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However, if you come back, although this beautiful young lady's head is not enough, she's stupid enough to be liked.

If it hadn't been for her, they wouldn't have known that big brother lived here so soon.

I don't know that Ji Rou, who has despised her for a long time in his heart, is still trying to show himself: "little Jane, can you tell your elder sister what your elder brother looks like? My sister probably knows what he looks like, so she goes to find a god painter to draw him out, and then sends a notice to find someone. "

"My big brother..." Qin Yin thought about it and gave the answer, "my eldest brother is as good-looking as I am."

Qin Yinjian studied painting with his mother when he was a child. He was intelligent and quick to learn everything. Now he is less than 12 years old. He has already painted all kinds of portraits with different patterns.

Among the portraits, he is especially good at painting the portrait of his eldest brother Qin Yinze.

Because the photos that big brother left at home were too few and too few. When he missed big brother, he had to draw by himself. The more he drew, the better. But he couldn't tell Jirou about these things.

Previously, he learned from Qiaoyi's words that Qiaoyi had worked here for more than three years and didn't know about his existence. It seems that eldest brother didn't mention him to others.

Big brother didn't mention his brother to others. He may not be willing to admit it

Thinking that elder brother may not be waiting for him, Qin Yinjian is very sad and sad, but he still doesn't want to embarrass elder brother. He plans to wait until he sees elder brother to see what he says, and then he decides whether to disclose his identity to Jirou, so now he has to use a perfunctory answer to deal with Jirou.

After listening to Ji Rou, she not only did not doubt it, but also looked suddenly enlightened: "yes, your elder brother must be a little bit like your looks. How could I be so stupid? I didn't think about it."

She's actually reacting Qin Yin said in silence that he was really a silly sister. He couldn't bear to deceive her.

Ji Rou said, "little Jane, can I take a picture of you?"

"Sister, he doesn't look good in the picture. Take me." At the end of the war, I don't know when to wake up. I rolled into Jirou's arms and hugged him. "Big brother looks like me more."

"Take pictures of the two of you, sister." Jirou wants to take photos for them, not just to find their eldest brother. She also wants to leave two photos. Later, she and Qin Yinze followed this example when they created people. The children must be beautiful.

"Yes, yes..." At the end of the war, he pulled Qin yinlian's sleeve. "Let's take a picture."

Qin Yin was not very willing to take photos, but he didn't refuse to take them. They took a photo of each other and a single photo of each other at the end of the war.

After getting the photo of the little guy, Ji Rou used the photo software to process it. She treated the photo of Zhan Li's end to look like a man in his twenties, not to mention that the guy looks pretty when he grows up.

Ji Rou uses the communication software to send the processed photos to the prince, who will help her find people online.

"Eldest brother, you say that you are a good little grandma. You always take care of such bad things one day. Do you think you are a saint?" The prince promised to help Ji Rou, but he didn't forget to nag.

Jirou said, "what do you know? Find someone for me. Don't talk so much nonsense." Toil

said, "good man, you can make complaints about me."

Jirou said, "if you puke, just puke. I'll hang up."

Prince: "you wait! When I find someone for you, you can buy me a drink. "

"Just drink. I'll treat you to a big meal. Minluo City restaurant, it's up to you. " Ji Rou has not forgotten to promise Qin Yinze that she can't drink any more. If she breaks the precepts again, he won't spare her any more.

"Prince dissatisfied:" is really a heavy color light friend's fellow

"Do your best, and then be careful if I cut your tongue." After threatening the prince, Ji Rou hung up the phone and saw two little guys staring at her from behind.

Damn it! Damn! She is a gentle and beautiful big sister in front of the two little guys. Don't let them hear her so fierce: "Xiaozhan, Xiaojian, you..."

At the end of Zhan Li's reign, she knew what she was worried about. In a word, Ji softened her embarrassment: "sister, I want to see a movie. Will you accompany me to see a movie?"

"Yes, yes..." It seems that they didn't hear what they shouldn't hear. Ji Rou clapped her chest quietly and took a sigh of relief.

Ji Rou looks for a cartoon when they are 11 or 12 years old. In the movie, Ji Rou enjoys watching it, but the two little guys are not interested.

They have seen such childish films for a long time. Now they prefer science fiction adventure.

But the two little guys are sensible. They didn't say anything. They watched the whole movie with Ji rou.

From the home theater, Zhan limo takes Jirou's hand and says, "sister, we've seen all the films. Can you promise my pursuit?"

Qin Yin gave a look in the past, it seems that someone is not afraid to die again.

Jirou pinches his face: "little guy, can you think of something you should think about at your age?"

At the end of Zhan Li's battle, he had a strong heart: "Qin Xiaobao said that boys should think about finding girlfriends earlier, otherwise good girls would be robbed by others."

Jirou laughed at him: "yes That's a reason, but... "

Ji Rou's words are not finished. Zhan limo takes her hand and rubs it on her face: "sister, you like me, I like you. We still watch movies together. I think we are already boyfriend and girlfriend."

Ji Rou kneaded his face and said, "well, then we are boyfriend and girlfriend."

Qin Yin coughs gently to remind a child not to be too presumptuous, otherwise how does the buttock blossom all don't know.


There are two handsome boys with her. Jirou feels that the time of the day is passing quickly. She feels that it's dinner time in a blink of an eye.

Ji Rou asked the two kids what they like to eat. Unexpectedly, their taste was very similar to Qin Yinze's, which made it convenient for Qiaoyi to make some dishes that their family's husband liked to eat.

At the dinner table, Qin Yinjian sits alone, and Zhan limo pushes Ji Rou to her side, saying that she should take care of her girlfriend.

When they had a good time, Qin Yinze, who had finished the work ahead of time, arrived home.

In order to punish Ji Rou, he didn't tell anyone about it. When she saw him enter the house, aunt Qiao knew that he had come back: "first, sir You're back. "

"What happened?" Seeing Qiao Yi's surprise, Qin Yinze instinctively thought of Ji Rou, "did Ji Rou cause trouble again?"

"No, no..." Qiaoyi doesn't know whether it's troublesome to take in two handsome boys. She points to the restaurant. "Miss Ji is still eating."

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