guard. They can request for assistance from the academy if they observe a disturbance.”.

“Alright. Shall we call a Sea God Pavilion meeting?” asked Yali.

Yun Ming shook his head, “Let’s not do that yet. After all, I have no way of making sure. Ever since I reached the realm I’m at now, my own powers are greatly restricted by the heavens. I can’t rule out the possibility that my senses will go wrong sometimes, but it never hurts to be cautious.”

Yun Ming had long since been unable to feel the existence of the Divine Realm. Ever since he reached the realm of a Limit Douluo, which was a demigod rank, Yun Ming frequently felt as if he was in a trance. He seemed to be able to feel something, but at the same time, it was as if he could not feel anything at all.

The higher he rose in rank, the more he wanted to seek out the location of the Divine Realm. Was it like chasing a wild goose which flew into an unseen world?

That was why his cultivation dealt with God’s will. Hence, he did not rule out the possibility that it was the hand of God that was interfering with him. However, he still had that uneasy feeling.

Tang Wulin woke up from his meditation feeling refreshed, his entire body at ease.

After his martial soul had awoken for the second time, and after the two great vortex systems were formed, the pace at which his cultivation advanced could be described as a seven leagues stride. With each day’s cultivation, he clearly felt his own improvement.

This was not only the case for his soul power but also his other skills, such as the Purple Demon Eyes. After his bloodline energy vortex had formed, the rate at which his Purple Demon Eyes developed through cultivation had increased three-fold. Initially, he was at a bottleneck, and it was difficult for him to go any further. However, in this period of time, he clearly felt that his Purple Demon Eyes had improved. This also increased the rate at which his spiritual powers developed.

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